‘Black Panther’ star Chad Boseman died without a will. Why you need one.

Chadwick Boseman attends the 91st Annual Academy Awards on Feb. 24, 2019.

Jeff Kravitz | FilmMagic, Inc | Getty Images

When “Black Panther” star Chad Boseman died almost two months ago after a four-year battle with colon cancer, he didn’t have a will.

Now, the fate of at least part of the 43-year-old actor’s estate is left up to the courts. His wife, Simone Ledward, has asked to be named administrator with limited authority over the estate, which has an estimated value of nearly $939,000, according to court documents.

That isn’t necessarily the entirety of his estate and, because there was no will, those assets are subject to probate and court intervention. Some accounts, such as life insurance and qualified retirement accounts like 401(k) plans and individual retirement accounts, may be passed down to a beneficiary without having to go through the courts. Up to $11.58 million per person can

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Star stripper forced to sell beloved pet parrot after coronavirus wrecks industry

A successful stripper who started the year dropping his trousers in front of crowds of screaming fans has now been forced to sell his parrot.

The coronavirus pandemic has ravaged many live events industries, including stripping.

Just a few months ago performer Romeo, real name Jason Romero, was flying high, Manchester Evening News reports.

He was earning plaudits and frenzied screams by the bucket performing with the Dreamboys.

Fast forward to October and Romeo is struggling to make ends meet and is grieving the death of his grandmother.

“To be honest, it’s been really s**t,” he said.

“I have been going through a lot of trauma.”

His career as a stripper has taken a big step back

Romeo is one of many people in the UK who went from being gainfully employed to essentially jobless in a matter of

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‘Helstrom’ on Hulu: Meet new Marvel TV star Sydney Lemmon

Sydney Lemmon really, really, really wants you to vote.

The 30-year-old actress has been volunteering regularly with Knock for Democracy, calling voters in states like North Carolina and Georgia, where Democrats are in competitive House and Senate races.

Trying to talk politics with strangers sounds intimidating at a time when Americans are as polarized as ever on nearly every issue, and Lemmon admits it’s hard not be discouraged by the harsh rejections, which can feel personal. But the positive interactions make it worthwhile.

“In our own little echo chambers and bubbles, we’re all so driven and obsessed with this [political] moment,” Lemmon, who passes quite a bit of time engrossed in the news cycle, says during a video call from Connecticut. “But there are people whose votes count just as much who don’t feel the urgency the same way. I just can’t say enough about how meaningful it’s been to

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Heffner column: Learning how to learn – Opinion – Journal Star

Columns share an author’s personal perspective.

The continuing presence of COVID-19 has for the most part, defeated attempts around the country to open schools for traditional classroom teaching and learning. Many schools have resorted to split schedules consisting of two days a week of in-classroom attendance and the balance of time remote learning on-line at home.

This change in education means that children are learning not only subject matter, but how to learn in new ways. Parents, too, have had to participate in their children’s education in new ways, and are now learning themselves how they can help their children learn how to learn in new ways.

Parents and children have had various reactions to the involvement of parents in their new way of learning. As in all things related to child care the responsibility always seems to fall back on the mother. In the present era of many

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Debate’s Online Star Is a Fly Atop Pence’s Head: Campaign Update

(Bloomberg) — A fly dominated the vice presidential debate. The New England Journal of Medicine says President Donald Trump’s administration should be voted out of office. In a jab at Kamala Harris, Vice President Mike Pence’s campaign said it had set aside a ticket for dead rapper Tupac Shakur at the debate Wednesday.

There are 27 days until the election and 68 days until the Electoral College meets.

Other Developments:

Harris Team Is Confident About Health Precautions at DebateTrump Back in Oval Office After Doctor Reports He’s Symptom-FreePence, Harris Meet for Vice-Presidential Debate: Viewers’ GuideJobs Gloom Grips Florida, Midwest Just 27 Days From the Election

Scene-Stealing Fly Draws Debate Attention

Wednesday’s vice presidential debate was so civil that the biggest moment came when a fly landed on Vice President Mike Pence’s head.

With Pence and Senator Kamala Harris engaging in a tough but restrained back-and-forth, the fly’s appearance drew attention

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Watch Free Telecast of Kings XI Punjab vs Chennai Super Kings on Star Sports and Disney+Hotstar Online


3 Monster Growth Stocks That Are Still Undervalued

What’s always in fashion on Wall Street? Growth. Given the current macro environment, however, compelling growth stocks have become even harder to spot. That said, despite the wild ride that has been 2020, a select few names could still shine bright and reward investors handsomely, so says the pros from the Street. 

These tickers don’t have just any old growth prospects, they are some serious overachievers. Along with a track record of upward movements since 2020 kicked off, their solid businesses could drive share prices higher through 2020 and beyond.  

Bearing this in mind, we set out to find stocks flagged as exciting growth plays by Wall Street. Using TipRanks’ database, we locked in on three analyst-backed names that have already notched impressive gains and boast strong growth narratives for the long-term. Ltd (WIX) 

Founded as an online web development

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Agents of SHIELD Star Elizabeth Henstridge and Zachary Burr Abel Talk Smile Train’s World Smile Day Event

Happy World Smile Day! In honor of this holiday, Smile Train is hosting a celebrity-filled event that is taking place tonight, October 2nd, online. Smile Train is “an international children’s charity with a sustainable approach to a single, solvable problem: cleft lip and palate.” One duo we’re especially excited to see at tonight’s virtual fundraiser is Agents of SHIELD star Elizabeth Henstridge and her fiancé, Zachary Burr Abel (Make It or Break It, The Secret Circle). The couple will be hosting the pre-show and promises it will be a lot of fun. recently had the chance to chat with Henstridge and Abel, who explained the importance of the charity, how they got involved, and how easy it is to help out.

“A good friend of mine was involved with Smile Train, and she reached out to me,” Abel explained. “It was a few years ago, and

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Love Island star Molly-Mae Hague’s net worth

Photo credit: SOPA Images/Getty
Photo credit: SOPA Images/Getty

From Cosmopolitan

Love Island 2019 contestants Molly-Mae Hague and Tommy Fury might not have walked away with the £50,000 prize money at the end of their series, but the couple haven’t done too badly when it comes to post-villa earnings. And when we say ~too badly~, we mean the pair have been absolutely raking it in.

What is Molly-Mae’s net worth?

Before we even get to Instagram earnings, let’s not forget the huge deals Molly-Mae’s done with big brands like Pretty Little Thing. After leaving Love Island, the 21-year-old influencer landed a sponsorship deal with the online fashion retailer, which was reportedly worth £500,000. Then there was her deal with Beauty Works Hair Extensions which she secured straight after leaving the villa, and in late 2019 she also launched her very own line of tanning products. This September, she hit more than one million YouTube subscribers,

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Ex-BuzzFeed star Kelsey Darragh shared her mental health journey online. Now, she wants to be a resource.

Kelsey Darragh <p class="copyright">Sergio Garcia/@isergiogarcia</p>
Kelsey Darragh
  • Kelsey Darragh is a former video producer and development partner at BuzzFeed. She currently is a cast member on the E! show “Dating: No Filter.”

  • Her videos for BuzzFeed have received over 160 million views, averaging over 14 million views per video.

  • Darragh has dealt with mental illness and panic attacks for much of her life, leading her to write an upcoming book, “Don’t F*cking Panic: The Sh*t They Don’t Tell You in Therapy About Anxiety Disorders, Panic Attacks & Depression.”

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Kelsey Darragh is a comedian, video producer, podcaster, and now: author. She is best known for her numerous videos at BuzzFeed where she rose to the role of development partner. 

While she built up a following and fanbase for her playfulness and on-camera exuberance, Darragh was quietly dealing with major depressive disorder, panic attacks, and chronic pain. After opening

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Is this the best time to start a business? ‘The Profit’ star offers some insight

Is this a good time or a bad time to start a business? What if I told you it is a great time?

I have long thought that recessions are excellent times to start businesses. The smart and passionate Marcus Lemonis, star of the “The Profit” on CNBC, agrees.

Recessions could work well for startups for a few reasons:

•Startups require passion and commitment, and those facing financial uncertainty have those traits in spades.

•Essential startup costs are cheaper in recessions, i.e. rent, advertising, labor, etc.

Lemonis added another very important reason: There is a lot of money available for startups. “With the (Small Business Administration) being more generous than ever with their guidelines and with more cash on the sidelines than there has been in years,” the time could be opportune to launch a startup.

Perhaps it’s time to launch a startup.

Lemonis suggested that we all should

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