Day: July 23, 2020

Walmart de Mexico reports 10% jump in quarterly sales, but EBITDA dips

MEXICO CITY (Reuters) – Walmart’s Mexico unit reported a 10% jump in second quarter revenue compared with the year-earlier period on Thursday, helped by more grocery sales and online shopping amid stay-at-home measures meant to contain the coronavirus.

Still, Walmart de Mexico <WALMEX.MX>, the biggest retailer in Mexico, saw earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA) fall 3.3% from last year to 15.73 billion pesos, despite analyst forecasts EBITDA would increase.

The retailer also posted 1.66 billion pesos ($72.4 million) in quarterly net profit, a huge year-on-year drop due to a 8.1 billion peso payment to Mexico’s tax authority (SAT) in May.

Chief Financial Officer Milton Brandt said the retailer had managed to contain other costs in its core Mexico market.

“Excluding the payment to the SAT, we were able to keep expense growth below total revenue growth, despite incurring higher operating costs given the measures taken to handle

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Wedbush Sees Buying Opportunity in These 3 Stocks

Sometimes, the buying opportunities aren’t so obvious. It’s the job of Wall Street’s investment and research firms to clarify the situation – and Wedbush has been at the forefront of stock research for 65 years. The firm’s cadre of 52 analysts have more than 3,400 reviews on record – their collective finger is on the pulse of the stock market. And in recent weeks, they have pointed out three stocks that investors should consider buying.

We’ve used the TipRanks database to pull up the details on these stocks. They’re an eclectic bunch, covering a variety of business sectors, and Wedbush’s analysts see a far higher upside potential for each of them than Wall Street’s conventional wisdom would allow. Two of these stocks have been upgraded to Buy; one has been initiated at a Buy. Let’s find out why.

Harley-Davidson (HOG)

First on our list is one of the world’s most

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WA Tech Exec Charged With Laundering Coronavirus-Relief Money

BELLEVUE, WA — A Washington tech executive has been charged for laundering millions of dollars that were supposed to be used supporting businesses and employees during the coronavirus pandemic.

The Department of Justice says 48-year-old Mukund Mohan of Clyde Hill filed eight fraudulent Paycheck Protection Program loans for six different companies. Paycheck Protection Program, or PPP, loans are supposed to be used to help struggling businesses stay afloat and pay their employees during the pandemic, but prosecutors say Mohan illegally used the money to support himself instead.

The complaint against Mohan alleges he lied several times about the companies he was requesting loans for, and about how many people were on their payroll. In one case, the DOJ says Mohan claimed a company of his, Mahenjo Inc., had dozens of employees who were receiving millions in wages during the pandemic. In fact, Mohan had bought Mahenjo online in May of

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“We Want To Make Sure It’s Safe For Them & For Us”

It’s late July and across the country, tense conversations are taking place between teachers, parents, politicians, and state officials about reopening public schools. Coronavirus cases are spiking across the country, especially in states like Arizona, Florida, Texas, California, and Mississippi, and as reopening plans nevertheless push forward, there’s real fear that it’s only going to get worse. For teachers, this means coming to grips with the reality that they may be forced to re-enter the classroom before case numbers significantly decrease in their cities and states. Some are so scared of this that they’re working on their wills in preparation.

To get a better sense of what teachers are going through right now and what we can do to support them, we spoke to Katrina, a high school algebra teacher in Texas, who also has a son in high school, and is the president of her local teachers union chapter.

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Kayak CEO Hints Company May Get Into the Hotel Business

There’s been speculation over the years about online travel companies getting into the hotel business, and Kayak CEO Steve Hafner teased as much during an interview on Thursday.

Hafner, who heads Booking Holdings brands Kayak and OpenTable, dropped the hint during a pre-recorded interview for Travel’s Path Forward: Online Travel, when discussing the company’s product roadmap during the Covid-19 hiatus.

Without providing much detail, Hafner teased an announcement about Kayak getting into the hotel business in some form beyond its traditional hotel referral and booking services.

“Soon we are going to announce our first forays into the hotel business,” Hafner said.

Asked whether we would see Kayak-branded hotels, Hafner said, “I wouldn’t be surprised if you did. Put it that way.”

He added another tidbit when discussing OpenTable and loyalty programs.

Later in the interview, Hafner discussed the integration of OpenTable’s dining services with sister company, and he said

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Republicans Struggling To Finalize Their Next Coronavirus Relief Package

After days of intra-party squabbles and months of delays, Republicans on Thursday struggled to unify around another economic stimulus package that would help Americans reeling from the resurgent coronavirus pandemic.

The proposal, which was initially expected to be made public on Thursday, now won’t be released until next week due to disagreements among Senate Republicans and the White House. And that’s even before negotiations with the Democrats, whose support will be necessary to send the legislation to the president’s desk.

“We’re still developing the bill. It’s not going to come out till Monday,” Senate Finance Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) said.

The last-minute hangup on a proposal that almost certainly won’t become law in its current form follows months of delays by Republicans, who argued that Congress should pump the brakes and evaluate its earlier stimulus measures before taking action once more. Now, millions more Americans have become unemployed and

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Aurora Police Warn Of Unemployment, Fake Check Scams

AURORA, IL — More than a dozen Aurora residents have been targeted by two increasingly popular scams, prompting police to issue a warning to residents.

At least 10 residents have filed reports with the Aurora Police Department after receiving debit cards in the mail to access unemployment benefits they never applied for. Several other residents have lost money after being defrauded while trying to sell items through online marketplaces like Craigslist and OfferUp, police said.

East Aurora Schools To Start Fall Semester With Remote Learning

Unemployment systems throughout the country are being targeted by fraudsters amid the coronavirus pandemic, according to Illinois Department of Employment Security officials. Gov. J.B. Pritzker said Wednesday that state officials are working with federal authorities to investigate “the nationwide fraud scheme impacting each state’s federal pandemic unemployment assistance program.”

West Aurora District 129 To Offer Remote, Hybrid Learning Plans

Any resident who receives a debit

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Kimberly Guilfoyle under fire for Trump fundraising disarray

News that Kimberly Guilfoyle contracted the coronavirus had barely surfaced on July 3 before she hopped on a private flight from Mount Rushmore back to New York with her boyfriend, Donald Trump, Jr.

Left behind in her wake after President Donald Trump’s pre-Independence Day address were more than a half-dozen junior campaign staffers whom Guilfoyle oversees as the president’s national finance chair. The aides, who’d been in proximity to Guilfoyle, were forced to quarantine in their Rapid City, S.D., hotel rooms for three days and barred from face-to-face contact with colleagues as they pleaded with the campaign to get them home.

The campaign tried to reassure the staffers, checking in with them and stressing the need to wait a few days to take a coronavirus test. But the aides felt deserted and scared they’d get sick in a city they’d never set foot in before. They were so distraught that

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Twitter’s Soaring User Base Masks Critical Problems

(Bloomberg Opinion) — Users continue to flock to Twitter Inc.’s social media platform, but that doesn’t necessarily make it any better of an investment for shareholders.

Early Thursday, Twitter posted strong audience growth for its second quarter. Its key user metric — average monetizable daily active usage — came in at 186 million for the three months ended in June, up 34% from a year earlier and handily beating the 174 million average analyst estimate. Second-quarter revenue, however, was below Wall Street expectations at $683 million, a decline of 19% from a year earlier. 

The stock got an early boost on the user numbers, which were, admittedly, stellar. But the drivers that helped boost its audience may be temporary. The company itself cited the extraordinary historic nature of the June quarter in its investor letter: “The year-over-year increase in mDAU was primarily driven by external factors, such as continued shelter-in-place

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How to edit a Microsoft PowerPoint template to change its default color theme, font, and more

It's easy to edit a PowerPoint template.
It’s easy to edit a PowerPoint template.

SeventyFour/Getty Images

  • You can edit a PowerPoint template by adjusting its theme settings.

  • Your options for editing templates look fairly similar whether you make them on the desktop or web version of PowerPoint, though the latter is more limited.

  • While the preset options PowerPoint offers you are helpful, you may want to edit the default font, colors, and more.

  • Visit Business Insider’s Tech Reference library for more stories.

Microsoft PowerPoint offers many templates to kickstart your projects — and you can adjust these presets with a few easy clicks.

Whether you need to match your latest presentation to your work’s logo colors or have a different preference for a photo slideshow, you can make those changes in several locations. You can also edit fonts, color schemes, accents, backgrounds, and more. Adjustments can be made in the toolbar at the top or in the

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