Taxes and IRA Contributions Are Almost Due. Here’s What You Need to Know

Tax day is rapidly approaching, and if you haven’t filed it’s time to start working on it.

Yes, you read that right. Tax day this year is July 15. That also means you have until that date to make a prior-year contribution to some retirement funds, and possibly get a tax writeoff.

Tax Deadline Extended

While the income tax payment and filing deadline as well as the related Individual Retirement Account (IRA) contribution deadline are normally on April 15, this year that date was extended 90 days due to the COVID-19 epidemic.

The new date to file your 2019 federal taxes is July 15, 2020. The date for making your 2019 IRA contributions was also extended to that date.

Some states also extended their filing deadline to match the federal filing deadline.

State Tax Information for Military Members and Retirees

If you can’t pay your 2019 taxes by the new

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‘Live PD’ Edited Footage After Cops Worried They Looked Bad, Records Show


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As police work goes, the call about a suspected shoplifter was mundane.

The wrinkle? A crew for the popular A&E show Live PD was filming from inside the squad car dispatched to the scene.

Lights and sirens blare on the video footage as the Warwick, Rhode Island, police officer drives to the shopping strip. Soon, he finds the suspect: A man skateboarding out of a supermarket, pushing a full cart.

“I’m out with him,” the officer says. He revs the car’s engine. It lurches forward, swerving behind the man. Then there’s the ding of a door opening and a loud thump—the officer appears to whack the skateboarder with the open door of his cruiser. 

But the show’s millions of viewers never saw the

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Google and Facebook too powerful, says watchdog

The UK needs tougher rules to curb the dominance of Google and Facebook, including powers to break them up, the Competition and Markets Authority has said.

It is concerned that the firms’ dominance in digital advertising raises barriers for new competitors.

This may be pushing up prices for consumers, the CMA said.

The tech giants said they faced strong competition and that they would work with regulators on their concerns.

The CMA, which has been investigating their power in advertising for a year, said on Wednesday that it was “concerned that they have developed such unassailable market positions that rivals can no longer compete on equal terms”.

Google has more than 90% of the £7.3bn search advertising market in the UK, it said.

Facebook takes more than half of the £5.5bn UK online display advertising market.

The CMA said the services provided by Google and Facebook “are highly valued by

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UK regulator urges reforms to curb Google, Facebook ad power

LONDON (AP) — British regulators want new rules to foster competition in digital advertising markets and rein in the industry’s dominant players, Google and Facebook.

The Competition and Markets Authority took aim at the U.S. tech giants in a report Wednesday that recommends the British government adopt a new regulatory approach to governing big digital platforms making money from online ads.

The authority said it was concerned that the two companies have developed “such unassailable market positions” that rivals can’t compete on equal terms, resulting in higher prices for hotels, flights, electronics, insurance and other goods and services that are heavily advertised online.

Google and Facebook accounted for about 80% of the 14 billions pounds ($17 billion) earned by the U.K.’s digital ad industry last year, the authority said. Google controls more than 90% of the U.K.’s 7.3 billion pound search advertising market while Facebook has more than half of

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How to Plan and Save for Your Wedding During the Pandemic, According to Experts

PEOPLE’s Real Tips for Real Life presents practical answers to some of the most commonly asked questions around finance, employment and preparing for the future — even when that future can seem very uncertain.

Almost every big wedding this year has been rescheduled for 2021 because of the coronavirus pandemic’s devastating impact on the world, celebrity wedding expert Colin Cowie tells PEOPLE.

“I’m telling couples to get engaged now — and wait,” says the party planner, whose A-list clientele includes Oprah Winfrey and Ryan Seacrest. “The idea of a socially distanced wedding with people standing 10-feet apart, I don’t find anything exciting or glamorous about that.”

Couples were “extremely and bitterly disappointed” at the idea of postponing their weddings, Cowie says. But after he explained what would have to be done to follow CDC guidelines and ensure everyone’s safety, all of Cowie’s clients elected to wait.

“A wedding is a

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Game over for sports betting on coronavirus insurance

* Wimbledon won’t get COVID-19 cancellation cover in 2021

* World Athletics not aware of available COVID-19 insurance

* Australian Open says 2021 pandemic cover not viable

* Some U.S. golfing tournaments have 2020 cover

By Carolyn Cohn and Noor Zainab Hussain

LONDON, July 1 (Reuters) – Major sports events working to get back up and running after the coronavirus crisis are likely to have to do so without cancellation insurance for communicable diseases as insurers remove cover or ramp up the cost.

Although the Wimbledon tennis championships will be covered by an existing pandemic policy after this week’s event was cancelled due to the coronavirus outbreak, its organisers say it will not be able to get similar cover next year.

“All the policies that we are seeing at this time have a complete exclusion for communicable disease,” Warren Harper, Sports & Events Industry Practice Leader in insurance broker Marsh’s

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Harvey Weinstein Victims Win $19 Million Settlement In Civil Case

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A group of women in the entertainment industry who sued Harvey Weinstein over allegations of sexual harassment, sexual abuse and rape announced Tuesday evenng they have reached an $18.875 million settlement with Harvey Weinstein, The Weinstein Company Holdings and certain former officers, directors and employees of TWC.

Plaintiffs Louisette Geiss, Sarah Ann Thomas, Melissa Thompson, Melissa Sagemiller, Nannette May, Katherine Kendall, Caitlin Dulany, Larissa Gomes and a Jill Doe filed their motion for preliminary approval of the class action settlement today in the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York. If approved by the court, the settlement will create a victims’ fund allowing all women who were abused by Harvey Weinstein under certain circumstances to make claims for damages in a confidential and non-adversarial process.

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Filed in November 2017, the class action lawsuit alleges that Harvey

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Kids Must Wear Masks In Playgrounds; Other Updates

HOBOKEN, NJ – After a recent period in which Hoboken had only one new coronavirus case in a week, Hoboken Mayor Ravi Bhalla said in a Tuesday night update that there had been six new cases in the previous three days. Two cases were reported Monday, two Sunday, and two Saturday.

Last week, there were 16 new cases.

The city of 53,000 people now has now had 598 people with confirmed cases and 30 deaths of residents due to the virus. The city has not had any new resident deaths from the virus since May 21.

In his update Tuesday evening, Bhalla recommended that residents spend the July 4 weekend only with household members.

(To see what’s happening for July 4 in our area, check out our guide, including an update on the Macy’s fireworks.)

“In other states, such as California, reports have indicated that gatherings during Memorial Day weekend

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Warning signs you’re being targeted by an identify thief

Welcome to NerdWallet’s SmartMoney podcast, where we answer your real-world money questions. This week’s question is from Andrew, who asks, “I’ve been thinking about signing up for one of those identity theft protection services, but I’m not sure if they’re really worth it. How much am I actually at risk of being a victim of identity theft, and will these services help me avoid identity theft?”

Online Scams You Need to Be Aware of — and How to Avoid ThemOnline scams are everywhere. Here’s how to identify them and avoid them.

Our take

Security experts say everyone’s at risk of identity theft, because so much of our personal information has been exposed in various database breaches. But the potential fallout ranges from minimal to horrific. If someone steals your credit card number, for example, you’re protected from having to pay the bogus charges once you report the fraud. If someone

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COVID-19 cases are rising in West Sacramento. Mayor explains what’s behind the surge

Few communities are immune to the recent surge in COVID-19 cases, it seems. That’s of little consolation to Mayor Christopher Cabaldon of West Sacramento, where infection rates have risen dramatically in the past two weeks.

“The situation is very problematic,” Cabaldon said Tuesday. “It’s no comfort that it’s the case across the region and across the state.”

A month ago, West Sacramento was seeing one new case a day. Some days the city recorded no new cases at all, according to data compiled by Yolo County’s Health and Human Services Agency. The record for one day was six, reported in early April.

In the past few days, however, daily infections have risen significantly. The city had either 10 or 11 new cases reported on four separate days last week.

Cabaldon said many of the new cases are originating in private family gatherings — a belief echoed by Gov. Gavin Newsom

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