Here’s how to make it work in 2020

1 To avoid a dated, clichéd look, don’t overdo it with soft, cosy textiles. ‘If

1 To avoid a dated, clichéd look, don’t overdo it with soft, cosy textiles. ‘If you have too much softness, too many throws, it can feel a bit twee,’ says Signe Johansen. ‘You need to balance it with harder materials such as wood, stone and glass. Having those contrasting textures is quintessentially Scandinavian, very hyggelig.’

2 Display photographs and objects that remind you of people you love, particularly if you might not be able to see them for a while. Johansen suggests having photos printed as cards to send to family and friends: ‘That reminder that we’re thinking of each other will help us to get through  the winter.’

3 Mix in playful accessories that make you smile. An uncluttered, neutral backdrop is often soothing to the eye, but adding a pop of colour or pattern can help prevent it from becoming cold or clinical. 

4 ‘You don’t have to spend a lot of money to make your home more hygge,’ says Johansen. She suggests taking up a traditional craft and making something yourself for your home: ‘I think that will feature a lot in the coming months,  as we’re going to have a lot of time  on our hands.’

5 Oliver Heath advises seeking out natural light when possible, and incorporating circadian lighting into your home to support your body’s natural sleep and wake cycles. Try colour-changing light bulbs that you can adjust to give a warm glow in the morning and evening, and a brighter, whiter light during the day. 


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