Month: August 2020

‘Don’t make us write obituaries’

“Don’t make us write obituaries.”

This is the jarring plea that editors at The Observer — the student-run publication that covers Notre Dame, Saint Mary’s University and Holy Cross College — made on the newspaper’s front page on Friday, August 21. After learning of the university’s decision to temporarily suspend in-person classes rather than give everyone the option to go home (like The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC) recently announced they were going to do), the concerned students asked the question on everyone’s minds: Why?

“We longed to return to South Bend while in quarantine last semester,” the editors wrote. “Now, we are at risk of hurting the community we’ve come to know and love.”

Since Notre Dame began its fall semester on August 10, university officials have been under scrutiny for their mishandling of COVID-19 outbreaks on campus. As of August 27, the university has tested

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Joor’s Power Play in the Digital Trade Show Space

Trade shows are going digital and Joor is advancing the trend by hosting 11 upcoming events this year, after conducting four since June alone.

“Joor Passport is changing the fashion event space for good,” said Kristin Savilia, chief executive officer of Joor, a digital business-to-business wholesale marketplace. “We still believe in physical events but we also believe the digital manifestation will extend the reach, duration and value of these events.”

The Joor Passport extension of the Joor platform is powering Splash Paris starting Sept. 7; Capsule, launching Sept. 15; London Fashion Week starting Sept. 17; Cabana on Sept. 22; Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Istanbul, launching Sept. 28; Bogota Fashion Week, Oct. 1; Ontimeshow in Shanghai launching Oct. 9; Rakuten Fashion Week in Tokyo, Oct. 12, and Arab Fashion Week, Oct. 21.

In addition to those nine, Joor Showcase, an online market for over 300 “elevated” men’s and women’s contemporary apparel, accessory

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Edited Transcript of 1508.HK earnings conference call or presentation 30-Aug-18 1:30am GMT

BEIJING Aug 31, 2020 (Thomson StreetEvents) — Edited Transcript of China Reinsurance Group Corp earnings conference call or presentation Thursday, August 30, 2018 at 1:30:00am GMT

Ladies and gentlemen, good morning. I’m the secretary to the board, Zhu Xiaoyun, of the China Reinsurance. Welcome to China Reinsurance (Group) Corporation Limited 2018 interim results announcement.

It is the reporting period and it is a great pleasure for us to meet you again online on the business performance in the first half year. And we would also like to share with you our future plans, and this format is a conference call. We will use Mandarin to conduct the meeting, while we also provide English-Chinese simultaneous translation service. Also at the meeting, we will continue with our communication with you on the latest information. Please follow our website at Investor’s calendar for more details.

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How to Be Reunited With Your Long-Lost Money

Are you owed money you don’t even know about? You might be, if your name is in an unclaimed property database. Each year, billions of dollars from forgotten security deposits, refunds, uncashed paychecks and even old bank accounts are reported to state agencies. And each year, according to the National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators, an organization affiliated with state treasury departments, states return more than $3 billion to their rightful owners.

Just ask Maria Barlow, an attorney in Chicago. A few months ago, she was sitting at home when she decided to plug her name into the Illinois unclaimed property website. “I was surprised to see there was an entry,” she says. Fast forward a few weeks, and she had a check in hand for $47.80.

If you are wondering if you have unclaimed property, here’s how to find out.

Search online at state agencies

The National Association of

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How Bethel Schools Overcame Your Anxieties

BETHEL, CT — When Gov. Ned Lamont held out Bethel’s example as the gold standard for how to reopen schools during a global pandemic, Superintendent Christine Carver was flattered, but not all that surprised. She had begun work on the schools’ reopening strategy before they had even closed in the spring.

Bethel’s “pandemic planning” for the fall school year began in the spring, right around the time the schools sent students home for online-only classes. Laura Vasile, the town’s public health director, made a point of including Carver on those early calls with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and as a result the superintendent developed an early appreciation for what she could be up against during the fall reopening.

Carver says she didn’t wait for the guidelines from the state on how to reopen which were first issued at the very end of June, she began making plans

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NFL betting will be ‘business as usual,’ online casino software CEO says

Internet gambling software CEO Dermot Smurfit told “Varney & Co.” on Monday that he thinks the NFL season will be “business as usual.”” data-reactid=”12″Internet gambling software CEO Dermot Smurfit told “Varney & Co.” on Monday that he thinks the NFL season will be “business as usual.”

canceled practices as athletes across the country protest what they see as injustice against Black people.” data-reactid=”13″The GAN CEO made the comment four days after several NFL teams canceled practices as athletes across the country protest what they see as injustice against Black people.

Stuart Varney noted that the NFL season is supposed to begin in less than two weeks, which he said is “set to be big business for online gambling cites.”” data-reactid=”14″Host Stuart Varney noted that the NFL season is supposed to begin in less than two weeks, which he said is “set to be big business for online

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Ride the Momentum with These 5 Stocks

I know I tend to go on about the long term, and how we must be really careful about buying into a trend that could end real fast, especially since the market’s at unprecedented highs and sentiments are going through the roof.

But that’s basically one side of the story. It doesn’t mean that we must put all our money into stocks that we must hang on to forever. Not at all. The idea of long term buys, dividend stocks, etc is that we provide ourselves some sort of a buffer so we can absorb the volatility in riskier bets.

There are a couple of reasons why I think that we can and should make the most of the volatility in the market.

First among them are the improving macro numbers. So we see that the ISM numbers released earlier this month indicate expansion in the manufacturing sector; the HUD

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9 ways to prepare for the next COVID-19 lockdown

After giving up spring break and summer barbecues, cooped-up Americans are looking forward to the day when things go back to normal. But COVID-19 isn’t like a natural disaster that strikes once, then fades away.

Several states have paused or walked back their plans to reopen, as new hot spots emerge and the number of active cases remains high.

Now health experts are warning that a second round of lockdowns may be necessary as the fall flu season begins, classes resume and cool weather drives people into cramped indoor spaces.

still feeling drained after round one.” data-reactid=”35″Even a series of smaller, more localized lockdowns could spell trouble for Americans’ livelihoods, especially for those workers still feeling drained after round one.

But you still have time to prepare. Here are nine things you can do to protect your finances ahead of a second wave.

1. Keep saving

As the first

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15 Ways to Save Money at Walmart

Sure, you know to look for generic brands and use coupons. But are you saving as much money as possible at Walmart? The chain is known for its low prices, but there’s no harm in making sure you’re getting the absolute best deal.

Here are some easy ways to save money at Walmart, from getting pickup discounts to scoring free shipping. And while you’re shopping, check out these 15 Essential Walmart Gadgets for Literally Anyone Who Cooks.


Download the Walmart app

Walmart app
Walmart app

In addition to helping you create a shopping list, the Walmart app also offers exclusive deals. If you have a smartphone, it’s worth it! Not using the Walmart app is just one of the 11 Reasons You’re Wasting Money at Walmart.


Don’t overlook Walmart’s Great Value brand

Walmart great value brand
Walmart great value brand

A lot of the time, Walmart’s in-store brand is just as good as

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40 Fashion-Forward Face Masks To Express Your Personal Style

Fashion has always had a way of taking our core wardrobe essentials — outerwear, underwear, and everything in between — and turning them into statement pieces. Consider the trusty trench coat, for example, which was originally created to shield soldiers from the elements but, over time, turned into one of the most distinctive utility apparel items a person could own. And don’t get us started on how the functional bike short has morphed into a top streetwear trend that will not go away (even after its initial rise and fall in the ’90s). It’s no surprise, then, that the protective face coverings we’ve been advised (and in some cases, ordered) to wear outdoors to curb the spread of the coronavirus have quickly been embraced and beautified by the fashion world.

“It just felt like there was a need [for a stylish face mask],” says Hillary Taymour, founder of the sustainable

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