Unlock Your Data Potential With This $40 Excel Master Class

The bigger the business, the greater the need for data—and a way to effectively wrangle it. That’s why Microsoft Excel has re-emerged in today’s marketplace as an essential tool. What was once a relatively unsexy spreadsheet app has become a way for users to navigate and change how companies shape and predict trends in the growing fields of data and business analytics.

Successful firms already know what Excel is capable of, and they’re constantly on the lookout for those who can use it to its fullest potential. Even if you’ve never worked with the software before, there’s one easy way to get up to speed: The Complete Excel Excellence Bundle.

This series of eight online courses is designed to take anyone from the basic functions to Excel’s most advanced features in a matter of days. All you need is the software and the willingness to dive in. The beginner’s course

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Root IPO: Here’s What Potential Investors Need to Know

Root Insurance is a next-generation auto insurance carrier, which leverages sophisticated mobile technologies, analytics and AI (artificial intelligence). The company also is gearing up for public offering. The lead underwriters on the Root IPO include Goldman Sachs (NYSE:GS), Morgan Stanley (NYSE:MS), Barclays (NYSE:BCS), Wells Fargo Securities (NYSE:WFC), Credit Suisse (NYSE:CS), Deutsche Bank (NYSE:DB), Evercore ISI (NYSE:EVR) and Truist Securities. The offering is likely to hit the markets within the next month or so.

A hand touches a digital chart with the text "IPO."

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The insuretech category has already seen two IPOs this year. There was the offering from SelectQuote (NYSE:SLQT), which operates a marketplace for consumers to purchase insurance. The shares are down about 1% since late May and the market capitalization is $3.2 billion.

Next, there was the IPO of Lemonade (NYSE:LMND), which is a direct competitor to Root.

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Where To Hire The Best Remote Writers To Maximize Your Business’ Potential

If your business relies heavily on its online reputation and following, you know how important credibility and substance are to your business’s success. That’s why hiring a remote professional writer can be a big help in conveying your message, boosting your company’s online authority and overall presence. 

Remote work has seen a boom following the pandemic so finding professional writers shouldn’t be too hard. If you do have the financial flexibility to do so, then you should definitely consider utilizing a professional writer. Read on to learn why a good writer can be one of the most important assets you can invest in. 

Your website represents your entire company

Poorly written content promotes an image of laziness and unreliability. On the other hand, well-written, engaging copy promotes an enterprise that puts quality above all. That’s what puts customers through the door. You’d think this would be more intuitive, but you’d

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Secret documents reveal potential dark side of prepaid debit cards

The collapse of Choice Bank, an obscure entity in Belize, went largely unnoticed in 2018.

But Americans were among the uninsured depositors filing claims in its failure, totaling $100 million. Some said they were startled to learn that their money was trapped in a small bank in Central America. They thought they were doing business with a U.S.-based company called Payoneer.

“Losing out on money that I’m not expecting to lose is very upsetting, even still,” said Mara O’Halloran, a Pennsylvania mother of two who said she is out thousands of dollars as a Choice Bank depositor.

Not everyone was shocked by the Choice Bank collapse. Years before, an array of banks were raising questions to regulators about its practices. In 2014, for example, Bank of America characterized Choice Bank as “an issuer of prepaid cards for program managers with inherently high risk.”

Related: Prepaid debit cards can work more

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Which Retailer Has More Upside Potential?

The temporary closure of retail stores during the coronavirus pandemic had a severe impact on the retail sector. However, a spike in e-commerce sales helped retailers to offset part of the loss of sales from the closure of physical stores. Many US retailers are recovering with the gradual reopening of stores since May. Meanwhile, investors will be keenly watching sales trends as the peak holiday season approaches.

Using the TipRanks’ Stock Comparison tool, we will place consumer electronics retailer Best Buy and beauty retailer Ulta Beauty alongside each other to see which stock offers a better investment opportunity.

Best Buy (BBY)

Thanks to remote working and shelter-at-home orders, Best Buy experienced strong sales in the second quarter of fiscal 2021 (ended Aug.1) for certain consumer electronics categories even as stores were open by appointment only for the first six weeks of the quarter and demand shifted to online channels.


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The Digital Dollar’s Global Potential For Entrepreneurship

In this digital age, consumer habits are proving that modern payment solutions make a lot of sense. And in light of social-distancing concerns, consumer preferences have trended even further towards contactless payments. 

Stablecoins are Tools for Entrepreneurs

Digital payments offer a much-needed bridge between entrepreneurs and banks, suppliers, and employees. They can create new domestic opportunities, as well as elevate a business to the global playing field. For entrepreneurs, it’s crucial to maximize profitability at all times. Leveraging the power and potential of digital payments is an option too good to pass up on. 

A digital transaction between the business and its customers or suppliers introduces more convenience, safety and a cheaper option overall. Addressing the cost-effective nature of payments is crucial, particularly for smaller companies and startups. They need to keep overhead costs down as much as possible while maximizing their revenue at every possible turn. Tapping into digital

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With A Potential Disney+ Windfall, Will Studio Still Need Movie Theaters?

Right now Universal and AMC are looking like saints in the exhibition business after taking a kicking in the teeth by rival circuits for their controversial deal last week to crunch the theatrical window to 17 days with an option for PVOD thereafter.

Disney’s announcement after the market closed to bring Mulan to their 60.5M Disney+ subscribers for a rental of $29.99 (and in theaters in those places of the world that don’t have the streaming service) is indeed seismic, unprecedented and stoking fears in exhibitors about their future livelihood.

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Of those exhibitors we spoke to this afternoon, many were blindsided by the studio’s decision. Some rival distributors already saw the writing on the wall, some believing that Disney’s decision to take Hamilton straight to Disney+ over Independence Day weekend was a punch in the face to exhibition; that movie originally intended to be a theatrical event.

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Does your hobby have business potential? Here’s how to tell

If you’re like most people, you have at least one hobby that keeps you busy and helps you stay entertained outside of working hours. You might practice woodworking, paint abstract art, improve your flexibility with yoga or chart the patterns of stars in the night sky.

With your entrepreneurial mindset, it’s tempting to think that there’s some way to make money from this hobby, in addition to bringing you personal enjoyment. But does your hobby really have business potential?

You might be surprised to learn the answer.

Monetization options

For a business to be successful, it needs to have a way to make money. Even if you’re pursuing this mostly because of your passion, you’ll still need a stream of income to offset your costs and keep the business running.

Accordingly, you’ll need some way to “monetize” your hobby. There are a few possible options here:

  • Production. One of the

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5 Best Stocks of Q2 With Double-Digit Growth Potential

Wall Street wrapped up its best quarterly performance in decades buoyed by a combination of unprecedented levels of fiscal and monetary stimulus, a technology sector boom, hopes of a coronavirus vaccine and easing of lockdown measures.

Nasdaq outperformed, having climbed 30.6% — the best since fourth quarter 1999. The S&P 500 and Dow Jones gained 20% and 17.8%, respectively. The former had its biggest single-quarter surge since 1998 and the latter logged in the best quarter since 1987. This marks an impressive comeback for the stocks from the worst first quarter since the 2008 financial crisis due to the coronavirus pandemic, which had halted economic activities and resulted in millions of people losing their jobs.

In fact, the impressive gains came despite the resurgence in coronavirus infections in some parts of the United Sates after reopening. Per the latest report, the United States has recorded nearly 156,000 new coronavirus cases

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Schools buy miles of plexiglass ahead of potential reopenings amid coronavirus pandemic

As millions of students return to school — be it K-12 or university — they’ll return to familiar settings in their classroom with one obvious addition: layers of plexiglass.

It remains unclear if schools — universities in particular — can reopen campuses amid a surge of coronavirus cases and new restrictions such as the 14-day quarantines demanded from those who travel from various to the tri-state area of Connecticut, New Jersey and New York.

Sheets of plexiglass would play a big role in a reopening, and schools across the country are investing in the plastic sheet to create a division in common spaces such as in libraries, classrooms — and even school buses — to defend against transmission of coronavirus.

“We’re hitting records… week in week out, at this point from a sales perspective,” Ryan Schroeder, CEO of Plaskolite, one of the country’s biggest plexiglass makers, told Yahoo Finance. “Orders

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