Off the road since March, Miami-Dade’s scooter business awaits a COVID reprieve

In a Little Haiti warehouse, a good chunk of Miami’s once bustling scooter fleet sits in the dark, its pink wheels collecting dust.

Diego Perelmuter’s job is to tend to the hundreds of scooters Lyft dumped here on March 18, when Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez used emergency powers to order a halt to all bike and scooter rentals as a way to slow the spread of COVID-19.

It was the fifth of 83 emergency orders Gimenez would sign over six months, making scooter rentals one of the first industries to close in Miami-Dade. Unlike restaurants, malls, massage studios, barbershops, hotels, gyms, casinos and tattoo parlors, scooter rentals remain banned in Miami-Dade.

“Miami was one of our best performing markets,” said Perelmuter, an Aventura resident and Lyft’s operations manager for the area. The warehouse used to be be bustling with vans unloading dead scooters needing charges and loading powered ones ready

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8 Online Business Ideas for Retirees

If you’re concerned about income in retirement, it may be time to consider boosting your finances by starting a business. “The prospect of working beyond the age of 62 or 65 is fast becoming a reality,” says Roy Cohen, a career coach based in New York City and author of “The Wall Street Professional’s Survival Guide.” “Assets have shrunk, which is a huge concern for many retirees, and the ability to save enough to keep up with inflation is a challenge, too.”

To stay safe and have flexibility, consider business opportunities online. You may be able to generate income from a retirement business without leaving home. However, it’s important to pick the right field and carry out research before launching a business venture in retirement. You will need to find an online business option that lines up with your interests and expertise.

Consider these retirement business ideas:

1. Fitness trainer.

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Collecting Hot Wheels Is Serious Business

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While they’re only toys, the little cars can be worth thousands.

If you’re even a bit of a car enthusiast there’s a good chance you have in your possession some Hot Wheels or other toy vehicles. Maybe you have them proudly displayed on a shelf or they’re tucked safely away in a box somewhere, but those prized possessions might be worth more than you think. As an enthusiast you might already be aware that toy and model cars can sell for big bucks on the open market, but the average person on the street likely has no idea.

Some people are always on the hunt for Hot Wheels and other toy cars they believe will one day be wise investments. They carefully store the car in the original packaging, keeping it out of direct sunlight to avoid fading. At different car events, they’re

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Bath & Body Works’ Fall Bakery Is Officially Open For Business

Nothing says “fall” quite like the smell of a warm pumpkin doughnut rolled in cinnamon sugar. Even if you’re not ready to trade your sandals for ankle boots or plan your annual late-September trip to the apple orchard, you can pick up a few scented candles that will make your living room smell like you’re already there.

To ease you into the rapidly approaching season, everyone’s favorite candle superstore, Bath & Body Works, just dropped its fall 2020 collection both online and in retail stores across the country — and it’s one of the sweetest-smelling assortments we’ve ever seen.

When you head to the Bath & Body Works website and click on the “3-Wick Candles” dropdown, you’ll be met with a landing page filled with what the retailer calls its Fall Bakery. From Pumpkin Cookie Dough and Dutch Apple Waffle to Blueberry Maple Pancakes and Pumpkin Doughnut Shop, you’ll start

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Testing time for business passengers?

Time saver? Heathrow airport says it is ready to test passengers (© LHR Airports Ltd)
Time saver? Heathrow airport says it is ready to test passengers (© LHR Airports Ltd)

“We’re proposing business travel as a priority,” says Drew Crawley.

If I tell you he is chief commercial officer for American Express Global Business Travel, you may well be thinking: well, he would say that, would he? But hear him out.

“What we want to do is to get confidence back into flying, and confidence back into the government so they know that, if there are issues, they can follow up and we’ve got the data to do that.

“We’re past the holiday season now. September is normally the kickstart for business travel.”

What Mr Crawley is proposing is to use business travellers as upmarket guinea pigs on the route between London and New York – the biggest and most profitable intercontinental air route in the world.

“It’s phenomenal the amount of trade between the

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This Site Used to Print Business Cards; Now They’re Letting You Create Your Own Face Masks

Wearing face masks and social distancing have become a new normal for many Americans, as more than half of U.S. states have instituted mask mandates and other safety guidelines to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

As the U.S. continues its effort in fighting Covid-19, non-medical masks have also become an opportunity for self-expression. One way to showcase your personality and style is through a custom face mask. While there are a number of sites offering stylish, pre-designed face coverings, the popular online printing company Vistaprint, is now offering an easy way to customize your face masks and even order them in bulk (say, if you want to order masks for your restaurant or small business).

vistaprint custom masks review

See all custom mask options on Vistaprint

What’s great about Vistaprint’s non-medical masks is that they’re designed to hold replaceable filters (available separately as 10-packs for $10), and they’re

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RydeFYR Owner Chevy Laurent Keeps Business Afloat During COVID-19

MANHATTAN BEACH, CA — For RydeFYR business owner Chevy Laurent, she could not have predicted what a rough ride opening her own indoor cycling studio would be. After quitting her full-time job and putting her life savings into creating a state-of-the-art heated indoor cycling experience with custom-built bikes, COVID-19 struck.

“So in March [2020], just one year after taking on the expense of our space, and just a few months after officially opening our doors, just as we were starting to build momentum and grow as a new small-business, the pandemic hit and stay-at-home orders were imposed by the Governor,” she said. “And I’ve got to be perfectly honest when I say this was a really devastating blow. But at the time, it was what we were told we all needed to do to flatten the curve and keep everyone safe.

“And when we were told it was going to

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This Small Business Owner Found Success by Helping Customers Feel Safe: It’s ‘a Beautiful Thing’

courtesy Danielle Cullen Jermaine Owens

Jermaine Owens is the owner of North Fork Seafood and Shelter Island Seafood Market, a Long Island-based seafood company that sells fish to commercial customers and restaurants. After getting his start in the industry at a young age, Owens, 43, worked three decades as a professional fish cutter prior to opening North Fork Seafood in February — right before the coronavirus pandemic hit the U.S. While other businesses were struggling, Owens saw his thrive — in part due to his home delivery service — and it became so successful that he opened a second seafood market and restaurant in July. Here, Owens talks to PEOPLE about operating two businesses in the midst of a pandemic, why he believes they’ve done so well and what he’s learned along the way.

I was about eight years old when I got my start in the fish business. My

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Is this the best time to start a business? ‘The Profit’ star offers some insight

Is this a good time or a bad time to start a business? What if I told you it is a great time?

I have long thought that recessions are excellent times to start businesses. The smart and passionate Marcus Lemonis, star of the “The Profit” on CNBC, agrees.

Recessions could work well for startups for a few reasons:

•Startups require passion and commitment, and those facing financial uncertainty have those traits in spades.

•Essential startup costs are cheaper in recessions, i.e. rent, advertising, labor, etc.

Lemonis added another very important reason: There is a lot of money available for startups. “With the (Small Business Administration) being more generous than ever with their guidelines and with more cash on the sidelines than there has been in years,” the time could be opportune to launch a startup.

Perhaps it’s time to launch a startup.

Lemonis suggested that we all should

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This Pet Stock Just Bought an Animal Health Business for $7.6 Billion

Based in Indiana, Elanco Animal Health (NYSE: ELAN) develops products and services that treat diseases in pets and commercial animals around the world. Just two short years after being spun off from Eli Lilly, Elanco has taken a bold step by acquiring Bayer Animal Health in a $7.6 billion move that establishes it as the second-largest animal health company in the world by revenue (behind Zoetis).

A $7.6 billion animal-health merger

The deal was announced in August 2019 and was financed with $5.2 billion in cash and 72.9 million shares of Elanco. Management believes Bayer will help it strengthen its focus on the connections between pet health and farm animal health, as well as providing new research and development capabilities that will help expand the portfolio of pet and farm products and generate future cash flow growth.

The deal will triple Elanco’s international footprint, and that greater scale

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