A small business argument for Joe Biden

Democratic presidential nominee Joe BidenJoe BidenTrump makes appeal to suburban women at rally: ‘Will you please like me?’ Pro-Trump campaign ad uses stock footage from Russia, Belarus Harris raises alarm on abortion rights while grilling Barrett MORE‘s economic proposals are, on the surface, not very friendly to small business. 

He’s proposing tax increases, more regulations, higher wages, a return to the Affordable Care Act and changes to independent contracting and other labor rules that would create more costs and bureaucracy. So, does that mean that Biden would be a bad president for small business? Maybe. Maybe not. Business owners have a responsibility to their employees and communities to put politics aside and objectively evaluate how each candidate would impact their companies before casting their votes.

Unfortunately, the Biden campaign has not provided much help. The campaign recently launched a “small business outreach” program which, as I wrote here,

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How Remote Work Presents New Data-Driven Business Opportunities in Latin America

As Latin American businesses increasingly come online, here’s a look at some of the biggest opportunities to keep an eye on.

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Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

Over the past few years, consumers in Latin America have shifted to buying online due to a rise in internet access and smartphone usage. By 2025, 79 percent of all mobile connections in Latin America are expected to be via smartphones. From 2016-2018, the region was the fastest growing in the world for Uber, Netflix, and Airbnb, according to a white paper by DHL and the Panama Ministry of Commerce. The global health crisis is now accelerating this digital transformation on an unprecedented scale. Over the past few months, more consumers have shifted their shopping and payment behaviors towards online channels, and companies are investing heavily in digital infrastructure to support the demand. 

Related: Mark

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MoneyGram’s Digital Business Consistently Soars in September


Raymond James Says These 3 Stocks Could Surge Over 100% From Current Levels

Election day is just around the corner, and Wall Street is placing its bet on a Democratic sweep. Following the Presidential debate on September 29, the chance of a Biden victory has been increasing in the market.Since September 30, the S&P 500 has moved 5.5% higher. That said, the rotation into cyclicals and small-caps has been much more pronounced, with the Russell 2000 surging 8.5% over the same period.Weighing in for Raymond James, strategist Tavis McCour argues the shift into cyclicals and small-caps “provides some evidence of how the market will rotate in the case of a Democratic sweep, with the logic being stronger fiscal support, steeper yield curve and faster cyclical recovery.”McCour points out that “in the background is remarkably sustainable economic data, and the likely positive impact to EPS.” According to the strategist, Atlanta

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What You Should Know Before Starting A Telehealth Business

Partner, Director of Strategy & Insights at RUNNER Agency

The calls began to trickle in around May this year. What started as a few leads here and there has grown into a steady stream of physicians and entrepreneurs looking to start telehealth businesses across many different specialties.

I began to notice some common themes around patient acquisition in these conversations. In many cases, there was a false expectation that the current groundswell of patient and industry enthusiasm was enough. What we could observe, as marketing experts, was increased competition, investment and exploration in a rapidly growing industry. Without an unlimited budget, the way to win in this climate is to market smarter.

So here are six key strategies I’d recommend for someone starting a new telehealth business.

1. Understand Your New Competition

Telehealth does level the playing field. If you’re a medical practice, you’re no longer competing against just

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Council Post: How To Scale A Service-Based Business: Eight Top Tips

Growing a business can seem like a straightforward venture, and it can be deceptively simple on paper. However, once you start to delve into the heart of the matter, you realize that any business model requires some deep thought before you can scale it.

In a service-based business, however, special considerations must be made. It’s not as simple as selling more products when the product is your time, and your time is limited. There are only so many hours in a day you can offer up, so how does an entrepreneur deal with this? Eight experts from Young Entrepreneur Council discuss their best tips for growing service-based companies, offering actionable advice for any entrepreneur who wants to succeed in the industry.

1. Find A ‘Second Penguin’

If you can, find a “second penguin”—someone who

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Small business makes ‘larger than life’ products

Many businesses are forced to think creatively right now to adjust to challenges around the pandemic. One small business that’s used to being creative has approached the issues with some inspired ideas.

Great Big Stuff is located in Delaware, owned by Christina and Ed Hoenisch. The company sells what they describe as “larger than life” products that are massively oversized.

Their website sells giant bacon, matchsticks, name tags and other wildly large versions of the regular thing.

“We have giant crayons. So we produce those and we put them altogether. And they are really neat you can customize them too so these have the name of the color on the crayon but a lot of people will decorate their kids’ rooms and put their kid’s name on it as like a great decoration,” explained Christina.

The owners say they personally build about 40% of the objects themselves, in a barn

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Small business owners urge people to shop local on Amazon Prime Day | FOX 4 Kansas City WDAF-TV

PARKVILLE, Mo. — On a day when many people spend a little extra cash online, small business owners in downtown Parkville urged people to save a little something for the local brick-and-mortar shops.

“If you buy everything from Amazon, Jeff Bezos continues to get richer and richer, and your neighbors go out of business,” said Theresa Bentley, owner of Bentley Guitar Studios.

This year, Amazon’s annual “Prime Day” sale is extending to two days, both Tuesday and Wednesday of this week. And while the massive online retailer offers convenience and eye-popping deals, shop owners like Bentley are urging people to invest at least some small portion in the local economy.

Bentley, who played the harp in front of her storefront on Tuesday, also celebrated the sense of community that comes with a vibrant, local shopping scene.

“You don’t get this at Amazon. You just don’t,” Bentley said. “The charm, little

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Questor: a ‘simple, profitable business’ that could get snapped up if the shares fail to move

Not all “coronavirus stocks” are involved in vaccines or treatments. It may make front page news less often, but also important in the fight against Covid-19 is good ventilation – and the company we feature this week provided extraction systems for the NHS’s Nightingale hospital programme, no less.

Volution is not a household name although its Vent-Axia fans are. The firm was spun out of Smiths Group, the diversified engineer, in 2002 and floated 12 years later.

“Fans don’t sound that exciting but there is quite a lot of innovation,” said Stuart Widdowson, who holds Volution in his Odyssean investment trust. “For example, they can now be controlled by humidity sensors and a lot of work is being done on making them silent.”

He admitted that “at their simplest fans are a few bits of plastic and a motor” but said they avoided being a commodity, with all that means

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The power of narrative and role of storytelling in business

The Fast Company Impact Council, an invitation-only group of corporate leaders, entrepreneurial founders, and other leaders from across industries, gathered on June 30 to share their insights. Members split into small groups, moderated by Fast Company editors, and shared their perspectives on how they are managing and innovating amid a trio of crises: the global pandemic, the economic slowdown, and calls for social justice in the wake of the killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery.

In this roundtable discussion, led by senior editor Amy Farley, top executives talked about how companies build narratives that can resonate with consumers and with employees, and how the role of authentic storytelling and honest communication will be a key tenet of business in the decades to come. Participants in this session, in no particular order, were the executive director of MIT Media Lab Deb Roy, Esri CMO Marianna Kantor, Integral Ad

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3 Reasons Levi’s Online Business Is About to Take Off

Levi Strauss (NYSE:LEVI) saw its revenue decline substantially in fiscal 2020’s third quarter (which ended Aug. 23) due to reduced traffic and store closures during the coronavirus pandemic. However, Levi’s e-commerce revenue growth accelerated meaningfully, and management is investing in certain areas to build out a more robust direct-to-consumer business, which could have a big impact on growth once the pandemic has passed.

Here are three reasons why Levi’s online business is kicking into a higher gear.

A stack of folded jeans.

Image source: Getty Images.

1. Expanding the customer base 

One of Levi’s top growth initiatives is building a more robust omnichannel experience. Levi’s is currently experiencing tremendous momentum with online sales, as company-operated e-commerce sales surged 52% last quarter and made up 8% of the business. The acceleration was helped by recent store closures, but the market share Levi’s is gaining with women could help the brand grow online sales faster in a

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