Samsung expands online smartphone range in India to woo holiday shoppers

By Sankalp Phartiyal

NEW DELHI (Reuters) – Samsung Electronics Co Ltd is expanding its online-only smartphone range, a senior company executive said on Thursday, as the South Korean tech giant hopes to win over new customers in India’s festive season sales.

Samsung will launch the new India-made Galaxy F range of smartphones at Walmart Inc-controlled online retailer Flipkart on Oct. 8, Asim Warsi, a Senior Vice President and Head of e-commerce Business at Samsung India, told Reuters in an interview on Thursday.

“The series is aimed to address the burgeoning demand among the young online shoppers in India,” Warsi said.

Indian customers make big-ticket purchases of everything from gold to cars and electronics in the holiday season, which typically begins around October and lasts until the end of the year.

“We are building up for a very buoyant and a very strong festive sales period this year and by virtue

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Bed Bath & Beyond Expands Google Cloud Deal on Online Demand

Bed Bath & Beyond Inc. BBBY has expanded its collaboration with Google Cloud, given the ongoing digital boom. In this regard, the company has signed a five-year deal with Google Cloud to keep up with its rival retailers, given the current scenario when consumers are largely shifting to digital purchases. The company’s initial partnership with Google Cloud dates back to 2017, which is likely to meet the increased demand during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday season sale. This move is guided by the sudden surge in demand for online products and wide adoption of Buy-Online-Pickup-In-Store (BOPIS) and Curbside Pickup services by customers, thanks to the pandemic.

Notably, Bed Bath & Beyond has been witnessing solid digital sales growth since the fourth quarter of fiscal 2019. In the first quarter of fiscal 2020, digital sales rose roughly 82% with robust growth witnessed throughout the quarter. Further, digital sales surged

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Madrid expands restrictions to indoor gatherings

MADRID — The Madrid regional government is further restricting family reunions and social gatherings to curb a sharp spike in coronavirus cases just as schools are set to reopen.

An existing ban on outdoor meetings of more than 10 people is now being extended indoors, after most new recent infections have been tied to gatherings at homes. Funerals, burials, weddings and religious celebrations, as well as group visits to museums or guided tourism will also be restricted starting Monday.

Nearly one third of the country’s new infections are in and around the Spanish capital, a region of 6.6 million. At least 16% of beds in Madrid’s hospitals are occupied by COVID-19 patients, the highest rate of all Spanish regions.

Announcing the new restrictions Friday, the regional health chief said that recent data show the rate of new daily increases is slowing down.

“The pandemic in the Madrid community is stable

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Yield Farming Expands From Finance to Digital Collectibles

Fresh soil can now be tilled for yield on Ethereum: the world of digital collectibles.

Yield farming has turned decentralized finance (DeFi) into the juggernaut of crypto earnings here in mid-2020, but one non-DeFi startup believes its users will also be interested in earning a new governance token for making trades. 

Starting Wednesday, Rarible, a dapp that enables users to create and market non-fungible tokens (NFTs), will begin keeping track of all transactions on the site in order to reward users each week with its new governance token: RARI.

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In fact, the largest share of RARI will go to Rarible users who make trades, some 60% of the total supply. Trading amounts to mining for this new token.

That’s not all, however.

Rarible has also set aside tokens for two key groups. First, anyone who holds NFTs now will be able to

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National Security Law Expands Online Reach of Hong Kong Police

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Hong Kong’s new National Security Law gives the city’s police enhanced powers and greater reach into cyberspace.

The Special Administrative Region’s government put into effect Article 43 of the new law on Monday night when it gazetted a range of new measures. Its objective is “preventing, suppressing and imposing punishment for any acts and activities endangering national security.”

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“It is in effect moving the ‘Great Firewall’ of China right into Hong Kong,” said Charles Mok, a Hong Kong lawmaker, who represents the IT sector. The Great Firewall is a shorthand description for the mainland Chinese system which only allows government-authorized content to circulate within the country, and which corrals private sector companies into helping the state block and censor undesirable content.

Under the new powers, Hong Kong police can require the publisher of any offending online message to take down

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Domino’s expands delivery options, home buying moves online

The outbreak of the coronavirus has dealt a shock to the global economy with unprecedented speed. Following are developments Monday related to the national and global response, the work place and the spread of the virus.



— Domino’s Pizza is now offering carside delivery service, allowing customers to stay in their cars while one of the pizza company’s workers delivers their order to them.

The chain said Monday that customers can choose the new contactless carryout option when placing a prepaid order online. It is available in U.S. stores.

When a customer places a carside delivery order online, they’ll be prompted to add their vehicle color, make and model, which will be used to identify them when they arrive at the store. Customers can also choose where they’d like their order placed – the passenger side, back seat, trunk or the option to decide when they arrive.

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