Day: September 8, 2020

Trump, Biden and the road to 270 electoral votes

WAYZATA, Minn. (AP) — For such a volatile year, the White House race between President Donald Trump and Democratic challenger Joe Biden has been remarkably consistent.

With Election Day just eight weeks away, Biden is maintaining the same comfortable lead in most national polls that he enjoyed through the summer. He also has an advantage, though narrower, in many of the battleground states that will decide the election. Trump remains in striking distance, banking on the intensity of his most loyal supporters and the hope that disillusioned Republicans ultimately swing his way.

Still, both parties are braced for the prospect of sudden changes ahead, particularly as Trump makes an aggressive pitch to white suburban voters focused on safety and fear of violent unrest. It’s unclear how well his rhetoric will resonate, but Democrats insist it can’t be ignored, especially in the upper Midwest.

That’s especially true in Minnesota, a state

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25 Ways To Save Yourself From Your Debt Disaster

A 2019 GOBankingRates survey found that debt would be the No. 1 roadblock that would stop most Americans from reaching their 2020 goals. And those who are already struggling with existing debt have likely found their situation exacerbated by the coronavirus pandemic, which has left millions of Americans without jobs. Fortunately, just because you have debt now doesn’t mean you are doomed to be paying it off forever.

I spoke to financial experts and business pros about the best ways to save yourself from debt disaster — here’s how you can turn your financial situation around.

Last updated: Sept. 7, 2020

Stop Taking On More Debt

“The first step to getting out of debt is to stop taking on more debt,” said financial expert Chris Hogan. “Folks need to understand that debt is a threat — it’s not their friend. You have to decide that debt isn’t an option. Remember

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Ontario premier defends province’s top doctor, ‘You cannot hold big parties,’ Dr. Tam warns

Yahoo News Canada is committed to providing our readers with the most accurate and recent information on all things coronavirus. We know things change quickly, including some possible information in this story. For the latest on COVID-19, we encourage our readers to consult online resources like Canada’s public health website, World Health Organization, as well as our own Yahoo Canada homepage.

As cases of COVID-19 continue to spread around the world, Canadians seem to be increasingly concerned about their health and safety.

Currently, there are more than 6,00 active cases of COVID-19 in Canada (with more than 131,000 diagnoses so far) and 9,100 deaths. Nearly 90 per cent of the country’s reported COVID-19 cases have recovered.

Check back for the latest updates on the coronavirus outbreak in Canada.

For a full archive of the first month of the pandemic, please check our archive of events.

September 8

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10 Ways to Celebrate Your Original Wedding Date if You’ve Postponed

Getty Images

For thousands of brides-to-be, the start of 2020 marked a whirlwind time of poring over catering menus, trying on dresses, planning special touches and gifts for guests, and generally just getting excited about marrying their best friend. And then the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic struck, causing an estimated 652,000 weddings to be postponed in the U.S. between April and June alone, according to a study from London-based wedding planning app, Bridebook. Now people are trying to figure out how to celebrate the original wedding date when plans had to be been postponed.

But while you might be tempted to let your would-be-wedding day pass by to avoid stirring up all the feels, this emotional investment is exactly the reason it should be recognized. “It’s important that a couple who have had their wedding canceled or postponed due to these surreal circumstances still mark the occasion, because it matters to

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7 Ways the Pandemic Has Changed How We Shop for Food

Jennifer Flanigan loads up a cart at a Kroger store in West Chester, Ohio on Sept. 7, 2020. (Andrew Spear/The New York Times)
Jennifer Flanigan loads up a cart at a Kroger store in West Chester, Ohio on Sept. 7, 2020. (Andrew Spear/The New York Times)

When the coronavirus hit, even the most enthusiastic cooks had to adjust to a new, more complicated relationship with their kitchens.

For the first time in a generation, Americans began spending more money at the supermarket than at places where someone else made the food. Grocers saw eight years of projected sales growth packed into one month. Shopping trends that were in their infancy were turbocharged.

The six-month shift has been a behavioral scientist’s dream. Shoppers began by building bomb-shelter pantries. Then came a nostalgia phase, with bowls of Lucky Charms and boxes of Little Debbies offering throwback comfort. Soon, days were defined by elaborate culinary stunts, sourdough starter and kombucha clubs.

Although kitchen fatigue is setting in for many, a new set of kitchen habits have

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4 Factors That Make Helen of Troy (HELE) a Promising Stock


Goldman Sachs: These 3 Stocks Are Poised to Surge by at Least 40%

Is the market’s recent run of record high levels another bubble? And is the recent retreat the beginning of a burst, or just a correction? Will investors take heart from the strong August jobs report? And what about the election – how will the nation’s unstable political scene impact the financial markets? These are just a few of the questions that investors must answer as September heats up.Two strategists from investment giant Goldman Sachs have weighed in on market prospects in recent days, and have published diverging opinions. For the bulls, Jan Hatzius sees the employment numbers as the key data point, saying that even if growth has slowed from its breakneck pace in the immediate aftermath of the economic reopenings, it should remain strong in the coming months.Equity strategist Christian Mueller-Glissman, however, sees the current

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10 top-rated face shields you can buy online right now

10 top-rated face shields you can buy online right now
10 top-rated face shields you can buy online right now

— Recommendations are independently chosen by Reviewed’s editors. Purchases you make through our links may earn us a commission.

One of the latest trends in personal protective equipment (PPE) is face shields. While the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) cautions that face shields should not be worn in place of a cloth mask, some people still opt to wear a face shield along with a mask for more coverage (and potentially more protection). There are plenty of places to buy face shields online, from Amazon to Etsy. 

Whether you’re looking for the most comfortable headband face shield or a stylish face shield (like the custom designed ones from Vistaprint), we’ve rounded up 10 of the most popular face shields you can buy right now based on reviews and ratings.

1. Polaroid Face Shield

The Polaroid shield is a popular pick.
The Polaroid shield is a
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Testing time for business passengers?

Time saver? Heathrow airport says it is ready to test passengers (© LHR Airports Ltd)
Time saver? Heathrow airport says it is ready to test passengers (© LHR Airports Ltd)

“We’re proposing business travel as a priority,” says Drew Crawley.

If I tell you he is chief commercial officer for American Express Global Business Travel, you may well be thinking: well, he would say that, would he? But hear him out.

“What we want to do is to get confidence back into flying, and confidence back into the government so they know that, if there are issues, they can follow up and we’ve got the data to do that.

“We’re past the holiday season now. September is normally the kickstart for business travel.”

What Mr Crawley is proposing is to use business travellers as upmarket guinea pigs on the route between London and New York – the biggest and most profitable intercontinental air route in the world.

“It’s phenomenal the amount of trade between the

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Cities after COVID & GM’s Electric Vehicle Push

Welcome to the Capital Note, a newsletter about finance and economics. On the menu today: work from home, GM’s investment in Nikola, and a look at the Vegas-Wall Street pipeline.

Cities in the Post-COVID Era

With Labor Day now past, it will be interesting to see whether there will be a mass return to the office (at least here in New York City, wandering around Midtown late last week, things didn’t — whatever the Daily Mail might claim — look post-apocalyptic, but it was still more than a little forlorn).

Writing for the Manhattan Institute’s City Journal, Mark Mills takes a look at the debate over working from home — a concept he broadens out to working from anywhere (WFA), and, I think, gives some comfort to those of us still living in the city.

Mills starts by examining some of the survey data used as evidence that

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‘It’s good for me to take a break’

Chrissy Teigen opens up about dealing with her mental health during quarantine. (Photo: Getty Images)
Chrissy Teigen opens up about dealing with her mental health during quarantine. (Photo: Getty Images)

Chrissy Teigen is opening up about her focus on mental health during the coronavirus quarantine and how she’s learned to take a step back from social media because of it.

“I’m barely online anymore, and that was at the request of my therapist,” she told Marie Claire in a new interview. “I didn’t start therapy until quarantine. I used to avoid it and make fun of the idea of it, and then I found the right person and it changed my world.”

The 34-year-old explained her increasing anxiety as a result of running two companies at once — Cravings by Chrissy Teigen and Suit & Thai Productions — in addition to being a mother of two who is now expecting her third child. “With my anxiety, the worst thing is not giving enough to enough

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