Day: August 14, 2020

Sasheer Zamata on social media & her comedic influencer killing “Spree”

Sasheer Zamata in “Spree” Dreamcrew Entertainment

“Originally it was going to be just purely an indictment of this horrible trend in America of white male mass murderers,” says “Spree” director and co-writer (with Gene McHugh) Eugene Kotlyarenko. “Then when we came upon the idea that actually there’s a lot that horrible people like that share in common with influencer culture.”

Shot largely with GoPro and phone cameras and unfolding in a livestream format, “Spree” takes what could be a gimmicky concept and turns it into an unnervingly comic horror tale. “Stranger Things” actor Joe Keery is Kurt Kunkle, a rideshare driver and frustrated aspiring social media star who decides to start poisoning, stabbing and drilling his hapless passengers in pursuit of likes. But when he crosses paths with Jessie Adams (“SNL” veteran Sasheer Zamata) a comedian with a sharp social media game, he begins to think she may hold the

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Mortgage rates spike in response to new fee, but deals are still around

Mortgage rates have taken off ever since lenders found out Wednesday night that they’ll be charged a new fee on most refinance loans.

Average rates on 30-year fixed-rate mortgages have skyrocketed and are above 3% for the first time in months, according to Mortgage News Daily.

“Mortgage lenders don’t like surprises, and they don’t like suddenly being forced to pay hundreds of millions of dollars they hadn’t budgeted for,” says Matthew Graham, MND’s chief operating officer. “When that happens, they are going to raise rates to offset the newfound losses. And that’s exactly what they did.”

But one of the nation’s largest mortgage lenders is offering a 30-year loan with rates as low as 1.999%, so deals are still out there. You just need to know how to find them.

What’s happened to mortgage rates?

Andrii Yalanskyi / Shutterstock

It was just last week that 30-year mortgage rates dropped

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Demand for virtual sex work is skyrocketing in quarantine, but some some workers have struggled to adapt

  • Demand for virtual sex services has skyrocketed since the coronavirus pandemic began.

  • And for some people who are newly unemployed, selling nude photos and videos online has become a part of the quarantine routine.

  • We spoke to three people in the sex industry, including one who makes as much as $17,000 a month posting photos online.

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Some sex workers are reimagining their business for a world where meeting clients in person is risky.

Even as many US states and countries have emerged from coronavirus-related, demand for virtual sex services is skyrocketing. 

But for some people who are newly unemployed, selling naked photos and videos online has become a part of the quarantine routine. 

One 24-year-old woman, who uses the pseudonym Harper Heart, has monetized nude photos of herself on the subscription service OnlyFans and other platforms. Users can only see Heart’s

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‘My mum’s advice saved me from lockdown anxiety’

My Money is a series looking at how people spend their money – and the sometimes tough decisions they have to make. Here, Lexy Oliver from Cheshire takes us through a week in her life during the coronavirus pandemic.

Lexy is 27 and lives in Cuddington, Cheshire, with her husband Jonny, also 27, and their cat Bobby. She is the fifth generation to work in her family business, a delicatessen owned by her father. Jonny works as a data scientist for a holiday lettings agency. Lexy says there are no better staff discounts than good food and holidays!

The Covid-19 situation has certainly had an impact on their finances over the last few months. Lexy was furloughed for 10 weeks, and Jonny has just returned to work having been on furlough since April. During lockdown, when neither of them were in work, they were down over £1,000 a month in

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12 fun kids’ face masks for the COVID-19 pandemic

 <span class="copyright">(Micah Fluellen / Los Angeles Times)</span>
(Micah Fluellen / Los Angeles Times)

With in-person school just starting for many children, face masks have become the new backpacks in terms of being necessities for at least 2020 and 2021. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that children 2 and older “wear masks in public and when around people who don’t live in your household.”

As the world adjusts to life in the age of COVID-19, it’s safe to say many parents are probably adding fashionable face masks to their children’s back-to-school shopping lists. Although students in Los Angeles may be confined to online learning, kids in other states are returning to the classroom, for which the CDC also states, “Appropriate and consistent use of cloth face coverings is most important when students, teachers and staff are indoors and when social distancing of at least 6 feet is difficult to implement or maintain.”

We’ve rounded up

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Shoppers Are Buying Online More Than Ever, But Customer Retention Is at Its Lowest

Brands have been able to acquire customers at higher rates during the pandemic than in previous months, according to a new survey by customer experience platform Blaze. But retaining these shoppers for long-term success is a separate challenge, one that brands are failing: The report found that customer retention dropped to just 3% by month three.

As shoppers have flocked to new purchasing channels on desktop and mobile, many brands and retailers have been able to capitalize on this new market. Data from Q2 of this year shows a 60% increase in customer acquisition from Q1 across e-commerce, with mobile securing an even higher 62% increase. This reflects other studies from the pandemic showing that mobile sales have been growing significantly throughout this period.

Part of this acquisition can be attributed to consumers looking for new digital options, due to the closure of brick-and-mortar and the absence of an online

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How to get your finances in shape in just 1 month

Keeping tabs on your finances can be much easier said than done. With thousands of personal finance blogs, books and experts out there with sometimes conflicting advice, it can be hard to make sense of what you really should do.

We’re bringing it back to the very basics. If you set aside just 30 minutes each week for the next month, your finances will be in better shape than they are today. Knowledge is the ultimate power when it comes to managing your money. Here’s how to do it in a few short weeks.

Week 1: Take your financial health vitals

There are so many different components to your financial health. Think of it like a well visit to your doctor — you need to get your temperature and blood pressure taken before you can troubleshoot the big stuff. The same rule applies to your money.

This first week, get

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Hoboken Low On Rapid Coronavirus Tests Due To U.S. Shortage: City

HOBOKEN, NJ — Hoboken’s uptown drive-through coronavirus test center is low on rapid tests and is “utilizing non-rapid testing at their site for some patients and reserving rapid tests for those with symptoms or who are at-risk,” the city announced Friday. Typically, Hoboken residents can head to the 15th Street center to get a test, but only some go because they have symptoms, while others do it to ensure they are well before seeing older relatives, or in order to travel to another state with restrictions.

The city said the issue is “due to a nationwide shortage of rapid COVID-19 tests.” As a result, “Riverside [Medical Group] has ordered more rapid tests, however, non-rapid tests may be used for most residents at their site for the near future. We apologize for the inconvenience it may have caused for residents scheduled for testing over the next several days.”

To get a

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A Detailed Guide For Where To Buy Your Next Rug Online

Just like building a house, great interior design starts with a strong foundation — and a strong foundation often starts with a rug. In a digital era marked by the overabundance of choice, making such weighty decor decisions online instead of in-store can feel overwhelming. We may not be interior decorators but we’re pros in navigating the vast world of e-commerce, so we’re here to help you along your virtual rug journey.

There’s a lot to consider when picking out your floor art (yes, that’s what we’re calling it). In addition to selecting the right texture, thickness, and consistency, you also want to keep color palette and even country of origin in mind. Whether you’re going for dreamy bohemian or contemporary cool, your rug of choice wields the power to make or break a space’s design aesthetic — it pulls enough weight to dictate how your furniture is arranged. To

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new yuan card settlement network promotes global use of China’s currency

American Express’ entry into China’s US$27 trillion payment market may help increase the use of the yuan across borders amid worsening US-China tensions, according to analysts.

The joint venture between American Express and LianLian DigiTech, called Express (Hangzhou) Technology Services, obtained approval in June from China’s central bank for a network clearing license, making American Express the first foreign company allowed to settle yuan-denominated credit card transactions both abroad and on the mainland.

The clearing of card transactions refers to the settlement of transactions and the transfer of funds from one bank to another, and by a bank to a merchant that accepts the card when someone uses it to make purchases.

US-China trade war: Beijing will honour phase one deal by opening financial sector wider

Beijing’s decision to let the American company participate in its clearing network will help channel more yuan funds abroad, boosting the yuan’s circulation and

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