Ivirlei Brookes on What It Means to Be an Ally and How to Talk to Your Kids About Race

“I don’t think people realize that it was really hard to film,” Ivirlei Brookes revealed to WrapWomen. The actress turned business and mindset coach recently went viral after posting this emotional yet informative video on how the non-Black community can become better allies.

“I was feeling extremely low and exhausted from all the arguing I was seeing online,” said Brookes. “I decided to make a video for Black people to use as a tool – they could send the video link to their white friends when they didn’t have enough energy left to explain.”

Brookes recorded the video on Instagram live with 11 viewers tuned in. Afterwards, she uploaded it to IGTV and within one week the video had over 5.8 million views. It even caught the attention of white celebrities including Hailey Bieber, Lili Reinhart, Ellen Pompeo, Ariel Winter, Nolan Gould among others who reposted the call to action.

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When ‘Chronic Illness Overload’ Means I Need a Break

Drawing of a woman holding a bouquet of flowers.
Drawing of a woman holding a bouquet of flowers.

You know how it feels to be watching a really sad movie, or reading an emotionally charged book, and you just need a break from it? Well, at the moment, I feel the same regarding writing about chronic illness.

In particular, I’m sick of my own sickness story.

I need to push pause, change the channel, read another book.

Not forever, just for a moment.

Life is more than chronic illness. I am more than my disease. However, as the years go by I feel more and more defined as the chronic illness blogger/writer who runs an online support forum for others living with the same reality.

Yes, it’s true. It’s who I am, it’s what I do and what I live with every day.

It’s only a part of me, though, and I think I’m even losing sight of the

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