Learn All About the 2020 Tricare Open Season at Upcoming Online Event

You may have heard that Tricare open season, also known as open enrollment, is beginning soon. But just what exactly is Tricare open season?

Tricare open season is an annual event that allows you to make changes to your Tricare coverage for the upcoming year. Every year, open season runs from the Monday of the second full week in November to the Monday of the second full week in December. That means that this year’s open season runs from Nov. 9 through Dec. 14, 2020.

Also during this open season, members will be able to make changes to their Federal Employees Dental and Vision Insurance Program (FEDVIP) insurance.

This marks the second year that Tricare has required members to make changes to their health insurance coverage only during open season or after a Qualifying Life Event. Since the event is fairly new, the folks at Tricare will be holding an

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PayPal to open up network to cryptocurrencies

By Anna Irrera and Tom Wilson

LONDON (Reuters) – PayPal Holdings Inc <PYPL.O> said on Wednesday it will allow customers to hold bitcoin and other virtual coins in its online wallet and shop using cryptocurrencies at the 26 million merchants on its network.

The new service makes PayPal one of the largest U.S. companies to provide consumers access to cryptocurrencies, which could help bitcoin and rival cryptocurrencies gain wider adoption as viable payment methods.

The San Jose, California-based company hopes the service will encourage global use of virtual coins and prepare its network for new digital currencies that central banks and companies may develop, President and Chief Executive Dan Schulman said in an interview.

“We are working with central banks and thinking of all forms of digital currencies and how PayPal can play a role,” he said.

U.S. account holders will be able to buy, sell and hold cryptocurrencies in

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Obamacare Open Enrollment Starts Nov 1. Here’s What’s Changing This Year : Shots

Open enrollment is about to start for those buying private insurance off state or federal exchanges.

PhotoAlto/Frederic Cirou/Getty Images/PhotoAlto

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PhotoAlto/Frederic Cirou/Getty Images/PhotoAlto

Open enrollment is about to start for those buying private insurance off state or federal exchanges.

PhotoAlto/Frederic Cirou/Getty Images/PhotoAlto

Facing a pandemic, record unemployment and unknown future costs for COVID-19 treatments, health insurers selling Affordable Care Act plans to individuals reacted by lowering rates in some areas and, overall, issuing only modest premium increases for 2021.

“What’s been fascinating is that carriers in general are not projecting much impact from the pandemic for their 2021 premium rates,” said Sabrina Corlette, a research professor at the Center on Health Insurance Reforms at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C.

Although final rates have yet to be analyzed in all states, those who study the market say the premium increases they have seen to date will be in

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Medicare open enrollment is here. This is what you need to know

Every year Medicare offers a variety of enrollment periods to help those who are Medicare eligible access and adjust their benefits.

Each enrollment period serves a different purpose, and it’s important to understand the difference. Medicare’s annual 2020 enrollment period has just begun. It takes place this fall between Oct. 15 and Dec. 7

The Medicare Open Enrollment period allows all Medicare beneficiaries to evaluate their current Medicare coverage – whether Medicare Advantage, Part D and/or Original Medicare –This annual enrollment period is unique because it applies to a broader range of Medicare beneficiaries than other Medicare enrollment periods, allows Medicare beneficiaries to changes that meet their current health and budgetary needs.

What Can You Do During the Annual Enrollment Period?

During the annual enrollment period, Medicare beneficiaries can change their health and prescription plans. A beneficiary

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Open enrollment for insurance begins during uncertain times for employers and workers | Business Local

Caliri advises everyone to look carefully at their options before automatically renewing their existing policy, as even small changes can affect out-of-pocket costs.

The state’s navigators are working from home because of COVID-19. Caliri said she can help people enroll online and can meet with them if needed. To make an appointment, call 540-613-1696.

She can also enroll people in Medicaid.

Americans 65 and older could begin on Thursday selecting coverage for 2021. They have until Dec. 7 to make their selections.

Scott Golden, spokesman for Anthem, suggests that Medicare subscribers take a good look at their current and future health needs.

Insurance brokers can help them navigate through all of the options, but Golden said consumers can also call insurance companies directly.

“Many health insurers, like Anthem, have knowledgeable people on the phone to walk them through the options of what is available. If they want, they can have

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As Open Enrollment Begins, Health Benefits May Not Change Much

If you take medication regularly for a chronic condition, she added, make sure the plan’s prescription benefit covers it.

If your employer offers multiple plan choices, Ms. Watts of Mercer said, you should take the time to compare the total cost of coverage for each option — don’t just look at the premiums. She advises taking the total premium and subtracting any contributions made by your employer, such as to a health savings account, to compare the cost of different plans.

“Do the math,” she said.

To see your total potential financial exposure, add the plan deductible. If you are generally healthy and don’t take regular medication, a plan with a higher deductible may save you money. If you can’t afford unexpected costs, a lower deductible — typically with a higher premium — may be the best option. The average deductible for an individual is $1,644, Kaiser found.

Theresa Adams,

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Medicare Open Enrollment Runs Through Dec. 7 | News, Sports, Jobs

Don’t settle for a lower interest rate when growing your hard-earned savings. (iStock)

If you’ve been eyeballing savings accounts, you may have noticed there’s a wide range of interest rates out there. If you’re looking to grow your hard-earned money as quickly as possible, zero in on a high-yield savings account, which offers significantly higher interest rates.

Moving on from a traditional savings account may give you pause, but high-yield savings accounts are fairly low-risk and you’ll earn more on interest. Here’s what you need to know.

Should I open a high-yield savings account?

If you’re looking to earn more interest on your money and don’t plan on withdrawing it right away, then you should consider switching to a high-yield savings account.

As the name implies, a high-yield savings account is a savings account with a significantly higher interest rate than a standard savings account — with some

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