Patrick Robinson Champions Maker-Made Movement With Pashko Label

Instead of spending his career delivering a solid dose of self-branding as many designers do, Patrick Robinson has let the work relay his story. But having recently overhauled production for his Pashko label to enlist a network of at-home makers, he is empowering displaced workers and speaking out about his company’s meaningful new mission.

Nearly three years after the high-performance eco-friendly apparel brand completed its first full year of sales, Pashko is converting its production from an environmentally sound factory in Asia to a team of makers, tailors and other technicians. The switch started July 11 and 30 to 60 at-home specialists are developing items that will be shipped in mid-October. More than 100 are expected to be on board by the end of the year and between 500 and 1,000 are expected to be part of the team sewing clothes at home or in small studios by the end

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