Day: September 7, 2020

Trump open to inquiry into DeJoy and campaign contributions

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump says he’s open to an investigation of Postmaster General Louis DeJoy following published reports that former employees of DeJoy, a major donor to Trump and other Republicans, said they felt pressured to make campaign contributions to GOP candidates.

The president also said Monday that DeJoy should lose his job if campaign finance irregularities are uncovered while describing the GOP fundraiser as a “very honest guy.”

Trump replied “sure, sure” when asked at a news conference whether he would support an investigation into DeJoy. DeJoy already faces unrelated scrutiny from Congress for U.S. Postal Service changes that some fear will slow delivery of mail-in ballots for the Nov. 3 elections.

Asked if DeJoy should lose his job if a campaign finance scheme is uncovered, Trump replied: “Yeah, if something could be proven that he did something wrong, always. Always.”

The Washington Post reported online Sunday

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How to score the lowest 15-year mortgage rate for your refinance

Given this year’s unbelievably low mortgage rates, refinancing remains at the top of many homeowners’ to-do lists — and it has taken on more urgency as a new refi fee is expected to push rates higher this fall.

A 30-year fixed-rate mortgage might be a borrower’s automatic first choice for a refinance loan. But if you’ve been in your house a few years, refinancing to a 15-year mortgage can keep you from dragging out the debt and piling up massive interest costs.

The monthly payments with a 15-year home loan can be steeper, but the interest rates are lower — currently averaging a record low 2.42%, about one-half of 1 percentage point below the typical 30-year mortgage rate, according to mortgage company Freddie Mac. And this summer, some lenders have even been offering 15-year loans at under 2%.

Here are four tips on how to get the very best deal

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Wisconsin Farmer Planted Over 2 Million Sunflowers to Bring Joy During Coronavirus Pandemic

Courtesy Thompson Strawberry Farm Sunflowers at Thompson Strawberry Farm

A farmer in Wisconsin wanted to bring happiness to others amid the coronavirus pandemic — so that’s what he’s doing, one sunflower at a time.

Scott Thompson typically offers customers at his for-profit family farm, Thompson Strawberry Farms, the chance to pick their own strawberries in the summer as well as raspberries and pumpkins in the fall, according to CNN.

But this year, when the pandemic hit, Thompson and his wife wanted to find a way to make their customers happy, while also adhering to safety guidelines.

Putting their heads together, the couple ultimately decided to plant sunflowers — over 2 million of them — which could be safely picked by customers across 22 acres and more than 15 fields, the outlet reported.

“We just did it … and we just kept building,” Thompson told CNN. “As the season went on,

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College basketball floats idea of bubbles for safe season

The NBA bubble has held. So has the NHL’s double bubble. The WNBA and MLS, no leaks.

In this unprecedented landscape of sports in a pandemic world, one indisputable fact has emerged: bubbles work.

Thousands of tests, minimal to no positive COVID-19 test results.

So as the NCAA gets set announce its plans for the 2020-21 college basketball season, there are clear precedents and blueprints in place should it decide to go the bubble route.

“It’s certainly viable,” said Mark Starsiak, vice president of sports at Intersport, a Chicago-based sports marketing and media agency, “From a basketball standpoint, I think we can follow those models.”

The college football restart has been scattershot. The season has already started, yet 53 FBS schools have the pads and helmets hanging on hooks while waiting for better pandemic news.

A much more unified plan is in place for the college basketball season.


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Michael Cohen’s New Book Details Why Trump Hired A ‘Fake Obama’ Impersonator To ‘Fire’ Him

Steve Pope/Getty; Mike Theiler-Pool/Getty President Donald Trump and former President Barack Obama

In his new book, Trump’s former longtime attorney Michael Cohen describes “a kind of fantasy fulfillment” that President Donald Trump once played out by hiring a President Barack Obama impersonator for an Apprentice-style video the reality show star reportedly filmed for the 2012 Republican National Convention.

The video has been online since at least January 2013, but the new details about Trump’s desire to make the RNC clip has caused it to resurface in the media after Cohen wrote about it in his memoir, Disloyal, which comes out Tuesday.

According to a report by The New York Times, Cohen, 54, describes how Trump hired “a Faux-Bama, or fake Obama, to record a video where Trump ritualistically belittled the first Black president and then fired him, a kind of fantasy fulfillment that it was hard to

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Is This The Best Time Ever to Buy a House or Nah?

Photo credit: Khadija Horton
Photo credit: Khadija Horton

From Cosmopolitan

If there’s one thing my mama taught me, it’s to always look for a silver lining. And right now, there (shockingly) is one: Mortgages are more affordable than they have been in a looong time. I hate that it took a pandemic for us to get here, but if being able to actually buy a place of my own is even a remote possibility, it’s not one I’m going to sleep on. Which is why I’m out here reporting this little article for me all of us.

The good news: The two-bed, two-bath you’ve been eyeing might legit be a reality. “A major pro of purchasing a home right now is a lower mortgage interest rate,” explains Institute for Economic Research Studies founder Yolanda Michelle about one of the ways the government is attempting to stimulate the economy. Less interest means you’ll have to

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To revive post-coronavirus economy, freelancer workers need our support

This year’s Labor Day celebrations will be far more subdued than normal.More than 50 million Americans have filed unemployment claims since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. And business bankruptcies are expected to rise nearly 50 percent this year. Thousands of firms — from national retail chains to mom-and-pop shops and local businesses — are struggling.

THIS LABOR DAY, WE CELEBRATE WOMEN’S WORKPLACE SUCCESS AND HONOR THE ‘ROSIES’ OF WORLD WAR IIThis unprecedented economic turmoil is pushing both businesses and workers towards a greater reliance on freelancing.

Americans are increasingly turning to these flexible jobs and choosing to become their own bosses, rather than search for a traditional 9 to 5 in a soft labor market. And one in every three companies plans to utilize more independent contractors to meet their changing needs, according to research firm Gartner.

As we honor the nation’s labor force, it’s impossible to ignore

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Don’t get coding, marketing or the cloud? These career development training collections are on sale today

TLDR: The knowledge in these 10 tech skill training collections, all currently over 90 percent off, could change the course of your professional IT career.

If you want to start working in the tech sector or if you’re already an IT pro, but want to expand your skillset, we’ve got an option for you.

Actually, it’s 10 options, but who’s counting? We pulled together some of the best deals available right now on some of the most in-demand talents a working IT professional can showcase on a resume.

From understanding the cloud to becoming an Amazon tycoon to netting as many key certifications as you can find, these packages, each at over 90 percent off its regular price, should be just the ticket to opening some intriguing new professional doors.

1. The Beginner Cloud Architect Professional Training Bundle Ft. Azure and AWS – $34 (Orig. $944) with promo code: GOFORIT15

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Try to spend Bill Gates’ $116B fortune in this online shopping game

What would you do if you woke up a billionaire? Would you take a whack at solving world hunger? Maybe travel the world? Do something boring like investing? Or maybe just buy an island?

It’s hard to imagine just what you can buy with all that money. But imagine if you had $115.6 billion like Bill Gates. You too would probably think a box of frozen pizza rolls cost $22, and not $8.

So, let’s spend Bill Gatesmoney. Introducing the web-app that lets you calculate all the different sorts of items you can buy and sell using Microsoft’s co-founder’s cash.

The game lists a bunch of items along with their prices that Bill (you) can buy. You have the choice to buy a luxury bottle of wine ($7,000), a book ($15), a Tesla ($75,000), and an entire cruise ship ($930,000,000).

Remember: This

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Malala Yousafzai, Steph Curry, Richard Branson among celebs hosting new themed book clubs

Book clubs, virtual or otherwise, are great in theory, but there’s always work involved for participants. Sometimes getting around to acquiring the book can take more time than actually reading it.

And in celebrity book clubs, like those run by Oprah Winfrey and Reese Witherspoon, there isn’t a lot of discussion or debate online, if any, with the celebrity host. But Literati wants to give readers the virtual celebrity book club experience with the ease of home delivery and an app that will encourage discourse with a detailed discussion board.

A subscription-based monthly book service for children, Literati is expanding to monthly book clubs for adults that are curated by notable figures, known as “luminaries.” The curators include Nobel laureate Malala Yousafzai, NBA star Steph Curry,best-selling writer Susan Orlean, entrepreneur Richard Branson and scholars at the Joseph Campbell Foundation.

There will be several discussion boards in each club depending where

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