Update Your Makeup Kit For Zoom Meetings And A Life Of Face Masks

MOSCOW REGION, RUSSIA DECEMBER 24, 2018: A contestant applies makeup ahead of the Miss Moscow 2018 … [+] beauty pageant, at the Vegas City Hall. Vyacheslav Prokofyev/TASS (Photo by Vyacheslav ProkofyevTASS via Getty Images) Vyacheslav Prokofyev/TASS The past eight months has been a time for drastic transition and calibrating. In […]

The past eight months has been a time for drastic transition and calibrating. In a year as memorable and unusual as 2020, we’ve bid good bye to our BC (before Covid) lives and learned to embrace face masks and online meetings as part of our everyday. Whereas in the past we never would have dared to go to an event or meeting in pajamas or house clothes, majority of this year had many of us hobnob in virtual soirees and closing business deals in a pair of boy shorts, fluffy slippers and a tailored jacket.  

Dressing or getting glammed from the desk up, in more ways than one, has reshaped usual morning routines. Instead of coordinating looks from head to toe, working from home in style is now more focused looking flawless—from the torso up—on camera. That can mean getting a ring light (highly recommended), learning your angles, and of course, wearing the right makeup.

The same can be said for those who have chosen to step out of their homes more often. In addition to the usual accessories and garments we are glad to finally take out, there are face masks to consider. In the Philippines, you even have to carry the weight of a full face shield every where you go. Here, a roundup of makeup essentials for eyes and natural-looking skin to keep you Zoom and face mask ready.  

ARTIS is a game changer in makeup application. Through its innovative design, it has empowered many to apply makeup like pros without breaking a sweat. As advocates of “Better Beauty, By Design,” the label has managed to create makeup tools that allow for easy application and blending of makeup pigments onto skin.

The ELITE 5 BRUSH SET is a great place to start when rebuilding a makeup kit in the new normal. Comprised of Artis’ best selling brushes, Elite allows users to effortlessly create a variety of looks that include a delicate wingtip, lined eyes or even an intense smokey-eye gaze. Personal favorites that have had mileage since I got my own set are the Oval 7 (for application of foundation, blush and contour) as well as the Linear 1 (used to line eyes and fill in brows). Cirlce 1R is also a great investment in that you can use it for adding lip color, application of eye shadow or even out concealer. Metal alloy curved handles and the signature oval/elliptical heads make these tools beautiful, state-of-the-art additions to any makeup kit. It is to makeup what driving a Rolls Royce is in the automotive industry.

MOXIELASH makes it possible for anyone to brighten eyes and look like they had just been glammed by pros. Often times, we are intimidated by the idea of learning to apply falsies on our own. With most salons and beauty centers still closed or clients (like myself) hesitant about getting too close even to my trusted lash guru or skin specialist, your next best option is a pair false eyelashes that apply with unbelievable ease. The innovative lash brand uses a magnetic eyeliner where falsie can easily attach to. This takes away the meticulous work that go into working with glues, especially for those who lack dexterity. The team at MOXIELASH explains: “Our eyeliner is applied like any other eyeliner, however ours is magnetic. Our lashes also have little magnets on the lash bands and they magnetize onto the eyeliner.” It’s a simple drill that anyone can do. “Line your eyes, let our MOXIELASH magnetic eyeliner dry completely and apply your favorite MOXIELASH magnetic eyelashes.”

Just this Fall, they introduced six lash sets that help create a variety of looks: The Sassy Kit, Wifey Kit, Naughty Kit and Happy Kit. Each set includes three day-to-night pairs of false eyelashes that bring impact and drama to you new makeup looks. The HAPPY KIT is a heaven sent especially on days when you feel anything but stellar. Consisting of “mid-level” drama lashes like Baby Lash, Happy Lash and Flashy Lash, this feel good box immediately enlivens the entire face and even uplifts mood. So whether its for a quick IG photograph or when stepping out into the big bad world in your face mask, a quick MOXIE of lash will make all the difference.

STROKES BEAUTY LAB is a brilliant spin off from Manila born eye beauty studio, Strokes Eye Studio. In the Philippines, Strokes Studios were books for months because of their team’s unparalleled expertise and artistry in brow sculpting, hair follicle simulation, and eye liner creation. Its founder and CEO, Moimoi Supe, is one of the country’s most sought after eye brow artists. He is also the visionary behind the brands venture into the cosmetics business.

The launch of STROKES BEAUTY LAB in September was (pun intended) a stroke of genius. At a time when going to your favorite brow artist is not quite an option, eye brow makeup is your best option. The Microblade Pen Perfector is a heaven sent for anyone who believes that “good eyebrows are life.” Made to meet professional standards, the Pen Perfector is a cruelty-free, bleed-proof, long wear tool that fills and defines brows. Inspired by Japanese art and precision, it utilizes a fine brush tip, creating true to life hair-like strokes. It’s like micro-blading your own on-fleek brows without the blade. Strokes Beauty Lab will soon release its very own line of cosmetics dedicated to perfecting brows: The Brow Artist Collection. Dealing with stubborn and unruly brows is a personal bane but with Strokes’ pens, paints, fixer gels and mascaras, symmetric and healthy looking brows are no longer a distant dream. Moimoi shares: “I want to make the art of micro-blading and eyebrow permanent makeup available to everyone by creating its product counterpart of the highest quality marketed at the best price, and the introduction of the Microblade Pen Perfector is a strong starting point of the attainment of that vision.”

BORBOLETA is a lash brand leader that has helped pioneer skills training and education for eye lash artists. The brand is known in beauty circles for creating exceptional eyelash extensions. When the lockdowns took place earlier this year, they decided to support their artists by launching products that nourish and nurture the natural health of lashes. They introduced the Lash Serum, which helps darken, thicken and lengthen lashes within 8 weeks. To use, swipe on the lash line every evening and wake up to lusher lashes.

Another beauty treat that lifts and refreshes tired looking eyes is their Cooldown Calming Eye Masks. It works miracles especially if you need a quick boost before jumping into a Zoom meeting. Intended as an after lash treatment, these eye patches helps to minimizing puffing and dark circles. Kelp extracts and caffeine help to boost blood circulation around the eye area while an anti-slip design ensures that you mask stays on. Tip: refrigerate your eye masks before application for the ultimate soothing experience.

LUNE + ASTER has perfected the no-makeup makeup look with palettes that blend seamlessly with natural skin tones. The vegan cosmetics brand has also recently introduced the Golden Hour Eyeshadow Palette. Colors and shades were made so that you can “simplify your beauty routine at home and create warm, eye-catching Fall looks.” Shades include warm, delicious tones of ginger, chocolate, rose gold, bronze and ivory. It glides on the surface of skin to leave a silky finish thanks to a special formulation of nourishing Shea Butter, safflower seed oil and coconut oil. As with all other LUNE + ASTER cosmetics, this new palette takes away the guesswork out of eye makeup application, which many (myself included) find intimidating. Apart from being blendable, they are palettes are specifically designed so that you can build into a variety of looks from day to night. Top off your look with the Eclipse Volumizing and Curling Mascara. The first ever vegan tubular mascara, it is proven to be flake and smudge proof even on long drawn days.

CODE8 is a luxury beauty brand from London that “represent the infinite potential of makeup to express all beauty ideals regardless of age, skin color and look preferences.” In 2020, this insider favorite also that even during a time of crisis, universal and inclusive makeup products can and will remain relevant. Fashion figures including Alexa Chung have raved about the brand’s formulations, created so that they also delivers skin benefits. Colors are fool-proof such that “its kept its color range down to a curated, tight spectrum of colors that any skin tone can wear.” At CODE8, it is referred to as universally flattering.

The Universal Lip Gloss is a must especially when you need that pop of color when going on a video conference. Nobody wants to see pale, chapped lips and this iconic shade is done in a flattering peachy nude with a glossy finish. The new formula is also infused with peptide and collagen, giving lips definition, volume and a silky finish.

ILIA is a beauty innovator committed to blurring the line between makeup and skincare. Their raison d’etre is clear cut: to make life simple for both makeup and skincare enthusiasts. The team writes: “Our potent formulas are designed with active levels of skincare ingredients that shield skin from environmental stressors… Our daily essentials are designed to instantly revive your look. It all comes back to vibrancy, vivid washes of color and a fuss-free philosophy with a focus on making your skin look and feel alive.”

Products from ILIA are typically multi-purpose and specially made so that it offers easy application. The Liquid Eye Chromatic Eye Tint, for instance, is a liquid eye shadow that glides on like cream and dries like a silky sheen powder. It is formulated such that it does not leave signs of creasing on the eyes. A cushioned wand also helps with effortless application of pigments. In colors like Fresco, Glaze, Gleam, Hatch, Mythic, Dim, Sheen and Umber, you can easily create a variety of eye looks to take you from washed day color to an intense shade for night.

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