Job vacancies climb as companies begin re-hiring

Building site - Luke MacGregor/Bloomberg
Building site – Luke MacGregor/Bloomberg

Hiring is back as the economy reopens and bosses take on more staff, raising hopes that the newly unemployed will be able to get back to work.

More than 1.1m jobs are available according to the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC), including an extra 125,000 new postings in the past week.

The Office for National Statistics found that online vacancy adverts are now up to 62pc of their 2019 level, up from just over half in late July and a low of 42pc in May.

Previously closed industries are bringing back furloughed workers, with less than 14pc of all private sector staff now paid to stay at home. This is down by more than half from its peak, indicating that most are now working once more.

In the final fortnight of July more than one-quarter of all staff in arts, entertainment, and recreation returned to

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I’m a 19-year-old TikTok influencer. Here’s how I turned social media into a job

Parker James, 19, is a social media creator based in Dallas, Texas, who has made a name for himself on TikTok through his family-friendly comedic character “StEvEn.” His character is the endearing and curious CEO of the Dino Club, a fictitious club he created for dinosaur lovers. Below James shares in his own words how he went from being an average high schooler to a TikTok powerhouse with over 6 million followers, a talent agent and making a living from creating videos.

I’ve always enjoyed making others happy.

When I was younger, I started making funny videos in hopes of making my friends and family laugh. Their reactions always made me so proud and motivated me to continue to come up with new jokes and skits.

However, as I grew older I got more into sports than my previous comedy passions. Unfortunately, while trying out a new trick on my

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It’s my job to help tackle online hate and structural racism

Prince Harry talks social media hate and structural racism
Prince Harry talks social media hate and structural racism

The Duke of Sussex has said it will take “every single person on the planet” to tackle racism, as the author of a controversial new biography claimed the monarchy missed a unique opportunity to have “diversity, inclusivity and representation” at its heart.

Prince Harry said that expecting charities to solve racism was “like throwing a bucket of water on a forest fire,” suggesting that it was now so ingrained in society that structural change was the only answer.

His intervention came as Omid Scobie, co-author of Finding Freedom, published on Tuesday, that racism “really did play a role” in the couple’s decision to quit royal life, stating that the “level of ignorance” within palace walls “made it very difficult for Meghan.”

He said: “History will remember them as a couple that were perhaps failed by the institution of the monarchy.”


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I hoped a CV-writing site would be just the job

<span>Photograph: Tero Vesalainen/Alamy</span>
Photograph: Tero Vesalainen/Alamy

I went to work in Spain two-and-a-half years ago, but because of Covid I was made redundant and I’m now looking for a new job.

After visiting a few websites, I came across TopCV which offered to review my CV and improve it. I decided to purchase the £129 option of a revised CV and covering letter. I didn’t check reviews.

I was sent a draft, but it was poor with lots of grammatical mistakes. I told them I was not happy and wanted a refund. I suspect the writer was not an English native speaker and based abroad, as emails were always written late in the afternoon.

I emailed support and the person who initially reviewed my CV without success. Now it is refusing to give me my money back. I have found other people on the internet in the same situation.


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Afraid of Losing Your Job? 26 Ways To Financially Prepare Now

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, nearly 40 million Americans have lost their jobs over the span of pandemic — and that number is expected to continue to grow, according to NBC News.

Losing a job can be traumatic and throw a major wrench into your financial well-being, but fortunately, there are things you can do now to be prepared in the event of a layoff.

Last updated: Aug. 7, 2020

Build an Emergency Fund

If you don’t have money saved in an emergency fund, now is the time to focus your efforts on building one.

“We typically recommend three to six months of expenses, but there isn’t a magic number to hit as that number is based on your needs,” said Lacey Cobb, CFA, CFP, director of advice solutions at Personal Capital.

Many people don’t have enough to cover living expenses for three months, and if that’s the case for

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Smart Ways You Can Prepare For Job Loss While You’re Still Employed

Approximately 44.2 million people have filed for unemployment since the start of the coronavirus shutdown in the U.S., according to the U.S. Department of Labor. If your employer is struggling to stay afloat in the COVID-19 pandemic, you’re probably concerned about your job.

Preparing for a possible pink slip in your not-so-distant future can help you find a new job faster and stay afloat financially in the interim. In order to brace yourself for job loss, take these steps now.

Last updated: July 30, 2020

Update Your Resume

If your resume is updated, you’ll be able to start applying for jobs the day you’re laid off. You’ll need to customize it for each position, but having a generic version ready to go will be a huge start.

This is the first impression you’ll make on potential employers, so take the time to create a polished and professional document. Most employers 

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California unemployment falls, but virus surge likely to reverse job gains

California added 558,200 jobs from mid-May to mid-June and state unemployment fell from 16.4% to 14.9% — but don’t start celebrating yet. The numbers don’t account for the resurgence of COVID-19 cases throughout the U.S. and in California in the last half of June or the retreat in plans to reopen the economy. The numbers were released Friday morning by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, which slightly revised the earlier jobless figure from 16.3% to 16.4%.

Leisure and hospitality added the most jobs, at 292,500, benefiting from statewide reopenings of bars and dine-in restaurants, according to the California Employment Development Department. As of mid-June, that sector had regained more than a third of job losses from March and April. Construction jobs had the highest percentage gain, clawing back 68% of jobs lost during the pandemic. Government suffered the largest decline in jobs, at 36,300.

But the dial-back is bound

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Burberry proposes 500 job cuts as fashion firm posts sales drop

Burberry is planning to cut around 150 jobs at its London and Leeds offices, it emerged on Wednesday as the fashion company posted a fall in first-quarter sales.

There are also some 350 non-UK roles in shops that could be affected by a restructure, Burberry’s finance chief Julie Brown said.

The plans were outlined as the luxury retailer reported a 45% fall in first quarter sales and showed how Covid-19 has hit the business.

The company was hurt by the Covid-19 lockdown when various countries ordered retailers to shut shops and travel restrictions came in. In England non-essential stores were only allowed to reopen from June 15.

In total Burberry employs 10,000 people, including 3500 in Britain. There are 1350 based in the London HQ.

In the UK Burberry said it wants to “streamline office-based functions”, but Brown said Horseferry House in Victoria will continue to be its HQ. Most

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‘I started selling sexy photos online after losing my job’

“It was through necessity, I needed an income. It wasn’t because I wanted to just get naked or post pictures of myself,” says Mark.

He lost his job because of coronavirus in March and began posting semi-nude images on a subscriber-based social network.

The 32-year-old had been working for a five-star resort company, performing in shows. But when lockdown hit, his contract was cancelled.

“I applied for every single job I could find – all of the supermarkets, anything that was on the JobCentre website – I applied for them all.”

He later set up an OnlyFans account on his friend’s recommendation.

On the platform, followers pay a monthly subscription fee to access creators’ photos, videos or live streams, with the firm taking 20% commission. It isn’t just aimed at people who sell nude images, but many users do.

Despite the “no full-frontal nudity” disclaimer in his bio, it started

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7 Things to Do in the Summer for College Students With No Job

Are you in college and feeling like you’re stuck in limbo because of the COVID-19 pandemic?

Hiring freezes, canceled internships and stay-at-home orders have thrown a lot of summer 2020 plans out the window.

But you can still make the most of your summer break to further your education, work experience and skill-building — it’ll just take a little flexibility and creativity.

Here are seven productive things to do in the summer for college kids.

7 Ways to Make the Most of Summer Without a Job

Here are some creative ways to make good use of your summer break if a regular job or internship is off the table.

1. Take Free Online Classes

Going to class might not be your first choice for summer break, but this is a smart time to develop valuable career skills.

MOOCs, massive open online courses, let you take classes from real universities —

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