Tuesday Bassen on shutting down Tuesday of California in October

In September, illustrator and designer Tuesday Bassen made an unusual announcement in response to her size-inclusive clothing company’s recent uptick in sales: She would be temporarily closing her online shop, Tuesday of California, for the entire month of October through the first week of November. In light of, well, everything, Bassen and her three-person team needed to pause.

“We are taking some time to catch our breath and assess where we’re at,” Bassen wrote on Instagram. “We are experiencing rapid growth and want to make sure we do so with purpose and respect to our team members, as well as meet the needs of our customers.” It’s been a year of nimble if difficult business decisions for the 31-year-old Bassen, who started her business in 2015: At the end of May, she permanently closed her 800-square-foot storefront on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles — a year before her lease was

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Developing an SEO strategy for the future : Augusta Free Press

(© WrightStudio –

When it comes to your business, it is vital that you have a strong online presence in today’s digital world. Without this, you risk being left behind your competitors, and this is something that no business can afford to do. As a result of digital technology, you now face competition not just locally or nationally but also on an international basis, so you really need to make your business stand out with the right marketing and SEO strategies.

A solid SEO strategy is vital if you want to boost your online presence and business success, but you need to ensure you develop a

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E-Commerce Marketing Tech Firm Rokt Raises $80 Million

Rokt Pte Ltd., an eight-year-old e-commerce marketing software provider, has raised $80 million in Series D funding. The round, which was led by investment firm TDM Growth Partners, Rokt’s largest backer, raises the company’s valuation by 42% to more than $450 million, the company said.

The investment in Rokt comes as online commerce is growing by leaps and bounds during the coronavirus pandemic: Consumers spent $466 billion online in the U.S. between March and September of this year, up 52% from the same period last year, according to

Adobe Inc.

That has provided a lift to the technology vendors selling their services to businesses—from retailers to food-delivery companies—that are being forced to adapt.

E-commerce and technology companies are receiving greater attention in turn from private-equity firms and other investors, said Tom

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‘Find a balance’: Mental health, social connections cited in debate over playing prep sports | High School Sports

Pertzborn, also active on social media advocating for students in athletics, has been frustrated how prep athletics decisions have unfolded in Dane County and the state this year.

“Anytime we get to a decision, the goalpost gets moved and we can’t get near it,” he said, imploring people to work together.

He said the situation has been difficult on everyone, particularly seniors. Middleton is scheduled to play football in the alternative fall season in the spring.

He said the students will need to make good choices if they want to play.

“I’m glad we are trying to move forward to see if it is doable (in a safe manner),” said Pertzborn, whose daughter, Sierra, is a sophomore volleyball, basketball and track and field athlete at Middleton. “We will give it our best effort. It will take discipline, sacrifice and commitment not only from the coaches but from the athletes.”


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Many Small-Business Employees May Be Close To Losing Health Insurance

by Rachel Layne

A health insurance crisis may be looming for employees of small businesses, with many firms struggling to cover their share of these costs, new research from Harvard Business School finds.

Nearly one-third of employers surveyed weren’t sure they could pay premiums beyond August 15, 2020, write HBS faculty members Leemore S. Dafny, Zoë B. Cullen, Christopher T. Stanton, and doctoral student Yin Wei Soon. Their paper was published recently in the New England Journal of Medicine’s Catalyst.

“Absent additional relief—and soon—providers and policymakers should expect much greater disruption in insurance coverage going forward,” the authors write.

Small businesses, which account for more than 40 percent of economic activity in the

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Rising to the occasion: Home bakers meet community needs | News

City Bakery in downtown Fergus Falls closed at the end of 2017 and, so far, no brick and mortar bakery has come to fill in the space the bakery has left behind. While grocery stores like Service Food Market and Walmart have bakeries with cakes, cookies and more, and restaurants like Dairy Queen will make cakes, many customers are turning to home bakers for their baked good needs.

Local baker Holly Petersen, who runs The Sugared Pearl Cakes, started baking as a hobby five years ago with the hope of turning it into a side business. She makes custom cakes, cupcakes, cookies and other treats as requested.

“I do feel that I’m filling a niche for high-end decorated custom cakes,” she says.

Angela Erickson runs Simply Special Celebrations in Fergus Falls and originally rented a commercial kitchen space with her friend and started a fully licensed online bakery. In 2015,

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DBS Bank Rolls Out Cross-Border Pay Tracking

DBS Bank has launched a real-time online tracking feature for cross-border collections, a press release says, which will give better digital services for corporate clients.

The feature will make use of SWIFT Global Payments Innovation (gpi) technology, and help over 240,000 corporate and small and medium-sized business (SMB) clients in Singapore and Hong Kong with tracking cross-border payments and collections in real time. There won’t be any extra fees.

Usually, collecting cross-border payments is a manual process, with businesses waiting for a SWIFT message from the remitter confirming that the remittance instruction has been processed by the bank. Banks or remitters are also usually in charge of determining the most recent status of said transfer across numerous banks.

But with the DBS SWIFT solution, companies will have a much quicker way to view updates on where the funds are, once they log into

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GoDaddy’s partner business president on building a lucrative career designing and developing WordPress sites

As I mentioned last month, GoDaddy has been making a series of strategic investments into properties that are quite useful to WordPress administrators and developers. Between hosting and these investments, GoDaddy has a unique insight into the always-evolving WordPress business.


GoDaddy’s Patrick Pulvermüller

I had the opportunity to (virtually) sit down with Patrick Pulvermüller, president of the Partners Business at GoDaddy, to explore GoDaddy, GoDaddy’s involvement with WordPress, and how WordPress professionals can succeed in our changing world.

Full disclosure: I’ve been a GoDaddy customer for as long as I can remember. I’ve registered hundreds of domains through their registrar service, and I’m also a customer of the Sucuri WordPress security service and ManageWP site management service, both of which I paid for well before GoDaddy acquired them.

And with that, let’s meet Patrick.

David: Please introduce yourself and give us a quick personal background?

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Coupa Sets Up Portal Of Diverse Suppliers

California-based spend management platform Coupa has launched a Diverse Business Directory to make it easier for companies, particularly large ones, to find “diverse and inclusive suppliers.”

“Businesses recognize the need for policy changes when it comes to diversity, equity, and inclusion goals, such as supplier diversity programs,” said Rod Robinson, vice president of supplier inclusion and sustainability at Coupa, in a press release. “However, most companies’ supplier diversity efforts are failing in good faith because the information and technology they need to efficiently source and spend with diverse suppliers was not available.”

With Coupa’s new offering, he said, “every company can make diversity and inclusion a strategic part of the business, rather than an afterthought.”

The company said its Coupa Inclusion Initiative will enable companies “to find, select, and direct spend to hundreds of thousands of diverse and inclusive suppliers.”

As part of

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‘You need to be realistic’

The entirety of TikTok has seemingly banded together against a balloon artist who many believe is overcharging her customers.

The artist, Kelsey Onstott, uses TikTok to promote her work. Her account, which has more than 156,000 followers, features everything from a front door install to a festive blue install for some new parents.

The video that really captured TikTok’s attention was uploaded on Oct. 18. In it, Onstott builds a $300 5-foot balloon mosaic in the shape of the letter H and complains that people have been leaving nasty comments on her videos telling her that she is robbing her clients blind. (For reference, she charges $500 for two 5-foot balloon number mosaics and $540 for a front door install that she admitted only took 45 minutes.)

“I’ve received a lot of really weird comments about my pricing in general, but especially the balloon mosaics. Someone commented and said, ‘That

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