The Digital Dollar’s Global Potential For Entrepreneurship

In this digital age, consumer habits are proving that modern payment solutions make a lot of sense. And in light of social-distancing concerns, consumer preferences have trended even further towards contactless payments. 

Stablecoins are Tools for Entrepreneurs

Digital payments offer a much-needed bridge between entrepreneurs and banks, suppliers, and employees. They can create new domestic opportunities, as well as elevate a business to the global playing field. For entrepreneurs, it’s crucial to maximize profitability at all times. Leveraging the power and potential of digital payments is an option too good to pass up on. 

A digital transaction between the business and its customers or suppliers introduces more convenience, safety and a cheaper option overall. Addressing the cost-effective nature of payments is crucial, particularly for smaller companies and startups. They need to keep overhead costs down as much as possible while maximizing their revenue at every possible turn. Tapping into digital

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TikTok to host its own month-long digital fashion event

The social media platform TikTok has announced its own fashion month as a digital innovation aimed at rivaling the physical fashion weeks that take place around the world as well as to try to threaten Instagram’s supremacy over fashion content online.

The month-long event will begin on Friday and ends on 8 October and is set to feature a variety of hashtags and live videos. It will see a livestream of two fashion shows a week from labels such as Louis Vuitton, Saint Laurent and Alice + Olivia. Meanwhile JW Anderson will debut their women’s spring/summer 21 collection on TikTok.

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Up until very recently fashion was an industry slow to adapt to the platform, which launched in China in 2016 and has since taken off explosively, especially with young people.

“I think [fashion labels] were unsure of

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Best visas around the world for adventurous digital nomads

 Bermuda is offering a visa for digital nomads (Bermuda)
Bermuda is offering a visa for digital nomads (Bermuda)

As the pandemic moulds us into an even more digital-first society, workers and employers have come to realise that plenty of jobs can be done entirely online.

With a computer, decent broadband connection and a little self-discipline, you can work from just about anywhere in this new era.

But who says working “from home” has to be your home? Or that “remote working” can’t be truly remote?

Destinations are cottoning on to the opportunities presented by a whole new breed of digital nomads and are offering visas to match. Here are some of the best places to potentially see out the pandemic without having to quit the day job.


Bermuda is offering year-long stays for people who want to work or study remotely, with a new scheme that launched in August.

The British Overseas Territory in the North Atlantic is

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How to convert VHS to DVD, Blu-ray, or digital

Memories have a lifespan. That’s why we do our best to capture the most precious moments, from births to graduations, through photo and video. In terms of aging, old photos are pretty easy to digitize. Scan, upload, and store on your computer, thumb drive, or the cloud. On the other hand, digitizing old video can be a bit more challenging, at least when it comes to footage captured on the all-but-dead medium called Video Home System, aka VHS.

The format was never intended to last forever and degrades over time. If your precious home videos managed to survive thus far, you may want to salvage the footage before time takes its toll. Converting well-worn videos will never be flawless — the slightest hiccup can interrupt the transfer signal — but it can be done on a modest budget with a few basic tools.

Below, we’ll show you how to save

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What will China’s central bank digital currency mean for Alipay and WeChat Pay?

China’s e-payments ecosystem is set to step up a level of sophistication as the coronavirus pandemic and deteriorating US-China relations hasten Beijing’s plans for a digital fiat currency; potentially complicating a landscape dominated by Alipay and WeChat Pay.

The central bank’s e-yuan, called Digital Currency Electronic Payment (DC/EP), would let citizens ­pay for goods with e-wallets, replacing banknotes and coins and ­accelerating the dash by the world’s second-largest economy towards a cashless society.

“The timetable has been sped up by the coronavirus and the realpolitik of US-China relations,” said former IBM executive Richard Turrin, who is writing a book on China’s digital currency.

China already boasts more electronic mobile payments than anywhere else, with 711 million monthly active users on Ant Group’s Alipay and about 800 million on Tencent Holdings’ ­WeChat Pay service in a US$49 trillion market, almost 500 times bigger than in the United States. Yi Gang, the

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China’s sovereign digital currency plans must be globally compatible to internationalise the yuan, analysts say

China is set to expand the testing of its new sovereign digital currency later this year or in early 2021, but analysts say the design of its technological platform needs to be made compatible with those of other countries if the digital yuan is to play a role in international transactions.

US dollar payment system.” data-reactid=”29″China’s sovereign digital currency testing plan comes amid a sense of urgency to promote greater use of the yuan as the threat of United States sanctions has sparked fears that Chinese financial institutions, in an extreme case, could be cut off from access to the US dollar payment system.

“Under the threat of US sanctions, the near-term goal is to minimise disruptions to China’s trade and investment activities, [by promoting the use of the yuan beyond its borders],” said Jing Sima, a China strategist at BCA Research.

However, the People’s Bank of China

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Joor’s Power Play in the Digital Trade Show Space

Trade shows are going digital and Joor is advancing the trend by hosting 11 upcoming events this year, after conducting four since June alone.

“Joor Passport is changing the fashion event space for good,” said Kristin Savilia, chief executive officer of Joor, a digital business-to-business wholesale marketplace. “We still believe in physical events but we also believe the digital manifestation will extend the reach, duration and value of these events.”

The Joor Passport extension of the Joor platform is powering Splash Paris starting Sept. 7; Capsule, launching Sept. 15; London Fashion Week starting Sept. 17; Cabana on Sept. 22; Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Istanbul, launching Sept. 28; Bogota Fashion Week, Oct. 1; Ontimeshow in Shanghai launching Oct. 9; Rakuten Fashion Week in Tokyo, Oct. 12, and Arab Fashion Week, Oct. 21.

In addition to those nine, Joor Showcase, an online market for over 300 “elevated” men’s and women’s contemporary apparel, accessory

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Gap Inc. Posts Loss in Q2; Digital, Cash Flow Strong

Gap Inc., seeing sales decline 18 percent, had a net loss of $62 million last quarter, compared to a profit of $168 million in the year-ago period.

Sales fell to $3.27 billion for the quarter, down from $4 billion in the second quarter a year earlier. For all of 2019, Gap had $16.6 billion in revenues.

On Thursday, Gap’s chief executive officer Sonja Syngal, and chief financial officer, sounded more upbeat about the company’s performance and confident in its portfolio – Old Navy, Gap, Athleta and Banara Republic – than they have in quite awhile. And they also characterized Gap Inc. as being very agile  in uncertain times.

“We are a leaner, faster, more focused Gap Inc. I have never felt stronger that (Gap Inc.’s) four brands have the right to grow,” said Syngal, during a conference call with analysts. “I feel great about the extended management team…We win in

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Digital marketing is an all-important 2020 business skill. Learn it now before you start your company

TLDR: The Entrepreneur’s 2.0 Digital Marketing Tools Bundle is a comprehensive guide to a host of strategies for successful online business building in 2020.

If you’re a business owner in 2020, you better have some ideas about how your product or service is going to capture attention online. If you haven’t thought through exactly how that will happen, you might want to put the brakes on everything until you do.

Optimized content can drive up an online blog post by 2000 percent. Almost 90 percent of marketers say adding video to online messaging led to a direct increase in their sales. And 86 percent of women will look at social media before deciding to make a purchase.

All those engagement opportunities are there for those savvy enough to take them — and will be lost for those foolish enough to ignore them. The training in The Entrepreneur’s 2.0 Digital

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