BTS angers Chinese with Korean War diss, Samsung yanks online merch

South Korean K-pop boyband BTS seems to have stepped in it – internationally, that is.

After winning an award celebrating cooperation between the U.S. and South Korea from the New York-based, nonprofit Korea Society, band leader RM, whose given name is Kim Nam-joon, had this to say.

“We will always remember the history of pain that our two nations shared together and the sacrifices of countless men and women,” he said in tribute, alluding to the Korean War, which pitted U.S. and South Korean forces against those from North Korea and China in the early 1950s.

Trouble is, he didn’t mention the deaths on the other side, and China felt dissed.

FILE - Korean pop band BTS performs at the Times Square New Year's Eve celebration in New York on Dec. 31, 2019.
FILE – Korean pop band BTS performs at the Times Square New Year’s Eve celebration in New York on Dec. 31, 2019.
FILE – Korean pop band BTS performs at the Times Square New Year’s Eve celebration in New
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This Upstart Chinese Brokerage Is Now Bigger Than Credit Suisse

(Bloomberg) — East Money Information Co., founded by a 49-year-old former stock commentator, is one of the big winners in China’s wildest stock frenzy in half a decade.

Shares in the online broker and market data provider have rocketed 78% this year, giving it a market value of more than 200 billion yuan ($29 billion). That puts it among the world’s biggest traded institutional brokers, making it more valuable than even Credit Suisse Group AG, according to data compiled by Bloomberg.

Its founder, a former analyst and columnist who goes by his pen name, Qi Shi, has become very rich. After starting the firm in 2005 as Shanghai Dong Cai Information Technology, his 21% stake is now worth $6.2 billion. His father and wife, the second- and third-largest shareholders, own another 5% combined.

Like the popular Robinhood Markets Inc. app in the U.S., East Money has found a sweet spot

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I was a Chinese grad student and lost all of my money in a scam. How could it happen to me?

Xinlu Liang, 22, a Chinese grad student who lost all her money in a telephone scam. <span class="copyright">(Mel Melcon / Los Angeles Times)</span>
Xinlu Liang, 22, a Chinese grad student who lost all her money in a telephone scam. (Mel Melcon / Los Angeles Times)

“Hi, is that Xinlu Liang?” The caller, speaking in Chinese, woke me from a nap. “This is a call from UPS. You have a suspicious package blocked at Chinese customs” in Beijing.

The person on the other end of the line said he was checking the information on the mailing label. “If you didn’t send this package, then your personal information may have been leaked. We suggest you report this to the Chinese police.”

I’d arrived in Los Angeles just 45 days earlier — at the end of June 2019 — to start work on a master’s degree in journalism at USC, and every day was a struggle: seven hours of classes, Tuesday through Friday, followed by many more hours of writing.

I lived in an apartment near

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The Trump campaign accidentally gave YouTube ad money to Chinese state media

trump russia china youtube ads
trump russia china youtube ads


  • The Trump campaign is unintentionally funding Chinese and Russian state media outlets by running YouTube ads on their channels, a new study found.

  • At least 22 Trump campaign ads ran on YouTube channels linked to the Chinese government this month alone, according to an analysis of thousands of YouTube videos by cybersecurity firm Omelas.

  • The findings come after the Trump administration cracked down on Chinese-owned media outlets earlier this year, imposing steeper requirements on how they operate in the US.

  • The Trump campaign said it didn’t intentionally target those YouTube channels. YouTube ads typically target specific types of viewers, rather than individual channels, but ad buyers can choose to opt out of showing ads on certain channels.

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President Donald Trump has made China a target of his campaign for reelection — but in an ironic twist, some

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Meet Zhang Yiming, the secretive Chinese billionaire behind TikTok who made over $12 billion in 2018 and called Trump’s demands to sell the app ‘unreasonable’

ByteDance CEO Zhang Yiming makes his own TikToks — and requires his senior employees to as well.
ByteDance CEO Zhang Yiming makes his own TikToks — and requires his senior employees to as well.

Visual China Group via Getty Images; Ruobing Su/Business Insider

  • Zhang Yiming built a $16.2 billion fortune after founding ByteDance, the Chinese software developer behind TikTok.

  • Despite being one of the wealthiest people in China, Zhang is extremely private and little is known about his personal life.

  • TikTok is currently in negotiations to sell its US operations to Microsoft amid a threat of a ban from President Trump, sparking fierce criticism of Yiming on Chinese social media.

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The widespread popularity of TikTok has not just created a new generation of social media stars, it’s also created a social media billionaire.

Zhang Yiming, the 36-year-old software engineer who founded the app’s parent company, now has a net worth of $16.2 billion, Forbes estimates. Despite being one of the

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‘Virtual kidnappings’ warning for Chinese students in Australia

Sydney (AFP) – Elaborate “virtual kidnappings” are being used to extort money from the friends and relatives of Chinese students Down Under, Australian police warned Monday, after a spate of transnational scams were reported.

Police said that conmen claiming to be Chinese authorities had netted millions of US dollars in ransoms by scaring students into faking their own kidnappings.

The scammers — often calling in Mandarin and claiming to be from the Chinese embassy, police or consulate — initially say the victim is accused of a crime in China or tell them their identity has been stolen before threatening them with deportation or arrest unless a fee is paid, police said.

The fraudsters then continue to threaten the victim, often over encrypted message services, until they transfer large sums into offshore bank accounts.

In some cases, victims were told to cease contact with friends and relatives, then make videos of

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How a Chinese agent used LinkedIn to hunt for targets

Dickson Yeo
Dickson Yeo

Jun Wei Yeo, an ambitious and freshly enrolled Singaporean PhD student, was no doubt delighted when he was invited to give a presentation to Chinese academics in Beijing in 2015.

His doctorate research was about Chinese foreign policy and he was about to discover firsthand how the rising superpower seeks to attain influence.

After his presentation, Jun Wei, also known as Dickson, was, according to US court documents, approached by several people who said they worked for Chinese think tanks. They said they wanted to pay him to provide “political reports and information”. They would later specify exactly what they wanted: “scuttlebutt” – rumours and insider knowledge.

He soon realised they were Chinese intelligence agents but remained in contact with them, a sworn statement says. He was first asked to focus on countries in South East Asia but later, their interest turned to the US government.

That was

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Chinese Beauty Industry Experts Defend Whitening Products

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LONDON — Major beauty brands are changing how they describe whitening and lightening skin-care products, but is that what the consumer wants in China, the category’s largest Asian market?

“I will still buy ‘whitening’ or ‘brightening’ products because I prefer looking fairer and I don’t like the way I look when I am tanned. It has nothing to do with me wanting to assimilate to the Western ideal of beauty, wealth and social status, it’s just my personal preference,” said Fiona Liu, a product designer in Shanghai. She is also an amateur beauty vlogger who spends a good amount of her salary on skin-care products.

“Reading about what brands are doing to not seem racist makes me want to roll my eyes. While I sympathize with women in South Asia and Africa, or women from minority backgrounds in Europe and North America using

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