The Rise of Online Shopping Gives UPS Stock a Boost

Remember the days when analysts thought the rise of Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) would kill shipping companies like UPS (NYSE:UPS), and subsequently, UPS stock?

Close up of UPS logo printed on a delivery truck; partial view of the driver sitting at the wheel, waiting at a red traffic light in south San Francisco bay

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Instead, the novel coronavirus pandemic, and resulting rise in online shopping, is stretching delivery services to their limits. Experts are calling the coming Christmas season “Shipageddon.” Both UPS and rival FedEx (NYSE:FDX) are warning shippers most of their holiday capacity is already reserved.

This has done wonders for UPS stock, which has broken out of a five-year trading range. Shares are trading at $174. They’re up 47% for the year.

‘Laissez Les Bons Temps Rouler’

If you remember Mardi Gras, you know this means “let the good times roll.” Right now, the entire shipping sector is in vogue.

UPS stock is due to report earnings Oct. 28. Analysts expect net income of $1.80 per share on revenue

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13 ways to boost your income, starting this weekend

13 ways to boost your income, starting this weekend
13 ways to boost your income, starting this weekend

Face it: You could use some extra money in your pocket, whether you’re struggling to make rent or just saving up for the latest-model smartphone.

Millions of Americans are still being squeezed 2020’s tough economy. New signups for unemployment benefits are on the rise again following major layoffs at Disney, the airlines and other big employers, and who knows if you’ll ever get another stimulus check?

Got money woes? You can start doing something about that this weekend.

We’ve checked out a bunch of money-making ideas and have put together this roster of 13 legit ways you can give your bank balance a boost when times are hard. You might easily get something rolling before it’s Monday again.

1. Get a payday from your old playthings

Princess Leia Organa, Han Solo, Luke Skywalker & Obi Wan 'Ben' Kanobi form Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope - Hasbro Black Series 6 inch figures
Willrow Hood / Shutterstock

Got a closet full of collectibles? Well, maybe the time

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How to Choose a Program That Can Boost Your Career

Accounting is one of those majors that can open the doors into virtually any industry. From government agencies to private corporations, everyone needs an accountant to take care of their finances.


© Rangely Garcia / Money

But working as an accountant is just one of the many things you can do after studying the field. Depending on your concentration, you could work as a financial analyst, investment banker, financial advisor, auditor, controller, or credit analyst, to name just a few.

With so many possible directions, it comes as little surprise that job prospects are solid for those with an accounting degree. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) forecasts a 4% growth through 2029 in jobs for those working in accounting-related fields. Besides that, accountants bring home a solid paycheck. They earn about 37% more than the average worker in the U.S., with a median base salary

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Macy’s Strives to Boost Online Services Amid Dull Store Sales

The coronavirus pandemic has casted a pall over brick-and-mortar traffic turn up, as witnessed by several retail players. Amid such challenging times, consumers’ inclination toward online shopping is a major respite for retail sector participants. Macy’s, Inc. M is no exception to such ongoing trends. While the company’s stores sales has been gravely impacted by pandemic-led disruptions, matters on its digital front are quite encouraging. Let’s take a closer look.

Prudent Efforts to Boost Digital Offerings

Macy’s investments in its digital platform have been yielding. During the second quarter, digital sales surged 53% from the year-ago quarter’s figure and contributed 54% to total-owned comparable sales. The company plans to continue investing in its digital platform, especially in terms of capacity expansion.

In recent actions, the company collaborated with Swedish buy-now, pay-later group Klarna that enables offering online shoppers financial ease and payment flexibility. This new solution helps shoppers make payments

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Beauty Giant Natura Gets $1 Billion to Boost Avon Turnaround

Natura Cosmeticos SA Production Facility And Store Amid Body Shop Deal With L'Oreal SA

Photographer: Dado Galdieri/Bloomberg

Cosmetics maker Natura & Co Holding SA raised 5.61 billion reais ($1 billion) in an equity sale that will help it make the most out of its purchase of Avon Products Inc.

The Sao Paulo-based firm sold 121.4 million voting shares at 46.25 reais apiece, according to a filing, confirming an earlier report by Bloomberg. Stock rose as much as 1.7% in early trading Friday before paring gains.

Key Insights

  • Natura, which is also the owner of the brands Natura, Body Shop and Aesop, will use proceeds for cutting debt and investments tied to its digital channels, geographic expansion and Avon’s integration
  • The firm’s ability to turn around Avon’s operations is still seen as one of the top risks by analysts and investors
  • The deal was priced at a 1.6% discount to Thursday’s close

Digging Deeper

  • Morgan Stanley was the lead underwriter, while Bank
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Factbox: Casino Firm Caesars Bets on William Hill to Boost Growth | Investing News

(Reuters) – U.S. casino operator Caesars Entertainment

agreed on Wednesday to buy British-based gambling group William Hill

for 2.9 billion pounds ($3.7 billion) to expand in the fast-growing U.S. sports-betting market.

Headquartered in London, William Hill was founded in 1934 as a postal and telephone betting service, and already has a U.S. partnership with the owner of Las Vegas’ Caesars Palace.

Following are some details on the latest addition to the Caesars brand:

** William Hill is Caesars’ exclusive sports book provider in the United States and Caesars has a 20% stake in the British company’s U.S. business

** After betting shops became legal in Britain in 1961, William Hill bought many businesses, driving major growth over the next decades, and currently operates 1,414 licensed betting offices in the country

** The UK accounts for roughly 61% of William Hill’s online revenues, while international markets make up 39%. While the

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5 Online Learning Sites That Can Help You Boost Your Resume

If you’re cooped up inside, or have found some spare time that you’d like to use productively, you should consider taking an online course.

Several services allow you to take classes on topics you’re actually interested in without providing any transcripts, or having any previous experience in the subject. Some allow you to purchase individual courses a la carte, while others give you unlimited access to their entire catalogue for a flat fee. Keep in mind you’re getting access to full, pre-recorded classes; you don’t need to block out a specific time of day, or certain days of the week.

online courses we’re recommending differ from tutorials you’ll find on YouTube in a couple of significant ways. First, the instructors selected to teach these classes are trained professionals in their field, and have structured their videos to work like a traditional college course. There’s a set syllabus, and some instructors

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4 clever methods to boost your wealth in 2020 by working a regular 9 to 5 job

Sometimes, 9 to 5 jobs get a bad wrap. We are told that to build serious wealth, we need to start our own business or hustle 24/7. But, that’s just not true.

Your 9 to 5 job offers all the components to build wealth. Wealth is built through a relatively simple equation, and it looks like this:

Wealth = Income + Investments – Lifestyle

Our income can come from any source, like our regular 9 to 5 job, starting a business, odd jobs, or side hustles that we do over the weekend.

To build wealth using our 9 to 5 job, we are going to focus on four primary money techniques: increasing our salary, building our emergency fund, investing as much as possible, and controlling our lifestyle.

Increase our salary

For most of us, our salaries are how we earn money. And naturally, the more money that we earn, the

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Bed Bath Cuts 2,800 Jobs In Reshuffle To Boost Online Sales

Bed Bath & Beyond said it will cut its workforce by 2,800 employees to generate $150 million in cost savings as the retailer focuses on online sales growth.

BBBY) said the move is part of a broader cost restructuring plan, which also includes planned store closures, and targets annualized savings of between $250 and $350 million, excluding one-time costs. The retailer added that the changes will help fund a number of growth initiatives to improve the shopping experience in store and online, building on the recent introduction of Buy-Online-Pickup-In-Store (BOPIS) and curbside pickup services.” data-reactid=”13″Bed Bath (BBBY) said the move is part of a broader cost restructuring plan, which also includes planned store closures, and targets annualized savings of between $250 and $350 million, excluding one-time costs. The retailer added that the changes will help fund a number of growth initiatives to improve the shopping experience

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Money Experts Share the Smartest Ways To Boost Your Net Worth

Once you’ve reached the phase of your financial life when you’ve paid off your debts and have a healthy emergency fund tucked away in a savings account, it’s time to shift your focus to building your net worth. GOBankingRates spoke with four money experts on how they accumulated wealth, and their personal finance journeys can inspire you to do the same.

Click through to find out how to increase your wealth.

Last updated: Jan. 8, 2019

Starting Your Journey Toward Financial Success

“Financial success” means different things to different people, but if your goal is to increase your overall wealth, you might not know how to start. Keep reading to learn experts’ tried-and-true tips to improve your net worth.

Start With Cutting Out Unnecessary Expenses

“Set a weekly and monthly budget and stick to it no matter how tempted you are to buy those concert tickets or daily iced coffee

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