Why Is Shopping For Plus-Size Vintage Clothing So Hard?

For plus-size women, shopping, in general, is hard. Finding a retailer that sells clothing in a plus-size alone isn’t easy — and that’s before even considering personal preference or style. That selection becomes even more limited when it comes to vintage sellers. But like everyone else, plus-size women want to shop vintage too, be it because of the high quality, fair price point, or sustainable nature of the clothing. Unfortunately, as we see shifts in the right direction for new plus-size fashion, a recent trend is setting curvy women up for more disappointment on the vintage front, with online sellers marketing vintage in larger sizes as “oversized” and selling it to straight-size women. You know, women who already have access to whatever fashion items they want.

“Being plus-size means thrifting and never finding shit in your size, just to find out someone named Anna sold an ‘oversize’ sweater from Goodwill

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The Best Way to Save Money While Shopping Online, According to Experts

Whether you’re worried about your job security or trying to pay down debt, there are plenty of good reasons to put away a little extra cash these days. It’s not just maxing out your IRA or brown bagging your lunch that can help you keep more money in the bank, though. If you want to save money on the things you’re buying online on a regular basis, from groceries to clothes to housewares, there’s one simple trick for doing so that experts swear by: using a browser extension.

“You’re already shopping these retailers, so why not earn a little extra cash back on your purchase?” asks consumer analyst Julie Ramhold with, who recommends browser extension Rakuten for major savings. While Ramhold cautions that not every product category is included in deals on these extensions, in many cases, you can get a ton of cash back.

“For instance, Old Navy

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Allegro to Cash In on Online Shopping Boom With Warsaw IPO

(Bloomberg) — Polish e-commerce platform Allegro plans to raise about 1 billion zloty ($266 million) in an initial public offering in Warsaw, seeking to take advantage of post-lockdown interest in businesses intersecting technology and retail.

Along with the new shares, the group’s private-equity owners Cinven, Permira and Mid Europa Partners also plan to sell stock in the IPO, the company said on Monday. The offering may make Allegro the biggest company on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

For IPO-starved investors, Allegro has appeal as a play on the continued rapid expansion of e-commerce in Poland, a market of 38 million people and one of the European Union’s most resilient economies. While its leading position in the country doesn’t appear at risk, unless Inc. significantly ramps up operations, there are questions over the company’s prospects beyond Polish borders.

“It’s a perfect moment for the offering, with high interest in e-commerce and

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Vecinos Market brings artisanal Miami-made products to a curated online shopping platform

Necessity is the mother of invention,” so goes the English proverb that roughly means when put in a difficult situation, one is likely to be inspired to create a novel or ingenious solution. So it was the situation in Miami mid-pandemic during which Yvonne Chen and Rafael Barrera, Shorecrest neighbors and proud Miamians, were out for a jog during the recent mandated quarantine and came up with the idea of a way to help local businesses get their goods into the hands of willing customers. Thus Vecinos Market was born. Vecinos, which means neighbors in Spanish, is an online shopping platform that offers home delivery of unique, quality goods and experiences from South Florida’s top vendors and startups. Everything from fresh seafood to empanadas, to handmade pasta to ethically sourced beauty and home goods is available on the site.


Of course there are a myriad of

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15 Times You Should Splurge, Settle or Skip When Shopping

When you buy something, how do you decide whether it’s worth your money? For example, say you’re thinking about upgrading your smartphone. Do you splurge on the latest model, settle for the more affordable previous generation model or skip buying a new phone in hopes that your current one will last another year?

Having a decision-making system to help you figure out these sorts of purchasing conundrums is a great way to ensure you’re getting the best value for your money and avoiding unnecessary expenditures. Learn when it’s time to splurge, settle or skip some purchases altogether.

Last updated: Sept. 10, 2020

Splurge: Appliances

Money expert and Wallet Hacks founder Jim Wang said it’s worth it to spend more on some big-ticket items to ensure that they stand the test of time. “I generally splurge on anything that I expect to last more than five years,” he said. For Wang,

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Top tips for shopping online marketplaces for back-to-school and remote work supplies

The early days of the pandemic put an urgency in Americans to buy home gym equipment and video games to help pass the time. Now as COVID-19 remains an everyday presence in the country, people are outfitting their homes to foster learning and productivity.

Searches and purchases for remote learning and working essentials like desks, webcams, and printers were up as much as 200% from July to August compared with the previous year, according to data from OfferUp, an online peer-to-peer marketplace.

The run on goods caused by quarantine measures has sent the retail supply chain into overload with Americans turning to secondary markets, or ‘re-commerce,’ the portmanteau of recycling and e-commerce.

Online marketplaces have replaced traditional yard sales and the go-to destination for second-hand goods. (Photo: Getty)
Online marketplaces have replaced traditional yard sales and the go-to destination for second-hand goods. (Photo: Getty)

“More and more people are turning to retail marketplaces like OfferUp to buy things that they really need,” Nick Huzar, CEO and

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The 37 Mistakes We Make When Shopping At Costco, Amazon, Target and Walmart

Costco, Amazon, Target and Walmart are all retailers where you can pretty much buy anything you want, and usually at fair prices. However, there are extra steps you should take to ensure you’re actually getting a good deal when you shop and aren’t missing out on any special perks that these big-box stores offer. Before your next shopping trip, make sure you aren’t making any of these costly mistakes.

Last updated: Sept. 9, 2020

Mistakes To Avoid When Shopping at Costco

Costco is a bulk-buyer’s paradise — but not everything there is a good deal. Don’t make these mistakes when you shop at the warehouse store.

Not Making a List Ahead of Time

You’re sure to overspend when you go to Costco without a plan for what to buy.

“Whether you’re going into Costco for the first time or your 100th time, the vast warehouse of products can seem exciting

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Behold Launches Outfit-driven Shopping Platform

Behold, an outfit-driven shopping app that learns what customers like, will launch today, combining women’s contemporary brands, stylists and artificial intelligence.

The platform is cofounded by Terry Boyle, previously president of, Trunk Club and HauteLook. Behold’s merchandising strategy is spearheaded by Julie Gilhart and Tomoko Ogura, president and consulting partner, respectively, of Tomorrow Consulting. Between them, they have 18 and 12 years, respectively, leading fashion and merchandising at Barneys New York.

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The site will combine professional stylists including Micaela Erlanger, Becca Gross, Jill Lincoln and Jordan Johnson, and Tara Swennen with Behold’s patented “Smart Collab” AI platform, which uses machine learning to understand an individual shopper’s preference.

“After so many years in the e-commerce business, I know firsthand that the model is officially broken, and that’s because it was built to serve retailers. As a result, it’s not rewarding or fun for shoppers and it’s increasingly

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Try to spend Bill Gates’ $116B fortune in this online shopping game

What would you do if you woke up a billionaire? Would you take a whack at solving world hunger? Maybe travel the world? Do something boring like investing? Or maybe just buy an island?

It’s hard to imagine just what you can buy with all that money. But imagine if you had $115.6 billion like Bill Gates. You too would probably think a box of frozen pizza rolls cost $22, and not $8.

So, let’s spend Bill Gatesmoney. Introducing the web-app that lets you calculate all the different sorts of items you can buy and sell using Microsoft’s co-founder’s cash.

The game lists a bunch of items along with their prices that Bill (you) can buy. You have the choice to buy a luxury bottle of wine ($7,000), a book ($15), a Tesla ($75,000), and an entire cruise ship ($930,000,000).

Remember: This

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How the online marketplace paved the way for the circular shopping revolution

[iStock]: Getty Images
[iStock]: Getty Images

In 1995 eBay, then named AuctionWeb, was born.

The first item ever sold on eBay was a broken laser pointer. It was 1995 and the seller was founder Pierre Omidyar. Two years later came the apex of the Beanie Babies boom, and eBay soon became the go-to destination for TY fanatics to get their hands on its highly collectable soft toys, which made up £378 million of sales at that year. That same year, sales hit the million mark as shoppers were spurred on by the dopamine rush of placing a winning bid.

In 1999, the site launched in the UK and its status as an online collectors’ market continued to grow thanks to landmark purchases including the oldest known pair Levi’s by Levi Strauss & Co. itself making fashion history in 2000. A first edition Superman comic became the most expensive comic ever sold on the

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