‘Ando Saves:’ Sudbury’s Jesse Rich raises money by making stops as a hockey goalie to help children of late Lincoln-Sudbury athletic trainer – Sports – MetroWest Daily News, Framingham, MA

Now, it’s Jesse’s turn to help by doing the one thing he likes most: making saves.

WESTBOROUGH — Jesse Rich wants to make a lot of saves this year.

That’s because the 12-year-old ice hockey goalie from Sudbury is stopping pucks for a good cause.

From Sept. 15 to Dec. 15, Rich, who plays netminder for two club hockey teams, is asking people to donate money for each save he makes. Those funds will go to the family of former Lincoln-Sudbury athletic trainer, Yoshitaka Ando, who died from esophageal cancer last year, in order to raise enough money to send all four of Ando’s children to college.

“I want to give back to Ando and his family in the same way he gave to my community,” wrote Rich in an online pledge last month.

“(My dad) would appreciate it so much,” said Marcus Ando, one of Ando’s three sons and

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Apartment Moratorium Is Bad Business For Framingham: Letter

The following is a letter to the editor and does not reflect the views of the Framingham Patch.

The Framingham City Council is contemplating a moratorium on the construction of apartment buildings. The discussion has hinged, at least publicly, on the need for more information on the impact of apartments in Framingham and seems to assume that the apartment projects under construction were approved without any consideration of areas of concern such as traffic and the possible increase of school population. In point of fact, these matters were considered at length during the permitting process and, in some cases, considered again when the developers sought tax increment financing (“TIF”) from the Town of Framingham, prior to the adoption of the City Charter.

In order to maintain a stable tax rate, and to prevent increases in residential property tax rates, a community must have a tax base which includes commercial taxpayers.

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