How Joe Biden’s Tax Plan Could Affect You

WASHINGTON—In the closing weeks of the campaign, President Trump is increasingly focusing attention on rival Joe Biden’s tax proposals. Mr. Trump said in a tweet that “BIDEN is going to raise your taxes at a level never seen before.”

Here are some common questions.

How big is Biden’s proposed tax increase?

Counting both tax increases and tax cuts, the Biden plan would raise between $2 trillion and $3 trillion over a decade, according to recent estimates by the Tax Policy Center and the American Enterprise Institute. The TPC is run by a former Obama administration official, and the AEI is a conservative-leaning group.

That’s about a 6% increase in federal revenue beyond what it would be if Congress did nothing. Measured as a share of the economy, if all the changes were included in one law, the increase would be about the same size as the one President Reagan signed

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Opinion | Prince George’s plan to build schools will help students and the community

For example, all schools must be delivered no later than July 15, 2024, or the developer will be subject to liquidated damages for each day that they are delayed; a design-build reserve account will be in place for the developer to access should there be cost overruns or unforeseen charges. This is not additional money; it has been built into their availability payment.

Additionally, Prince George’s County Public Schools doesn’t make a single payment until 50 percent of the total design-build costs have been spent by the developer. That incentivizes the developer to proceed deliberately and expeditiously to deliver the schools on time. These are just a few of the safeguards under the contract to ensure the project proceeds on schedule; however, the school system’s procurement process and the underlying intent of the public-private partnership is and has been available for public review online since last year.

This agreement also

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Niche Sports Are No Longer an Ivy League Admissions Plan

Photo illustrations by Pelle Cass

To make the images that appear in this story, the photographer Pelle Cass locked his camera onto a tripod for the duration of an event, capturing up to 1,000 photographs from one spot. The images were then layered and compiled into a single digital file to create a kind of time-lapse still photo.

Image above: Cornell versus Dartmouth, women’s lacrosse, October 2019

On paper, Sloane, a buoyant, chatty, stay-at-home mom from Fairfield County, Connecticut, seems almost unbelievably well prepared to shepherd her three daughters through the roiling world of competitive youth sports. She played tennis and ran track in high school and has an advanced degree in behavioral medicine. She wrote her master’s thesis on the connection between increased aerobic activity and attention span. She is also versed in statistics, which comes in handy when she’s analyzing her eldest daughter’s junior-squash rating—and whiteboarding

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Senior Source: Medicare drug plan premiums drop 34%

The SilverScript Smart Rx plan, for example, is $7,20 a month. Open enrollment is Oct. 15 to Dec. 7.

COLORADO, USA — Medicare’s annual open enrollment period begins Oct. 15 and runs through Dec. 7. 

During this time of year, you can drop or switch your plan coverage. The experts at the State Health Insurance Assistance office (SHIP) said there are substantial savings for those willing to get online or make a phone call or two this year.

They pointed out that drug plan premiums are currently at historic lows, having now dropped an average of 34% over the last three years

“Those premiums are going down for the plans,” said Lead Counselor Lauren Bell. “What you’ll pay for your co-pay for your prescription is going to depend on what you take.”

The key, Bell said, is to do a little homework.

“About three years ago, the prices were about

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Follow my three-step plan to make a million from investing in UK shares By The Motley Fool

Follow my three-step plan to make a million from investing in UK shares

If you want to make a million from investing in UK shares, you need a plan. Then you need to stick to it, throughout your working life. If you dedicate yourself to the task of building your wealth, you may be surprised how far you get.

The stock market crash makes now a good time to get started, as many top shares are trading at bargain prices. Although the truth is, if you want to make a million, you have to invest through thick and thin. Whenever you have the money, basically. Here’s how I’d aim to get there.

1. Start investing regularly now
The earlier you start, the better. It is possible to make a million by investing as little as £100 a week, if you are young. If you start at age 25 and make

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Colorado Springs west side neighbors oppose plan for new apartments, hotel | Colorado Springs News

Residents near Garden of the Gods Road blasted a proposal to develop new apartments and possibly a hotel and restaurant in the area, saying it could generate more noise, block views and make it tougher to evacuate during a wildfire.  

Several Mountain Shadows residents recounted memories of trying to evacuate during the Waldo Canyon fire during an online neighborhood meeting Wednesday as they spoke out against proposed high-density housing at a business park at 2424 Garden of the Gods Road. Hundreds of additional units could aggravate traffic problems and make it harder to leave during an emergency, residents said.

Mary Beth Netherton recalled the evacuation as a living nightmare.

“I thought we might be burned alive in our cars,” she said.  

More than 300 residents tuned in to hear about redevelopment plans for the property, a 125-acre office complex that is partially vacant. Developers are asking the city to rezone

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Atlanta schools plan to reopen hinges on health data

“It is dangerous to ask so many staff and students to return to close contact in school buildings,” she told board members.

The board has said Herring will decide how and when to reopen school buildings, which closed in mid-March amid the pandemic. Board members did not vote Monday or request any major changes to the proposal.

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Herring said she expanded her initial recommendation to include more grades and more days of in-person instruction after looking at the continued downward trend of local COVID-19 cases. She said she also listened to feedback and examined the scheduling challenges of going back only twice a week as initially proposed.

Some who oppose the expanded reopening plan believe the district caved to pressure from parents who campaigned for additional in-person options and put up a Midtown billboard touting the message “all kids all day.” But Herring

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Did changes to Plan F cause my Medicare supplement premiums to rise?

Notice: Two weeks until Thursday, Oct. 15: Medicare Annual Enrollment.

We have received a 20 percent increase in our Plan F Medicare Supplement. I am a 70-year-old female in decent health, but my husband is undergoing cancer treatment at MD Anderson. Also, his cardiologist has advised him that he may need a pacemaker.

I’ve understand told that Medicare Annual Enrollment is our time to change our Medicare Supplement plans. I’m concerned that with the Medicare Supplement increase that we may not be able to afford the premiums with future increases. Would a Medicare Advantage plan be a good option to change to with Fred’s cancer issues? What we should do? Cathy from West U area


In 2015 Congress passed legislation called “Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015” (MACRA) to help the medical industry by correcting the “Doc Fix” proposal. MACRA also made changes to Medicare Supplement’s plans

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Budget 2020: Everything within Canberra’s AU$796.5 million Digital Business Plan

The federal government had already promised AU$796.5 million over four years from 2020-21 through its Digital Business Plan to further drive progress towards Australia becoming a leading digital economy by 2030.

In its Budget 2020-21, the government detailed the plan that’s aimed at improving productivity, income growth, and jobs by supporting the adoption of digital technologies by Australian businesses.

“There is no economic recovery without a jobs recovery,” Treasurer Josh Frydenberg said in delivering his Budget speech on Tuesday night. “There is no budget recovery without a jobs recovery.

“This Budget is all about jobs.”

The measures under the JobMaker Plan — Digital Business Plan label cover: Modern digital infrastructure, reduced regulatory barriers, small and medium enterprise (SME) support and capability, and a digital government that is easier to do business with.

The nearly-AU$800 million will be shared over four years by 16 government departments, with Services Australia receiving the

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Walmart’s Next Health Foray Is Medicare Plan With Startup Clover

Walmart Inc. will make its first foray into the fast-growing market for privately managed Medicare Advantage plans next year with two products for Georgia seniors jointly branded with insurance startup Clover Health.

The plans will give seniors access to new Walmart Health centers that the retail giant is testing in stores outside Atlanta. Those clinics and other providers in the plan will use Clover’s technology to track patients’ health and improve care, the companies said Thursday.

Walmart’s health-care strategy has been closely watched, and the retail giant is seen as a potential threat to established providers and insurers. The Georgia offering will make Walmart a player in the Medicare Advantage program, a lucrative market  dominated by UnitedHealth Group Inc., Humana Inc., CVS Health Corp.’s Aetna unit, and BlueCross BlueShield branded plans, some of which are also expanding their offerings.

More than a third of Medicare beneficiaries opt to get their

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