Once considered ‘bad beef,’ meat from dairy cows is having a moment

ROCHESTER, N.Y. – When Jill and Stephen Gould had a guest visit unexpectedly from out of town, the young couple scrambled to find something to offer him for dinner. They live in a rural part of New York, so a grocery store wasn’t right around the corner. 

All they had to offer was some dairy cow steaks that came from Stephen’s family dairy farm, they told their visitor sheepishly.

Dairy farmers regularly eat the meat of their own cows, but the public doesn’t usually eat it, unless it’s mixed in with the meat from dozens of other cows in supermarket ground beef.

“Culturally growing up, people assumed it was bad beef,” said Jill Gould. “You were conditioned to be embarrassed because it wasn’t Angus.”

Much to their surprise, their friend was thrilled to try their beef. Yi Wah Roberts, who was visiting from Washington, D.C., had worked at some of

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Beyond Meat debuts new plant-based sandwich at Wawa stores

The plant-based food wars are heating up this summer. And Beyond Meat (BYND) looks poised to end July firing the last shot, for now.

Beyond Meat disclosed Friday that a new plant-based sandwich dubbed the Sizzli has gone live in 650 Wawa stores. The locations span Wawa’s dominant states of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C. Another 220 Wawa stores in Florida will get the sandwich on August 10.

“Wawa is a cult favorite brand and we’re excited to partner with them to introduce several new breakfast options made with Beyond Breakfast Sausage. These new on-the-go options not only taste great, but will make plant-based meat more accessible to more consumers,” said Chuck Muth, chief growth officer at Beyond Meat.

Beyond Meat has focused extensively on making its brand more accessible to consumers this summer. Besides the Wawa deal, the company launched value packs at retailers such

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