22 Tips for Landing a Job During the Health Crisis

The coronavirus pandemic rocked the job market seemingly overnight, with businesses laying off workers and instituting hiring freezes. For just the week ending April 4, about 6.6 million people filed for unemployment, according to the Department of Labor, and the unemployment rate was nearly 8% in September.

So what does this mean for job seekers? Those who had been actively looking before the crisis might wonder if they should put their job search on hold, while others have no choice but to look for work after being let go from their jobs. Although it’s certainly a tough job market right now, it’s not impossible to land a new gig. Here are what career and hiring experts say to do to land a job amid the coronavirus crisis.

Last updated: Oct. 15, 2020

Take the Time To Review Your Resume and Online Profiles

“Make sure your resume, LinkedIn profile and Indeed

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Landing a mortgage rate under 3% just got easier

Mortgage rates are on an unbelievable downhill ride, and they still haven’t found the bottom.

Rates this week have reached new record lows that would have been hard to imagine a short time ago. That’s according to surveys that suggest if you’re shopping around for a loan, have a solid credit score and aren’t offered a rate below 3%, you may not be looking hard enough.

The current explosion of coronavirus cases in the U.S. has shaken the financial markets and pushed interest rates to places they’ve never been before. One expert calls today’s sunken mortgage rates “generally amazing” and says that’ll be true for a while — even if they start rising again.

Mortgage rates go incredibly low

Andrii Yalanskyi / Shutterstock

Mortgage rates that have been tumbling for months have now taken a dive all the way down to an average 3.03% for a 30-year fixed-rate home

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