Bath & Body Works’ Fall Bakery Is Officially Open For Business

Nothing says “fall” quite like the smell of a warm pumpkin doughnut rolled in cinnamon sugar. Even if you’re not ready to trade your sandals for ankle boots or plan your annual late-September trip to the apple orchard, you can pick up a few scented candles that will make your living room smell like you’re already there.

To ease you into the rapidly approaching season, everyone’s favorite candle superstore, Bath & Body Works, just dropped its fall 2020 collection both online and in retail stores across the country — and it’s one of the sweetest-smelling assortments we’ve ever seen.

When you head to the Bath & Body Works website and click on the “3-Wick Candles” dropdown, you’ll be met with a landing page filled with what the retailer calls its Fall Bakery. From Pumpkin Cookie Dough and Dutch Apple Waffle to Blueberry Maple Pancakes and Pumpkin Doughnut Shop, you’ll start

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Honey Ross says she hated her body for years

Jonathan Ross, Jane Goldman and daughter Honey Kinney Ross. (PA)
Jonathan Ross, Jane Goldman and daughter Honey Kinney Ross. (PA)

Jonathan Ross’s daughter Honey has revealed she hated her body for years and suffered from such bad dysmorphia that she thought she was too fat to be hugged by her friends.

The 23-year-old now embraces her curves and has been making a name for herself thanks to her body positive stance.

But Honey, daughter of TV star Ross and writer Jane Goldman, told The Sun that it hasn’t always been that way.

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“There were times when I didn’t think I’d make it to being this happy young woman,” she said.

“I hated myself. I hated my body,” she continued.

Honey revealed she became more focused on her weight after reading cruel comments posted online about her, and at 14 she asked her parents for a personal trainer.

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‘I Totally Transformed My Body Once I Started Weightlifting And Eating More Whole Foods And Healthy Fats’

Photo credit: Mari Llewellyn
Photo credit: Mari Llewellyn

From Women’s Health

My name is Mari Llewellyn (@marillewellyn), and I am 26 years old. I live in New York City, and I am an entrepreneur. I’ve lost 90 pounds over two years through finding my love for weightlifting and learning more about nutrition that works for me.

Weight was never a struggle for me when I was growing up. I didn’t think about what I ate, and I was always on the smaller side in terms of body size. However, all of that changed when I got to college. On the outside it looked like I was having a great time in school—I was going out a lot and I had a ton of friends. But in reality, I experienced a lot of inner pain.

It was a very dark period of time for me. I began to have issues with depression

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What This Plus-Size Fashion Blogger Did to Find Her Body Confidence

Brianna McDonnell

Sundays are a day to recharge and reset by hanging with friends, turning off your phone, bathing for hours on end, or doing whatever else works for you. In this column (in conjunction with our Instagram Self-Care Sunday series), we ask editors, experts, influencers, writers, and more what a perfect self-care Sunday means to them, from tending to their mental and physical health to connecting with their community to indulging in personal joys. We want to know why Sundays are important and how people enjoy them, from morning to night.

For content producer and plus-size fashion blogger Brianna McDonnell, Sundays are the day where she takes her self-care routine seriously, especially ever since she started quarantining in her Los Angeles, California home. “I want to make sure I clean my house, do laundry, meditate, take time for myself, and prep for the week,” the 28-year-old tells HelloGiggles.


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