Day: September 23, 2020

In Order For Online Parenting Groups to Be Effective, They Have to Be Diverse and Inclusive

Over the past few months, I’ve seen more discussion of the Black Lives Matter movement in the mom groups I’m in. Oftentimes, what should be open and honest conversations to help parents learn instead lead to issues in the groups. In fact, I was recently banned by a group administrator from a large Facebook mom group after posting in solidarity with Black moms in the group who were advocating for antiracism conversation to be permitted and for a Black moderator to be added.

As a member of multiple mom groups, I soon realized this problem was not exclusive to that one. Other groups were also dealing with similar issues regarding how to handle the discourse about racism, the Black Lives Matter movement, protests, and police brutality.

Instead of substantively addressing these issues, I’ve witnessed white administrators struggle with how to moderate the conversations. In some groups, I’ve seen Black members

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Beverly Students Make Their Marks In College

BEVERLY, MA — The school year may look a lot of different for college students this fall but there are some Beverly students who are managing to make their mark amid the coronavirus health crisis.

Chrisstopher Morse recently matriculated as a first-year student at Hamilton College. Morse, a graduate of Phillips Academy, was selected from a pool of 7,443 applicants to the college, and joins a class of 470.

Originally founded in 1793 as the Hamilton-Oneida Academy, Hamilton College offers an open curriculum that gives students the freedom to shape their own liberal arts education within a research-and writing-intensive framework.

Hamilton enrolls 1,850 students from 49 states and 49 countries.

Remy Normand serves as a peer mentor for first-year students at the University of Vermont College of Nursing and Health Sciences for the 2020-21 academic year. Known as “LINKS,” mentors provide first-year students with friendship, guidance and a connection to

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Quibi may be for sale. But what is it worth, and who would buy it?

A scene from "#FreeRayshawn," Quibi's Emmy-winning short-form streaming drama. <span class="copyright">(Quibi)</span>
A scene from “#FreeRayshawn,” Quibi’s Emmy-winning short-form streaming drama. (Quibi)

Quibi can’t catch a break, even after becoming a two-time Emmy-winner.

Less than six months after Jeffrey Katzenberg and Meg Whitman launched their short-form video streaming startup, the company’s drama “#FreeRayshawn” nabbed acting trophies for stars Laurence Fishburne and Jasmine Cephas Jones.

The accolades from the television academy apparently didn’t impress Emmys host Jimmy Kimmel. The ABC late-night comic quipped during the Sunday night broadcast that the newcomer had “10 Emmy nominations this year, including outstanding short form comedy or drama and dumbest thing to ever cost a billion dollars.”

Then, the next morning, the media, tech and entertainment industries were buzzing with reports that Quibi has engaged JPMorgan Chase & Co. to help the company review a range of strategic options, including a possible sale, according to two people familiar with the matter who were not authorized to comment.

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Alex Gibney’s ‘Agents of Chaos’ Tries Gamely to Make Sense of Russian Election Interference: TV Review

Connecting the seemingly infinite threads of online trolling, Russian subterfuge and the astonishing evolution of American politics has become a favorite past-time of impassioned intellectuals raging against the Trump administration. In trying to pinpoint all the significant factors that led to Trump’s 2016 presidential election victory, some have identified Russia’s interest in American affairs as the key to understanding how we got to where we are today. As Alex Gibney lays out in his new HBO docuseries “Agents of Chaos,” that’s not a specious argument; there is ample evidence that the combination of Russian motivation to campaign against Hillary Clinton combined with Trump’s personal interest in forging Russian relations merged at the right time to catastrophic ends. And yet, “Agents of Chaos” runs into the same problem as most attempts to explain this perfect storm of interests, namely: it is extremely difficult to explain every connection of this complex web

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14 Trader Joe’s shopping secrets from die-hard TJ’s fans

14 Trader Joe's shopping secrets from die-hard TJ's fans
14 Trader Joe’s shopping secrets from die-hard TJ’s fans

Trader Joe’s has a cult following, which is pretty remarkable for a multibillion-dollar grocery chain. But TJ’s has always done things a bit differently.

Employees are called crew members and mates; they wear Hawaiian shirts and communicate by ringing a maritime-style bell. That quirky sense of style, combined with popular private-label products and competitive prices, helps the retailer consistently place among the most loved food stores in the U.S.

Trader Joe’s inspires such devotion that die-hard fans love sharing information on the best ways to maximize your TJ’s experience, including your savings. Here are some of their best tips.

1. Keep on top of the newest products


While many grocery chains sell products under their own store brand, like Costco’s Kirkland Signature, Trader Joe’s goes deep. Marketing director Tara Miller revealed on the company’s podcast that about 80% of its

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Costly Mistakes People Make While Grocery Shopping

If you want to save money on your food expenses, you’re better off preparing meals at home rather than dining out. But even if you’re buying most of your food at the grocery store, there’s a good chance you’re still spending more than necessary. That’s because you’re probably making mistakes while shopping at the supermarket. Find out which errors you’re making if you want to save more money on groceries.

Last updated: Sept. 23, 2020

Shopping on the Wrong Day

Cut grocery costs by simply shopping on the right day of the week. “We all get into a routine and often hit up our stores around the same time weekly,” said Tracie Fobes of Penny Pinchin’ Mom. “Make sure that you are shopping at the time when you can be certain to get every deal the store offers.”

For example, Fobes said her local supermarket runs a weekly ad from

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The Holiday Season Has Already Started for Nearly Half of Consumers, Thanks to Online Shopping

Retailers still preparing for the holiday season may already be losing out on business, according to new survey results from Affirm. The payments solution surveyed 2,000 Americans about their holiday shopping habits and found that half of respondents have already begun to shop online for their seasonal purchases this year.

The survey also supports recent data that has found that shoppers are increasingly purchasing on non-sale days, with big sale events like Black Friday and Cyber Monday no longer attracting as large a proportion of holiday purchases. Affirm found that seven out of 10 respondents are more likely to buy something on sale now, rather than wait for those discounted days around the Thanksgiving period.

Experts attribute this shift in part to the growing popularity of e-commerce, with shoppers increasingly likely to take advantage of convenience over savings. Additional payment tools like “buy now, pay later” or “pay in installments”

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This Is the Best Way to Lower Your Cable Bill, Experts Say

Considering the amount of time many people are spending at home these days, having easy access to your favorite shows and movies has begun to feel more like a need than a want. Unfortunately, if you’re accessing those services through a standard cable provider, you’re likely paying a pretty penny for them. According to a 2020 report from, the average household cable package in the U.S. costs $214.42 a month—that’s nearly $2,600 a year. In fact, the report notes that cable has become the single priciest household utility for most Americans. That doesn’t mean you need to continue paying through the nose for cable, however. There’s one simple way to get the price of your cable services slashed: Just threaten to leave.

“Cable companies know that it’s much more costly for them to acquire a new customer than to retain an existing customer,” says financial advisor Charles H. Thomas

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Small Businesses Can Streamline Their Curbside Pickup With the New Citrus App

As shoppers and retailers alike prepare for the upcoming holiday season, a new mobile application is aiming to make curbside pickup more accessible than ever. Citrus, which launched this week, automates the curbside process for smaller businesses so that consumers experience a smoother purchase pickup, while retailers are given greater support.

Curbside pickup is not new, but it has been adopted at greater scale in 2020, as the pandemic halted regular store operations. It has been a useful solution for retailers trying to bridge the gap between their on- and offline presence and has also helped retailers leverage their store inventory, while the stores themselves may be shut. For shoppers, the experience combines the convenience of buying online with the speed of same-day acquisition.

But while simple in theory, the execution can prove challenging, especially for smaller retailers or businesses operating at reduced capacity. Without a clear system in place,

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Nikola could find itself in legal trouble if short seller claims are true

Electric truck entrepreneur, Trevor Milton, who stepped down Monday as executive chairman and board member of his newly public company Nikola (NKLA), may not have contemplated in 2016 how regulators would interpret statements touting its first hydrogen fuel cell truck prototype as a real, “fully functioning vehicle.”

And he may not have considered in 2020, after taking the company public, how the agencies would analyze a podcast during which he told an interviewer that 5 Nikola “Tre” model trucks were contemporaneously coming off its assembly line in Germany.  

However the statements, along with a collection of others highlighted in an attack by short seller Hindenburg Research, accusing the company of securities fraud, are at the heart of Milton’s decision to step down. They are also likely at the heart of inquiries now undertaken by federal agencies tasked with deciding whether legal action against the short seller, Milton, or Nikola is

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