Ken Daniels is passionate about one message in particular: Addiction is ruthless. It is a nondiscriminatory disease, and those afflicted should not feel shame, he says. 

It is a subject Daniels came to embrace because of a devastating personal loss — a loss he and his wife have turned into a mission. The Jamie Daniels Foundation, named after their son who died in December 2016 after ingesting a synthetic opioid, focuses on supporting substance abuse prevention and recovery programs. This week a fundraiser featuring a who’s who in the hockey and entertainment worlds will double as a roast of a hall of famer.

Scotty Bowman said yes as soon as Daniels, the play-by-play announcer for the Detroit Red Wings, asked if he was interested in being the subject of the event. In fact, Bowman said yes more than a year ago, around the time the foundation was putting on