Day: July 22, 2020

Raging Waves Opening New 6-Lane Water Slide: Photos

YORKVILLE, IL — Raging Waves in Yorkville will unveil its newest attraction Monday, a six-lane mat racing water slide, according to a Wednesday news release. The new attraction, Aussie Mat Dash, will be located at the south end of the park, near The Boomerang, Cyclone and other Raging Waves favorites, the company announced in a news release Wednesday. With only two other such slides installed in the world, Raging Waves continues to grow thanks to this new attraction that will allow six riders to race side-by-side in tunnels to the bottom, according to the news release.

Appropriate for riders 42-inches tall or above, the Aussie Mat Dash will feature almost 2,500 feet of combined slides, with each slide being 400 feet in length, the news release said.

Raging Waves, located at 4000 N. Bridge Street, is the state’s largest water park dedicated to family fun for all ages. The water

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Austin Small Business Owners Pessimistic On Coronavirus Recovery

AUSTIN, TX — Austin has the nation’s largest share of small business owners who think they won’t be able to recover from the corrosive economic effects of the coronavirus, according to a study released on Wednesday.

Researchers at LendingTree, the nation’s largest online lending marketplace, analyzed results from the U.S. Bureau of the Census Small Business Pulse Survey before calculating the percentage of small business owners in the 50 largest U.S. metros who believe economic recovery is beyond their reach.

Among the key findings:

  • Neighboring San Antonio ranked second, with 14.9 percent of respondents not believing their business will recover from the pandemic. Moreover, more than 62 percent of San Antonio small business owners believe it will take at least four months before business is back to normal.

  • At the other end of the spectrum, small business owners in some cities do see light at the end of the tunnel

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How soon will the extra $600 in jobless benefits go away? Your money questions answered

It’s hard out there. And, in this time of uncertainty, USA TODAY is working to find answers to your money questions – anything from stimulus checks or unemployment benefits to your 401(k) or retirement plans. You can submit your questions here and read earlier answers below. We will be updating the Q&A, so check back often. But, also look to these places:

Answer: Yes. Unless Congress takes immediate action, the extra $600 will end on July 25 in every state but New York where it will end on July 26.

Answer: In some states, the benefit will shrink by more than half. In Arizona, the maximum weekly benefit is $240. In Florida, Alabama, and Tennessee, it is $275 per week. Check with your state’s department to determine you’re your benefit will be.

Answer: That’s unclear. Currently, another coronavirus relief package likely won’t be approved until after July, policymakers say.

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Shopify Signs Onto Affirm’s ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ Tech

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E-commerce platform Shopify and alternative finance provider Affirm have signed an exclusive deal to bring the latter’s buy-now-pay-later proposition to Shopify merchants, the companies said Wednesday.

Affirm will power the upcoming Shop Pay Installments feature — which, as the name suggests, will allow shoppers of eligible Shopify stores to pay for purchases over time, instead of all at once. The move represents a shift in technology, as Shop Pay currently uses buy-now-pay-later plug-ins, which require some coding to integrate.

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“With the acceleration of online spending, many small businesses must reinvent themselves. This includes embracing the rising importance of e-commerce strategies and meeting consumers, particularly young shoppers, where they are,” said Max Levchin, founder and chief executive officer of Affirm.

“By partnering with Shopify, the gold standard of commerce platforms for businesses that want to sell direct to consumers, we can

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From Asking For Ventilators To Zero Patients

HOBOKEN, NJ — In late March, as the coronavirus pandemic was sickening both New Jersey residents and their doctors who lacked the protective equipment to deal with it, Hoboken Mayor Ravi Bhalla shared a desperate plea from Hoboken University Medical Center: they needed 13 ventilators for critical care patients, and would run out of the life-saving equipment in a few days.

On March 26, Bhalla held a press conference next to the hospital, saying approximately a third of the hospital’s patients had the virus or were awaiting test results.

A release on the city’s webpage said, “The hospital is also near capacity of ventilators for critical patients, and is soon anticipating an additional surge of patients due to COVID-19.”

A CBS reporter who went to investigate wrote on Twitter on March 26, “I’ve seen 6 people walk into ER in an hour. All in masks. Can hear the cough from

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Clint Eastwood Sues To Make Fake CDB Endorsements Go Up In Smoke; Not Leaving Filmmaking, Despite What Phony Article Says

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The man who played Dirty Harry back in the day wants a group of online CBD retailers to make his day in court to the tune of much more than a fistful of dollars.

Seeking “an award of actual and compensatory damages in the millions of dollars” and more in profits, Clint Eastwood on Wednesday fired off a federal lawsuit (read it here) against a series of companies and their executives for placing metatags with his name in them to juice online searches. Filed at the same time, a second jury trial suit (read it here) from the Oscar-winning Million Dollar Baby director goes after Sera Labs Inc., Greendios and For Our Vets LLC for “an online scam that uses a false, defamatory, and wholly fabricated ‘news article’ about Mr. Eastwood to promote and sell cannabidiol (“CBD”) products.”

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“The fraudulent

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More Wells Fargo customers say the bank decided to pause their mortgage payments without asking

In March, Tammi Wilson was checking on her family’s mortgage online at Wells Fargo, when she saw a link to information about COVID-19 on the bank’s website. After clicking through, she provided contact information so she could receive materials on programs at the bank. Days later, she said she returned to the payment page to transmit what she and her husband David owed on their loan. A message popped up saying she had no active accounts and she could not make the payment.

Wilson later learned what had happened. Without her knowledge, the bank had put her into a program that suspended payments on her federally backed loan. Known as forbearance, it is a CARES Act program that aims to help borrowers who are having trouble making their payments because they’ve been hurt by COVID.

Because she had not asked for the bank’s help, Wilson continued to make all her

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Comic-Con 2020 Opens ‘At Home’ in Uncertain Times

To use the words of prophet and frequent convention attendee Hunter S. Thompson, when the going gets weird, the weird turn pro. This year, the professional weirdness of Comic-Con has taken a twist, as the four-day event will take place exclusively online.

To their credit, organizers are trying to replicate the commercialized fan-friendly confines of the San Diego Convention Center as much as possible: there is the traditional souvenir book featuring a pretty sweet drawing of Ray Bradbury on a T. Rex on the cover that is available for free .pdf download (and featuring click-through advertisements!), and you can print your own badge (sponsored by Amazon Prime Video!) to wear as you sit in front of your screen at home. The Comic-Con homepage also will take you to an online Exhibit Hall, where there will be interactive exhibits and events offered by vendors.

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Tesla posts surprise Q2 profit, ramping up cash despite coronavirus

Tesla (TSLA) posted a profit in the second quarter, defying Wall Street estimates after the electric car-maker delivered more vehicles than expected despite virus-related disruptions.

Here were the main results from Tesla’s Q2 report, compared to consensus estimates compiled by Bloomberg:

  • Revenue: $6.04 billion vs. $5.4 billion expected vs. $6.35 billion Y/Y

  • GAAP earnings per share: 50 cents, vs. GAAP loss per share of $1.06 expected and GAAP loss per share of $2.31 Y/Y

  • Free cash flow: $418 million, vs. outflow $617.9 million expected

Tesla’s second-quarter results came on the heels of an incredible 280% stock rally for the year to date, as investors bet on the company’s long-term prospects with the coronavirus pandemic weighing more heavily on established auto competitors. The near-fourfold increase in Tesla’s stock made it the second-best performer in the Nasdaq 100 after Moderna (MRNA), and rocketed Tesla’s market capitalization to nearly $300 billion to make

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Carrie Fisher’s ex-assistant masters the tell-a-lot novel

Byron Lane, ex-assistant to Carrie Fisher and author of "A Star Is Bored." <span class="copyright">(Byron Lane / Henry Holt and Co.)</span>
Byron Lane, ex-assistant to Carrie Fisher and author of “A Star Is Bored.” (Byron Lane / Henry Holt and Co.)

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Having covered the movie business for longer than I care to remember, and used to seeing stars routinely treated like royalty, their every whim indulged, I always wondered about the lives of the personal assistants who are at their beck and call 24/7, subject to humiliations that only Trump’s staff could know, with the sole reward being no more than a modest salary and the momentary flicker of reflected fame that lights their lives.

Details about the love-hate relationship that must exist between assistants and their wards are hard to come by, however — whether quashed by nondisclosure agreements or the prospect of being blackballed, thus faced with the

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