The Best Face Masks to Buy Online

The fashion world is stepping up in a time of need: Countless companies are now making, selling and donating non-medical grade face masks for daily protection from COVID-19.

Demand for the best face mask options has soared in recent months, in part because the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention now recommends wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) masks in public settings to help slow the spread of COVID-19. PPE masks are usually made from breathable a fabric like cotton and differ from a surgical mask and N95 respirators that experts say should be reserved for health care workers who are caring for the sick.

In times of crisis, it’s heartwarming to see companies we love and support giving back using the tools and skills they know best. Nordstrom, the largest employer of tailors in the country, has trained its alterations teams to make face masks to distribute to health care

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Facing Monday deadline, New York City will again delay start of in-person classes

Burdened by staffing shortages, building ventilation issues and last-minute changes to instructional plans, New York City’s schools will delay bringing back students for in-person instruction — again.

Now, students attending school with a mix of in-person and at-home learning will return to their buildings in phases: Monday for special education and pre-kindergarten students, Sept. 29 for elementary students and Oct. 1 for middle and high school students, the United Federation of Teachers confirmed Thursday.

About 42% of New York children have elected to learn from home full-time, a number that’s increased from 37% in the two weeks since Mayor Bill de Blasio and the city’s teachers union reached the original deal to push back the start of school, from Sept. 10 to Monday. 

The chaotic situation has demonstrated just how hard it is to reopen urban school systems during a pandemic. Among the 20 largest school systems in the U.S.,

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the best theatre and dance to watch online

The Twits

One has mouldy cereal in his beard; the other has a possible case of the dreaded shrinks. Their domestic life involves frogs in the bedsheets, wormy spaghetti and catching birds with the world’s stickiest glue. Roald Dahl’s The Twits, which has long delighted and dcisgusted kids and grownups, is presented as a theatrical reading, performed by storytellers Martina Laird and Zubin Varla, and directed by Ned Bennett. The reading is streamed for free by the Unicorn theatre and available to watch on the Guardian website until 30 November.

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When we die, what becomes of our digital identity? Do all those tweets and posts endure for eternity – and who decides? The site-specific theatre company Dante or Die asked such questions, and many more, in a thoughtful and funny 2018 show by Chris Goode that was staged in cafes. It has now been reimagined as a

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Which Retailer Has More Upside Potential?

The temporary closure of retail stores during the coronavirus pandemic had a severe impact on the retail sector. However, a spike in e-commerce sales helped retailers to offset part of the loss of sales from the closure of physical stores. Many US retailers are recovering with the gradual reopening of stores since May. Meanwhile, investors will be keenly watching sales trends as the peak holiday season approaches.

Using the TipRanks’ Stock Comparison tool, we will place consumer electronics retailer Best Buy and beauty retailer Ulta Beauty alongside each other to see which stock offers a better investment opportunity.

Best Buy (BBY)

Thanks to remote working and shelter-at-home orders, Best Buy experienced strong sales in the second quarter of fiscal 2021 (ended Aug.1) for certain consumer electronics categories even as stores were open by appointment only for the first six weeks of the quarter and demand shifted to online channels.


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iOS 14 is here and you should check out these features first

Apple has started rolling out its latest iOS 14 update for iPhones. While developers will have to scramble to get their apps ready for the operating system, users can download it now and enjoy the new features.

We’ll talk about some of these features, but first, you should go to Settings > General and tap on Software update to download iOS 14. It might take a few minutes to download and install the update, so make sure your phone is either plugged in or charged sufficiently.

The most important change iOS 14 brought was the introduction of widgets and App Library. The App Library acts as an equivalent of app drawer in Android, so you don’t have to keep pages and pages of apps on your screen. However, in three months of my usage, I haven’t really found myself going to App Library much. I just use Spotlight

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How to re-vamp your set-up, according to an interior designer

Whether you're looking to buy a brand new desk or update your workspace with soft furnishings alone, these are products you need (Topology Interiors)
Whether you’re looking to buy a brand new desk or update your workspace with soft furnishings alone, these are products you need (Topology Interiors)

If, like us, you’re bored of looking at the same four walls after four months of working from home during lockdown, then it’s time for an interiors update.

Whether you’re working from a corner of your bedroom or in a separate study, no matter how big or small a change you make, adjusting your workspace can do wonders for your productivity and motivation.

Focusing on your home set-up may feel redundant as lockdown starts to lift, but some of us could still be working from home for many more months, and sprucing up your space may get you out of that WFH funk.

As the pandemic has forced us to merge our office and personal spaces, keeping them as separate as possible is also important, so

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As schools shift to online learning, what should they do about cyberattacks?

PATERSON, N.J. – Some students got a lesson in the pitfalls of virtual learning when their online classes were interrupted by obscenities, pornography and threats against teachers.

Paterson schools aren’t alone in dealing with electronic intrusions in the age of virtual learning. Similar incidents have been reported in districts from California, Miami and Ohio to Lumberton, New Jersey, which was bombarded with pornographic images and racist language during Zoom conferences in April.

Problems with online security and privacy – from student pranks to ransomware attacks – are expected to get worse as schools shift to full- or part-time virtual learning because of the coronavirus pandemic, experts warned.

“Zoom bombing, cyberbullying, phishing – you name it, it has increased astronomically. Everybody needs to be really mindful about security right now,” said Kutub Thakur, an assistant professor and director of the Cyber Defense and Security Program at New Jersey City University. “Because

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How to compose music with just a single line of code

So you like TNW? Then join our upcoming online event, TNW2020, you don’t want to miss it.

This article was originally published on .cult by Mynah Marie. .cult is a Berlin-based community platform for developers. We write about all things career-related, make original documentaries and share heaps of other untold developer stories from around the world.

In 2011, a programmer going by the name of Viznut published the following video on YouTube:

Accompanying the video were various articles written by him and published on his blog. In them, he describes how he accidentally discovered that by running a simple C program outputting single characters and piping them into the audio interface of a computer, it’s possible to encode these bytes and turn them into not just sounds, but music.

The video and article created an uproar in the Demoscene community. People started experimenting with basic C

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Patrick Robinson Champions Maker-Made Movement With Pashko Label

Instead of spending his career delivering a solid dose of self-branding as many designers do, Patrick Robinson has let the work relay his story. But having recently overhauled production for his Pashko label to enlist a network of at-home makers, he is empowering displaced workers and speaking out about his company’s meaningful new mission.

Nearly three years after the high-performance eco-friendly apparel brand completed its first full year of sales, Pashko is converting its production from an environmentally sound factory in Asia to a team of makers, tailors and other technicians. The switch started July 11 and 30 to 60 at-home specialists are developing items that will be shipped in mid-October. More than 100 are expected to be on board by the end of the year and between 500 and 1,000 are expected to be part of the team sewing clothes at home or in small studios by the end

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Politics creates economic illusion in Houdini’s hometown

APPLETON, Wis. (AP) — Nothing can shake Scott Rice’s faith that President Donald Trump will save the U.S. economy — not seeing businesses close or friends furloughed, not even his own hellish bout with the novel coronavirus.

Rice reveres the president the way Wisconsin loves the Green Bay Packers. He has painted “T-R-U-M-P” on his lawn, spelled it out with Christmas lights on his roof and painted it on his steel-toed shoes.

He was also a virus skeptic, believing it was a hoax meant to hurt Trump and the economy. But then the disease seeped into the paper mill where he works, and he was stricken, suddenly losing his appetite, even for his favorite Taco Bell. He lay in bed, feverish, drenched in sweat. Two air-conditioner units didn’t cool him. His body seemed at war with itself.

After 16 days at home, Rice told his co-workers that the disease was

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