Millions Made Hungry By Pandemic Could Include Your Neighbor

Editor’s Note: Hunger and food insecurity are increasing dramatically across America. Patch has teamed with Feeding America to get more food on the tables of our neighbors in an ongoing, sustained effort. This story, running nationally across our network of Patches, provides information on how you can help.

ACROSS AMERICA — Among the many casualties of the coronavirus pandemic is a sense of security at America’s dinner tables. More than 54 million Americans may find themselves staring at sparse or empty plates before 2020 is over, according to Feeding America, the nation’s largest hunger-relief organization.

That’s 17 million more Americans struggling with food insecurity than before the pandemic. That’s about twice the population of New York City.

Any one of the hungry could be your next-door neighbor — someone like Adriana Rosas, a single mom who cut every bit of fat out of her budget after losing her job to

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How Vermont farm turned being a good neighbor into good business

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit Vermont in mid-March, pastry chef Thomas McCurdy spent a week or two feeling confused and “out of sorts,” as he puts it, jarred by the economic impact on his business and his community. But that didn’t last.

“I woke up one day and said, ‘OK, that’s enough of that. Time to get to work,’” he says. That’s when Mr. McCurdy and his husband, Bailey Hale, who own a bakery and flower farm in Irasburg, Vermont, hatched the idea for Kingdom Direct.

Launched at the beginning of April from their premises at Ardelia Farm & Co., Kingdom Direct offers weekly home delivery of ready-cooked meals and fresh local foods to customers in the Northeast Kingdom region around Irasburg, a picturesque village 25 miles south of the Quebec border.

The online service was partly inspired by the need to do something to keep their business afloat during

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