Britons race to return from Portugal to beat two-week quarantine

woman airplane - GETTY
woman airplane – GETTY

Thousands of British holidaymakers have until 4am on Saturday to return to the UK – or face a two-week quarantine – after the Government removed four more countries from its list of approved destinations. 

Portugal, Hungary, French Polynesia and Reunion have all lost their travel corridors, with the Portuguese islands of Madeira and Azores exempt due to lower rates of infection. 

Portugal is the biggest blow for British holidaymakers, having only been added to the green list three weeks ago. As has been the pattern for other countries that have been removed with less than a 48-hour window to return home before quarantine kicks in, the price of a flight back from Portugal has skyrocketed.

A direct one-way flight today from Faro to London with easyJet starts at £211; and Telegraph Travel has seen options as high as £399 with British Airways. From Lisbon and Porto,

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Another Online Taste Of The Race Coming Soon

here and use coupon code UNICEF for a 10-percent savings.” data-reactid=”14″Update: Another virtual wine tasting with Adobe Road Winery to explore The Racing Series is scheduled for August 26th at 5pm PDT (8pm EST). This will again be hosted by Mark Greene of Cars Yeah! and feature many of the same special guests, including one of our favorites, Lyn St James. The article below was written based on our experience in the first virtual wine tasting. … Read More

An Online Taste Of The Race

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Are virtual wine tastings a great way to bring gearheads together?

It’s been a challenging few months for the whole world, but in-person social-based events and businesses have had to reevaluate how they can move forward. Even as stay-at-home orders are starting to loosen in most states, social distancing and personal safety concerns are still driving social behavior trends. Although people are weary about physically visiting places, like vineyards, or attending a wine tasting with a group of people, wine makers have another option, and this particular option is also a good one for those thirsty to get back to the track!

Image Credit: Adobe Road

Surprisingly, virtual wine tastings may be one of the best things to come from this lifestyle-disrupting scare. Motorious was recently invited to join a virtual wine tasting of The Racing Series wines, by Adobe Road. It

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Race Is a Parenting Issue, Which Makes It Fair to Talk About in Online Parenting Groups

Across America, the issue of racism has come to the forefront of discourse in many different formats. If you are a parent and have social media, chances are you might be a member of an online parent group or forum. As a member of a few groups myself, it has become apparent to me that many administrators are grappling with how to address the Black Lives Matter movement and antiracist rhetoric.

Some admins in the groups I’m in have characterized the issue as political, calling it a topic too controversial to be discussed on their pages. This begs the question whether racism is a parenting issue or a political one. Discussion about the former is, of course, allowed in parenting groups. Discussion regarding the latter is usually banned – but I don’t think it should be.

By framing racism as a political issue and discouraging parents from discussing it, I

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Biden dominates the electoral map, but here’s how the race could tighten

WASHINGTON — When you’re leading a presidential race nationally by double digits, you’re set to exceed 300 electoral votes.

And that’s where we have Joe Biden in our first battleground map of 2020, where the Democrat is ahead in states like Arizona, Florida and Wisconsin, and where the race is essentially tied in Georgia, Iowa and Texas.

Our map— based on public and private polling, as well as conversations with Democratic and Republican strategists watching the race — shows Biden standing at 334 electoral votes, President Trump is at 125 electoral votes, and 79 electoral votes are in the Toss up category.

But an important caveat: This is where the Biden-versus Trump race stands right now, and if/when the contest begins to tighten, we’ll readjust our map. (And see below on exactly how the race can get closer.)

Solid D: California, Delaware, D.C., Hawaii, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York, Vermont and

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The Spin: Lightfoot says threat of teachers strike didn’t force CPS remote learning plan | Is Duckworth still in veep race?

Mayor Lori Lightfoot said the Chicago Teachers Union didn’t force her or her Chicago Public Schools’ team into starting the school year online amid the pandemic. But in the ongoing battle of wills, the Chicago Teachers Union is saying the opposite.

This morning, Lightfoot and CPS CEO Janice Jackson stood before the cameras and confirmed what my Tribune colleagues and other news outlets reported late yesterday afternoon: The first semester of CPS classes this academic year will be conducted online. The CTU was starting to take the first steps toward a possible strike.

Meanwhile, the mayor’s comments about the killing of a Chicago rapper in Chicago’s tony Oak Street shopping district is raising some eyebrows.

And, an association representing Illinois marijuana companies penned a letter to Gov. J.B. Pritzker urging the state to use marijuana tax revenue to aid social equity applicants who’ve been hurt by delays in the licensing

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Pandemic revs up race for U.S. online car sales

By Nick Carey

DES MOINES, Iowa (Reuters) – After years of being part of a future that never quite arrived, the coronavirus pandemic has put U.S. online car sellers on the map.

Now comes a race to spend vast sums on digital commerce platforms specifically designed to handle auto sales. Without deep pockets, many startups and others trying to join the online game will likely be left in the dust.

“The big three (auto) e-commerce players will grow substantially, but it will be hard to be a new entrant,” said Toby Russell, joint chief executive officer of Shift, which will go public to join rival Carvana and Vroom later this quarter.

“The pay to play on this thing is in the hundreds of millions and the early journey is hard, especially building out the technology,” Russell said.

Online sales still only account for around 1% of the roughly $840 billion

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Who’s Winning the Money Race in Your ZIP Code?

Former Vice President Joe Biden had roughly 400,000 more individual donors than President Donald Trump in the last three months, the latest evidence of Biden’s newfound financial strength, according to a New York Times analysis of Federal Election Commission data.

The estimated donor numbers offer another sign of the nation’s political divisions. From April through June, Biden had more donors than Trump in 26 states, including key battlegrounds like Pennsylvania and North Carolina. Trump led in 24, including critical states like Florida and Arizona.

Biden attracted more donors in urban areas and on the coasts, while Trump had the advantage in rural areas around the country.

The most recent fundraising quarter unfolded as Democratic donors turned their focus to the general election, pouring money into Biden’s campaign and significantly narrowing the cash lead Trump had built by courting donors for his reelection bid since taking office in 2017.

Biden’s best

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Is it racist if I don’t want to date outside my own race?

"But Damona, isn't it my choice who I date?" <span class="copyright">(Ross May / Los Angeles Times; Getty Images)</span>
“But Damona, isn’t it my choice who I date?” (Ross May / Los Angeles Times; Getty Images)

L.A. love coach Damona Hoffman tackles dating and relationship questions on her weekly podcast, “Dates & Mates.” She said she receives many topical, thought-provoking relationship questions, but none has ever struck a chord with listeners like this one:

Dear Damona: Am I racist if I don’t want to date outside my race?

While being #woke is currently trending on Twitter as I write this, for the last 15 years I’ve contemplated the relationship between race and romance and coached my clients to be “race-open” when they date, because it expands our view of the world and increases your odds of meeting someone special. This practice has been met with many objections along the way.

The first objection I hear when I suggest this: “But Damona, isn’t it my choice who I

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TikTok Stars Race to Land Reality Shows

Members of the Hype House. (Bryant Eslava, via Hype House via The New York Times)
Members of the Hype House. (Bryant Eslava, via Hype House via The New York Times)

Late Monday night, a group of male TikTok stars who belong to the Gen Z influencer collective known as the Sway House charged up the streets of the Hollywood Hills. They were on their way to the Hype House to confront a fellow TikTok star, Chase Hudson, 18, about comments he had made earlier online.

Some of the most high-profile teenage influencers, including Hudson, had spent the previous several hours waging war on each other online in an event that became known as “TikTokalypse.”

They posted clapbacks on Twitter, stoked controversy on Instagram Live and shared cheating accusations using the Notes app. Top YouTubers like Tana Mongeau poured gasoline on the flames by reacting in real time on TikTok.

Shortly after the Sway House boys stepped out of their car and paparazzi crowded around, they

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