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Amateur investors chase profits during the pandemic

Barney Durrant is one of thousands of Brits who have signed up to online trading and investing platforms during the pandemic. Photo: Barney Durrant
Barney Durrant is one of thousands of Brits who have signed up to online trading and investing platforms during the pandemic. Photo: Barney Durrant

Barney Durrant’s father worked for British Airways when he was younger. So when the share price of BA’s parent company began tumbling earlier this year, he saw “an opportunity.”

“I felt they would come back reasonably quickly,” Durrant, a self-employed digital marketing consultant from East Grinstead, said of airline stocks. “They were at such a massive low.”

A few weeks into lockdown he signed up to online trading platform Saxo and bought shares in BA’s parent company IAG (IAG.L). He also picked up stock in easyJet (EZJ.L) and a few other bombed out big names such as engine maker Rolls-Royce (RR.L).

Durrant is one of thousands of Brits who have joined trading and investment platforms since the COVID-19 pandemic began. A combination of market volatility, lockdown

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how Wiley’s tweets draw on a long and ugly history

The grime artist Wiley has been accused of anti-Semitism on social media - PA/Ian West
The grime artist Wiley has been accused of anti-Semitism on social media – PA/Ian West

Grime artist Wiley has been dropped by his management and banned from Twitter for an extraordinary tirade of anti-Semitic posts late last week. In the heavily criticised flurry of Tweets, Wiley, real name Richard Cowie, likened Jews to the Ku Klux Klan and told them that Israel is not their country. Twitter’s perceived lateness in removing Wiley’s broadside prompted further outrage, and has led to condemnation from the Home Secretary and the Prime Minister, as well as a 48-hour boycott of the social-media platform by thousands of disgusted users. 

The grime artist’s outburst is just the latest in an unfortunate line of anti-Semitic controversies emanating from certain members of the hip-hop community. Some rappers have an uncomfortable track record of anti-Jewish sentiment that goes back decades – leading to a 2011 Jewish Chronicle article calling

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UK Mulls Online Sales Tax to Help Save Struggling Brick-and-Mortar Shops

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The United Kingdom may soon require an online sales tax.

According to multiple reports, Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak is weighing plans to tax online retailers in a bid to raise 2 billion pounds (about $2.5 billion) a year for the UK government as well as to help flailing brick-and-mortar businesses.

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Last week, the U.K. Treasury opened a call for evidence as it reviews the system of business rates imposed on brick-and-mortar businesses. Under the current system — which was imposed in the ’90s — approximately two billion shops, offices and factories are subject to taxation based on the rental value of their outposts.

As it looks to restructure its system, the Treasury is mulling adding a tax to online retailers in order to fund a reduction in rates for brick-and-mortar shops. It is also considering restructuring its

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How the Fed could push mortgage rates even lower this week

Both homebuyers and homeowners are loving today’s record-breaking mortgage rates, which have been averaging less than 3% for the very first time. As rates have made history this month, mortgage applications have been rising.

Borrowers owe the Federal Reserve a big thank you for the plunging rates on new and refinance home loans, and Fed policymakers who meet this week could help push them even lower.

America’s central bank is expected to stick with and even sharpen its coronavirus-fighting policies that have driven interest rates down. Fed officials also are likely to spread more gloom about the economy — and when Fed chief Jerome Powell and his colleagues get grim, mortgage rates tend to drop.

What the Fed is likely to do

Paul Brady Photography / Shutterstock

Let’s get this out of the way first thing: No one’s expecting the Fed’s policy panel to make any changes in interest

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Egypt female social media influencers get two-year jail terms

Cairo (AFP) – An Egyptian court Monday sentenced five female social media influencers to two years in jail each on charges of violating public morals, a judicial source said.

The verdict against Haneen Hossam, Mowada al-Adham and three others came after they had posted footage on video-sharing app TikTok.

“The Cairo economic court sentenced Hossam, Adham and three others to two years after they were convicted of violating society’s values,” the judicial source said.

The ruling, which can be appealed, included a fine of 300,000 Egyptian pounds ($18,750) for each defendant, the source noted.

Hossam was arrested in April after posting a three-minute clip telling her 1.3 million followers that girls could make money by working with her.

In May, authorities arrested Adham who had posted satirical videos on TikTok and Instagram, where she has at least two million followers.

Lawyer Ahmed Hamza al-Bahqiry said the young women are facing

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Uber Eats, Carrefour Take Online Delivery To Rest Of France, Belgium

French supermarket chain Carrefour (CRRFY) and Uber’s (UBER) Eats unit are expanding their partnership for online shopping deliveries to the rest of France and will launch the service in Belgium. 

Back in April, the two companies first launched the delivery service throughout the Paris region to meet demand for groceries and essential products during the nationwide coronavirus lockdown.

As of 20 July, the service is now available via 330 sales outlets and covers 91 major urban areas – that’s 25% of the French population.  Carrefour added that from the 130 products available at the start of the partnership, consumers can now choose from more than 250 essential everyday items, with the aim being to increase this to 500 by early September.

“We are very pleased to be able to continue to bolster our strategic partnership with a specialist player like Carrefour and to make home delivery

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Goldman Sachs predicts these stocks will benefit from a weakening dollar

The U.S. dollar is slumping, but investors could still make some greenbacks off of a few key stocks.

FX strategists at Goldman Sachs predict the trade-weighted USD will weaken some 5.3% in the coming year, off of a roughly 4% slump from mid-May, strategists at the firm wrote in a note Friday.

To be sure, the dollar has taken a beating recently (the U.S. Dollar Index is down about 4% in the last month)—And there are those that are predicting the coronavirus crisis could topple its supremacy altogether. But despite the selloff, strategists at Goldman believe “the greenback remains overvalued by most metrics and offers poor fundamentals.”

Indeed, Morgan Stanley’s chief investment officer Lisa Shalett wrote in a Monday note that “we finally see the dollar bull dying, too, as the forces that created dollar scarcity—superior relative growth and yields, a shrinking current account deficit and more effective post-crisis policies—fade.”

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25 Companies Making the Most Money From Coronavirus

Microsoft’s recent earnings report revealed a company that’s not feeling the impact of the pandemic directly on its balance sheet. The company — which has been growing rapidly in recent years on the back of its huge cloud computing segment — posted a 13% increase in revenue compared to the same period in 2019, beating analyst expectations for sales and profits. Revenue growth for their cloud segment Azure was an eye-popping 47%, which was actually a slowdown from the 59% posted the quarter before.

Microsoft’s big report showcased how the coronavirus pandemic isn’t the same for every business. Plenty of companies have seen a huge boost in sales and profits as many Americans change their consumer behaviors to protect themselves from COVID-19, and they’re reaping the benefits even as many other businesses have been forced to close or make costly adjustments to their business model to stay open.

So which

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How to stay safe on vacation during the COVID-19 pandemic

How to stay safe on vacation during the pandemic
How to stay safe on vacation during the pandemic

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Summer is often the time for road trips, beach vacations, and camping getaways. But amid the current coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, people are understandably hesitant to travel, even as many states start to lift stay-at-home orders. Despite the fact that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) stresses that staying home is the best way to protect both yourself and others from getting sick, more and more people are choosing to get away this season after months in quarantine.

Over the last month, there’s been a surge in rental home reservations, campsite bookings, and even RV rentals. Airbnb says it’s received more bookings from May 17 to June 3 than it did in 2019 while campsites across the country continue to report

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