Day: September 4, 2020

Entrepreneur Jeffrey Santulan Talks About Entrepreneurship, Risk-taking, & Success

Being an entrepreneur is more than a job. It’s a mindset, and without it, you’d be hard-pressed to succeed. The first step to becoming an entrepreneur is taking stock of where your head is, and if you are up for the extreme demands, an entrepreneurial lifestyle can place on you. Whether right out the gate or through trial and error, every entrepreneur learns this throughout their journey and continually works on their mindset, never stopping and never settling. As a significant stakeholder in SpaceX, Tesla (TSLA), and Square (SQ), Entrepreneur Jeffrey Santulan talks about the power our minds have when it comes to entrepreneurial success.

Jeffrey Santulan

A natural at numbers, Jeffrey continues to conquer the investment world, excerpts from a recent interview:

Q: Jeffrey, tell us about your journey?

A: I began building my fortune as an early investor in SoFi, an online personal finance company valued at $4.5

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Slow computer? 4 expert ways to make it speedy again

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If your slow computer might is driving you up the wall, read on. (Photo: Getty)
If your slow computer might is driving you up the wall, read on. (Photo: Getty)

The spinning rainbow wheel of death is one of the more frustrating sites in our modern world. Sure, you can refer to it as a beach ball if you’re feeling lighthearted. Or you can call that computer-freezing icon what it really is: the bane of your existence.

A slow computer that takes forever to load web pages, open documents, and respond to pretty much any basic command is more common than you think. It’s often just a matter of poor maintenance or disorganization.

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The State Of Crypto Payments

The following is a contributed article from a content partner of Benzinga

Discussions surrounding cryptocurrency payment platforms have captured the attention of investors worldwide, specifically on whether digital currencies are useful in the retail sector. For instance, the growth and widespread adoption of ‘stable-coins’ has nudged 20,000 merchants to accept crypto payments. The list of parties interested in crypto-transactions, however, is not merely limited to small businesses; we have seen that corporations like Microsoft, Overstock, Namecheap, Starbucks, Whole Foods, CheapAir, Travala, and Expedia have all shifted their attention.

The $250 Billion crypto payment market, though broad, can be best understood by examining three major categories: P2P Retail Payments, Crypto Custody, and Merchant Plugin and Gateways.

Square’s Cash App – A Leader In P2P Crypto Retail Payments

Since January, the stock market value of Square, Inc. (NYSE: SQ) has risen in value by 148%; last year alone, the stock grew by

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Missing movie theaters in quarantine? Head to these drive-ins around the country

The country is starting to open up after months of lockdown, yet social distancing and sanitary precautions are still important as ever. And although theater chains like AMC are gearing up to return in August, taking in a drive-in movie may sound appealing, especially for families.

Drive-in movie theaters have the advantages of in-person viewing while staying in the comfort, privacy and safety of your own vehicle. Social distancing is built-in, as cars are often parked six or more feet away from each other, and proper COVID-19 protocols make it easier to have fun yet stay safe.

We’ve put together a list of old and newly converted drive-ins across the country for you to check out. Scroll through to see if there’s one near you:

A user’s guide to drive-in movie theaters: Staying safe and having fun



Price: Free, but must be secured ahead of time online.


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clampdown was vital, but credit unions must expand after coronavirus to fill gap

<span class="caption">After the pandemic, borrowing is set to skyrocket. </span> <span class="attribution"><a class="link rapid-noclick-resp" href="" rel="nofollow noopener" target="_blank" data-ylk="slk:Hananeko_Studio">Hananeko_Studio</a></span>
After the pandemic, borrowing is set to skyrocket. Hananeko_Studio

The cost of accessing small personal loans can be eye-wateringly high for those who need it most. Take the UK, where a £200 loan from Provident Personal Credit over 13 weeks costs £86 in interest. That’s an equivalent APR of a whopping 1,557.7%.

These offers are available even after the caps on payday loans that the UK introduced five years ago. In the months after the reforms, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) reported that the number of loans and the overall amount borrowed was down 35%. From there, the decrease continued: there were 5.4 million high-cost loans totalling £1.3 billion in 2018 with the total amount repayable at £2.1 billion; five years earlier, there had been 10.3 million loans worth £2.5 billion.

Yet clearly, high-cost credit has not gone away entirely, and it looks set to get bigger again. Provident, the

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Drowning in Debt? 18 Effective Ways To Tackle Your Budget

Debt is a growing problem in America. Total household debt hit $13.86 trillion at the end of 2019’s second quarter — up $192 billion from the first quarter, according to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

The bulk of that amount was comprised of mortgage debt, followed by student loan, auto loan and credit card debt. And delinquent debt — payments that are 30 days or more late — is also growing. Cutting your expenses and bills can help manage your debt but often only provide minimal assistance. Fortunately, whether you’re drowning in debt or just want to pay down what you owe more quickly, there are several budgeting strategies you can use. Click through to see how you can dig yourself out of debt.

Last updated: Sept. 4, 2020

Create a ‘You Only Live Once’ Budget

A YOLO budget gives you a clearly articulated vision you can use

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At the Durban FilmMart, African Cinema Looks Toward the Future

Even before coronavirus arrived in South Africa, which ranks among the countries hardest hit by the pandemic, Durban FilmMart head Toni Monty had already begun to envision how sub-Saharan Africa’s leading industry confab would have to adapt to an unprecedented global crisis.

“Not one of us on the team have actually seen each other physically since Berlin,” she said. “It’s like you’re organizing a wedding in the middle of a global crisis.” Still, Monty never had any doubt that the DFM would take place in some form this year, calling it “the right thing to do.” “We have to keep the conversations going. We have to keep the networking going.”

Already this promised to be a transitional period for the DFM, which takes places Sept. 4-13. After a decade-long partnership with the Durban Intl. Film Festival, the market this year was spun off into an independent event. “Over the ten

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What are your legal rights and what to do if you don’t want to approach your employer

Cases of sexual harassment at work have remained 'alarmingly high' despite the #MeToo movement: iStock
Cases of sexual harassment at work have remained ‘alarmingly high’ despite the #MeToo movement: iStock

While the rise of the #MeToo movement has encouraged more people to talk openly about sexual misconduct in recent years, cases of sexual harassment at work have remained “alarmingly high” according to The Trades Union Congress (TUC).

Although both men and women can suffer of sexual assault, its links to power structures means that women are more commonly the victims. Research by the TUC found that more than half (52 per cent) of women – and nearly two-thirds (63 per cent) of young women aged 18-24 years old – have experienced sexual harassment at work.

The prominence of sexual assault in the workplace was further highlighted by a recent inquiry into the culture at the GMB union, one of the largest trade unions in the UK. The independent investigation by barrister Karon Monaghan QC found

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17 Ways To Spend Less at Aldi

Aldi currently operates in 36 states and opened its 2,000th store in the United States in June — and now the grocery chain has plans to expand to 38 states with the addition of four Arizona stores later this year and a Louisiana location in the near future, Supermarket News reported. The chain plans to open 70 new locations by the end of 2020.

With so many stores, chances are there is already an Aldi near you or will be soon. The popular chain boasts that it offers “impressively high quality at impossibly low prices” — but there are ways to save even more on your next Aldi shopping trip. GOBankingRates spoke to shopping experts to get their best tips on how to spend less on what you buy.

Last updated: Sept. 4, 2020

Study the Online Circular

Before going to the store, do your homework.

“Spending just a few

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Japan’s tuna market, the world’s largest, hit hard by coronavirus pandemic

TOKYO, Sept 4 (Reuters) – Japan’s tuna market, the world’s largest, is taking an outsized hit from the coronavirus pandemic, pressuring restaurants and wholesalers at Tokyo’s sprawling Toyosu fish market to adapt to survive.

Businesses had hoped for more activity after Japan lifted its state of emergency in late May, but big events such as shareholder meetings and wedding banquets have remained on hold while many Japanese are still wary of going to restaurants.

Demand for fresh fish, especially the so-called “king of sushi” bluefin tuna, has slumped as the pandemic wiped out orders for events. Tuna prices dropped 8.4% in July from a year earlier, far steeper than the 1.5% annual fall in overall fresh fish prices, government data showed.

“Our sales are down by 60% compared to last August,” said 47-year old Yasuyuki Shimahara, owner of an “izakaya” dining bar specializing in tuna dishes in Tokyo’s Kanda business

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