Strange blood flow is the secret to detecting deepfakes, new research suggests

 (AFP via Getty Images)
(AFP via Getty Images)

Deepfake videos can be detected by measuring the blood circulation of the person speaking, research suggests.

A deepfake is a video where artificial intelligence and deep learning – an algorithmic learning method used to train computers – has been used to make a person appear to say something they have not.

Notable examples include a manipulated video of Richard Nixon’s Apollo 11 presidential address and Barack Obama insulting Donald Trump.

These edited videos can be extremely difficult to detect, but researchers have suggested that examining how blood moves around the face could indicate what is real and what is fake, since deepfakes cannot replicate it with high enough fidelity.

“Biological signals hidden in portrait videos can be used as an implicit descriptor of authenticity, because they are neither spatially nor temporally preserved in fake content,” the research, published in IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine

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How to Make Fake Blood for Halloween

From Good Housekeeping

One life skill that’s particularly useful to possess this time of year is the ability to whip up a batch of fake blood at a moment’s notice. After all, fake blood is a Halloween staple. Even if you don’t have time for a truly badass costume, a little fake blood can go a long way in turning your average getup into something really scary.

Of course, you can always buy your blood premade online or from a store. But where is the fun in that? It’s easy (and cool) to make your own. Plus, you probably already have all the ingredients at home that you need to make it, so it’s cheaper too.

Whether you intend to use it for your Halloween makeup, add some bloody handprints to your spooky decorations or keep a batch on hand to terrify the family at a later date, it’s time

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EA Sports’ MMA fighter captures the blood and thunder of its inspiration


Freed somewhat from the seasonal release schedule that EA Sports follows with its mega-successful FIFA and Madden NFL series, the sporting game giant steps into the octagon once every two years with its digital interpretation of the hyper-violent Ultimate Fighting Championship.

 A good thing too, as the ebb and flow of mixed martial arts follows a different pattern to those more mainstream sports, as its trends and competitors morph and innovate. EA has always had a fine way with crunchy pugilism, its Fight Night boxing series is much missed, but succeeded by the excellent multi-limbed combat of UFC.

Such is the variety between its competitors – wrestlers, kickboxers and Brazilian jiu jitsu experts throttling for position – that pulling them altogether into cogent dust-ups is no mean feat. This is where UFC 4 excels most, with a terrific fighting system that allows for different tactics and expression.


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Experts Say Knowing Your Blood Type May Help Reduce Your Risk for Many Diseases

Photo credit: MirageC - Getty Images
Photo credit: MirageC – Getty Images

From Good Housekeeping

Blood can play a huge role in your health, and yet many don’t know their blood type — or haven’t even discussed the topic with a doctor. A 2019 survey by Quest Diagnostics, a clinical laboratory company, found that 43% of Americans don’t know their blood types. “Most people actually don’t know their blood type unless they’ve had some type of procedure done or a recent visit that required a blood type [test],” explains Tiffany Lowe-Payne, DO, a North Carolina-based osteopathic family physician, who also serves as an assistant professor at Campbell University School of Osteopathic Medicine.

But a recent revelation in research during the novel coronavirus pandemic has people suddenly very interested in understanding which kind of blood pumps through their veins. According to research published in the New England Journal of Medicine in June, data suggests that people

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