U.S. Business Schools: MBA Program Applications Are Up Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

Huntsman Hall, the Wharton School’s main building at the University of Pennsylvania.

Top U.S. business schools enjoyed a double-digit surge in applications this year—after a spate of declines—as people facing a pandemic-stricken job market sought to boost their prospects, and admissions departments opened their doors a little wider.

With the longer trend going the other way, the question any first-year business student would ask is: Can it last?

The number of applications to full-time MBA programs at the country’s top 20 schools, as ranked by Bloomberg Businessweek, rose 13% from last year, when bids declined by 8.7% from 2018. The spike, according to the magazine’s Best B-Schools analysis of admissions data and figures from the Graduate Management Admission Council, reverses a five-year downturn.

That long slide involved a decline in applications among 53% of programs surveyed in 2016. The percentage grew steadily to 73% of programs in 2019, according

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U.S. Business Schools: Foreign Student Enrollment Down Amid Covid, Visa Rules

Stanford University on March 9.

Photographer: Philip Pacheco/Getty Images

The number of foreign students entering America’s top business schools is down sharply amid the Covid-19 pandemic and tight visa rules, even as overall enrollments and applications are up—a bad sign for U.S. programs that depend on international MBA candidates for diversity and full tuition.

International students in the entering class of the top 20 U.S. MBA programs, as ranked by Bloomberg Businessweek, declined 14% from last year. That followed a 1.2% decrease from 2018, according to a Bloomberg Businessweek Best B-Schools analysis of admissions data. If all the elite programs were jammed together, foreign students would make up 29.5% of the class that began at most schools in August or September, down from 34.9% two years ago.

The decline comes as dimmer prospects for networking—and earning—take some of the shine off the American MBA.


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Opinion | Prince George’s plan to build schools will help students and the community

For example, all schools must be delivered no later than July 15, 2024, or the developer will be subject to liquidated damages for each day that they are delayed; a design-build reserve account will be in place for the developer to access should there be cost overruns or unforeseen charges. This is not additional money; it has been built into their availability payment.

Additionally, Prince George’s County Public Schools doesn’t make a single payment until 50 percent of the total design-build costs have been spent by the developer. That incentivizes the developer to proceed deliberately and expeditiously to deliver the schools on time. These are just a few of the safeguards under the contract to ensure the project proceeds on schedule; however, the school system’s procurement process and the underlying intent of the public-private partnership is and has been available for public review online since last year.

This agreement also

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Ikea’s online sales surged as people turned homes into offices and schools

The company said in a statement on Tuesday that online sales surged 45% over the 12 months to August, driven by 4 billion visits to its website. Outdoor furniture was the retailer’s fastest-growing category, with sales of office furniture also performing strongly, a spokesperson told CNN Business.

The company began selling online in three new markets, including China. Sales slipped 4% overall to €39.6 billion ($46.7 billion), with many of its stores forced to shut during lockdowns for several weeks.
Online sales remain high, even as stores reopen, it added. But the Swedish furniture retailer plans to keep opening physical outlets despite early evidence that consumers may not revert to their old shopping habits.
UK supermarket chain Tesco (TSCDF) said it is creating thousands of new jobs to meet surging demand in its online business, while a research paper from McKinsey earlier this year said lessons from China
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How to feed students in a pandemic: Public schools rethink the logistics of an increasingly crucial function

For schools staggering groups of students to come on alternating days, or with some students in person and some at home, delivering meals to classrooms is one of the top options. Prince William County schools in Virginia are virtual for the first quarter of the school year, but officials have started sketching out the dining plans for an anticipated 50/50 split between in-person and virtual learning. Adam Russo, director of school food and nutrition services, says the county plans to deliver hot breakfasts and lunches to students in classrooms using an online ordering system.

In Syracuse, N.Y., a similar delivery model is on the table; though teachers pushed for fully virtual learning, the system opened Monday for hybrid learning (students will be at school in the mornings, then sent home in the afternoons to learn virtually). Bernard Washington, fourth vice president of the Syracuse Teachers Association, says that even with

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Flint schools offer prizes for students tuning into class on count day Wednesday, Oct. 7

FLINT, MI — Flint Community Schools administration is urging families to make sure children are online for count day Wednesday, Oct. 7.

Count Day is one of two days during the school year in which the enrollment will help determine how much state aid schools receive.

Flint Community Schools will give away hundreds of gaming headphones to students tuned into class all day Wednesday, said Assistant Superintendent Kevelin Jones. They will also give out water bottles, basketballs, footballs and other toys.

The gaming headphones will be given out through a raffle, but every student tuned into class will receive something, he said.

“We are finding ways to inspire and motivate,” Jones said.

The district receives $8,000 per student, he said. This money goes to staffing, maintenance, school supplies, desks and many other aspects of day-to-day education.

“It’s important for all of our families to understand that’s how we take care

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Why personal finance should be taught in schools

a clock sitting on top of a wooden table: Why personal finance should be taught in schools

© Kshitij Anand
Why personal finance should be taught in schools

Raj Khosla

India has produced several world-class corporate leaders, technocrats, economists and academicians. The large number of Indians holding key positions across the world is testimony to the fact that India has some of the finest schools and colleges in the world. At the same time, our education system needs a revamp. The purpose of education is to prepare a child for the future, but the curriculum followed in schools and colleges is not aligned to the requirements of the real world.

Indian students learn to solve complex math problems, develop innovative technologies and discover new medicines. They also learn about economics, commerce, history, civics and geography. But nobody teaches them the difference between a debit card and a credit card! Or, what to watch out for when taking a loan and how to safely conduct an online transaction

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Atlanta schools plan to reopen hinges on health data

“It is dangerous to ask so many staff and students to return to close contact in school buildings,” she told board members.

The board has said Herring will decide how and when to reopen school buildings, which closed in mid-March amid the pandemic. Board members did not vote Monday or request any major changes to the proposal.

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Herring said she expanded her initial recommendation to include more grades and more days of in-person instruction after looking at the continued downward trend of local COVID-19 cases. She said she also listened to feedback and examined the scheduling challenges of going back only twice a week as initially proposed.

Some who oppose the expanded reopening plan believe the district caved to pressure from parents who campaigned for additional in-person options and put up a Midtown billboard touting the message “all kids all day.” But Herring

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Why are schools still such hostile places for Gypsy, Roma and Traveller children?


3 Monster Growth Stocks That Are Still Undervalued

What’s always in fashion on Wall Street? Growth. Given the current macro environment, however, compelling growth stocks have become even harder to spot. That said, despite the wild ride that has been 2020, a select few names could still shine bright and reward investors handsomely, so says the pros from the Street. 

These tickers don’t have just any old growth prospects, they are some serious overachievers. Along with a track record of upward movements since 2020 kicked off, their solid businesses could drive share prices higher through 2020 and beyond.  

Bearing this in mind, we set out to find stocks flagged as exciting growth plays by Wall Street. Using TipRanks’ database, we locked in on three analyst-backed names that have already notched impressive gains and boast strong growth narratives for the long-term. Ltd (WIX) 

Founded as an online web development

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Emergency powers adopted to require schools to teach online

A video class at Epsom CollegeImage copyright
Epsom College

Image caption

Future in full flow: Teacher and students at Epsom College

Ministers are using powers under the Coronavirus Act to require schools to offer pupils who are not in school the same lessons as those in class.

Teaching unions reacted angrily to the move calling it a “grave error” which risks damaging the government’s relationship with the profession.

It comes after official figures showed one in six secondaries in England were partially closed to some pupils.

The government said it was formalising pupils’ rights to remote learning.

It comes as huge swathes of the north-east and north-west of England are under stricter lockdown measures.

Ministers have insisted that schools will only close as a last resort in the event of widespread virus spread.

  • Teachers are isolating but still teach – by video
  • Home schooling: The Zoom haves and have nots

Instead, in areas where cases

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